Friday, July 10, 2009

Not Got That Slimmer Feeling... Whoo oo ooohhh

Yes thought I would title it with a song theme today... *Seems like I have been up for hours.. so maybe I am feeling tired!*

Resisting the urge to get on the scales as not got that feeling I am losing anything this week. *Hangs head down low*

I dont' think I am eating enough and I think I am eating too much fruit! No.. really.. I eat a lot of fruit... and after all it does contain natural sugars and calories. *Wonder if that is what is upsetting my tummy too.. kept waking me again in the night* My goodness.. with my stomach.. night sweats and everything else.. no wonder I am a wreck at the moment!

I was thinking of ways to inspire weight loss... and then came across this... this will make you think!! *It did me!*


Yes rather nasty isn't it...

Having looked around .. they say that you have to eat less approx 3500 calories a week to lose 1lb of body fat... but this also depends on lean muscle loss as you can also lose that.. which we think is fat loss... but because we are all different.. it doesn't mean that if you cut back 3500 calories you will lose that weight.!! Gets complicated doesn't it.. *So see where I am coming from with this fruit thing.. so much for the government to say.. 5 a day!*

Thought that this was rather a nasty image too.. if you can visualise fat every time you eat.. it might make us eat a little less! *What do you think?*

So I feel I need to revise my eating plan... *Again.. but this is life isn't it* Thing is.. if you look at my eating... there doesn't contain a lot of fat in it.. so if I were to cut out even more fat from that.. what would be left...*So must be the fruit*

But for now.. I have my list of things that I need to crack on with.....

Must finish wall.. so off I go.. *When I have finished my coffee that is!.. stop being so pushy*

But this did make me chuckle...

Ok enough for now.. this isn't get the wall done it is?




Painting...first coat on.... waiting for that to dry.. then on goes the next... *Getting hot painting with all these coats on!* Have another wall to paint but that is a deep red.. so waiting till I have done one to do the other.. but just washed part of it down... *Fingers crossed I have enough red paint left*

GOS got up... got his coffee.. took the paint upstairs from the cellar for me and I have not seen him since... in the mean time.. I have painted the wall...done all the washing up.. cleaned the kitchen and now having a cuppa before I get on with the wall again.. then there is a pile of cleaning to do .. not to mention the ironing... *Am I doing something wrong here?*

To top it all off... I have a wisdom tooth half through on the left side lower *Opens mouth wide to show you.. aaarrrrrrhhhhh* and it is getting painful... *Wants to go back to bed!*

Don't have much time to sit and goss... some of us have things to do!!

*Sneeze... sneeze.. darn hayfever.. or is it dust!*

Ooooooooo comments.... I love comments... thank you ANON!


1.20 pm

Thought I would take a look at my HORRORSCOPE!

July 10, 2009
It's hard to control your dreams, for they seem to overflow right into your waking life, making things even more confusing than they already are. But don't try to justify yourself to anyone today. If you aren't sure how to handle a situation, pull back a bit until you know what to do. Temporarily retreating is wiser now than pretending that you can tell where your fantasies end and reality begins.

Opps... maybe I need to shut up today!! *Drat..drat and double drat* Maybe tomorrow will be better let's see....

July 11, 2009
The Moon's return to your sign can brighten the colors of your dreams and soften the edges of reality. You are lured into believing things that hug dangerously close to the edge of irrationality -- that dividing line between fiction and fact. Some of your beliefs will flip-flop back and forth, so don't put your final answer into writing until you wait and see what happens over the next couple of days.

*Oh no.... does that mean I have to be quiet for a couple of days*

Nah... how can you shut me up!! *No I don't want answers.. like hey there fattie!*

Got toothache... *Sobs.. then looks up to see if you really care*

Going back to my Shirely Valentine wall... bbl....

3.46 pm

Darn tooth is hurting.. well gum is!! Now also the side of my tongue... I keep washing my mouth with antiseptic mouth wash... *Screams why meeeeee!*

GOS is in a bad mood... I rang him to say come look at the wall.. *Only downstairs in his music room* as was pleased with it besides the staining coming through again.. must be something in the brick? *Which is annoying and has stumped me so far!* But thought we could discuss it...*As in .. maybe I could reseal the wall again* .... well boy was I wrong! I promptly got told that all I do is complain, would have been easier if he had done it.. and to leave it and he will do it! *Wanders off feeling really unloved :((*

Just cooked his food.. now going to finish my cleaning.. as I had the music on the sky and GOS turned it over to watch his racing.. and now has gone back down below... Maybe he will come up again when he wants feeding.

Now you know why I ramble so much!! I don't just have a wall I have a house to do my Shirley Valentine on!

Going to do some more cleaning... Such joy!



Nearly 7 pm

Fed up.. *Don't want to talk about it...:((*

This is one person who really does some blogging... crafty stuff and something about Candy... *Me thinking it was chocolate* But I believe it is crafting candy... looks good though...

Vikki's Celebration Candy

Well must be time to do the dinner... I have done most of the painting.. but of course another coat is needed... *Will find it really hard to move if I have to wear anymore*

Dining room area is all clean... Lounge area is all clean.. done the hallways... and kitchen floor.. tomorrow I want to do the kitchen cupboards.. and utility room... hoping I will still find time to do the washing .. ironing.. mow the lawn and weed the flower beds... *Superwoman.. yeah I wish*

Might just do myself chop and wedges... GOS... well. not sure really what to cook without the thought of getting my head bitten off... *Wonder how much I would lose weight wise then... my brains must way loads!*


If you could be anyone in the world.. who would it be and why?

I think I would like to be GOS.. cause he has someone that loves him no matter how much he shouts... and well can do what he likes and get dinner cooked etc... Not bad!


Nearly 8.00 pm

I am showered again.. so gone is Yeti 3!... Tooth/gum still hurting.. can't stop sneezing and have a headache and starting to ache all over..... yep the day is just getting better and better. *Oh is it Swine Flu ! ..Nah will be negative energy that is floating around the house*

Dinner is on... so that is one thing.. just not sure how I am going to eat mine... *One way to lose weight I guess... *

So hungry now... *Now I have got over my anger*

Daughter might have someone to swap her shift at work... *Whhoooo hoooo* It does mean that she will have to work 10 straight days..but she is young.. she can take it! *So is there a god.. oh no... now I have said that.. something else will happen!*

Had email from the said Father's Lady Friend. I sent her one.. did I say.. just to clarify things... and she sent me a nice email back... Think she might be a little worried.. but then again I would!!

Going to watch the box.. see what is on... Maybe Come Dine With Me... I like that... *Yes it is official I am a bore!*

*Runs to kitchen to make ice-cream... yes the SW Free one.. will help to numb the gum... hopefully*


11.10 pm

Gave in and took a couple of tablets for my mouth... starting to feel a bit better.. still got headache.. so hoping it will kick in for that too soon!

Still got the dishes to do.. *Bah* Thought GOS might suggest he do them after being mean.. *Silly me*

Total Syns todate... 44 out of 105

B: Rice, yogurt, nutmeg

L: Apple pear

Pork Chop.. roasted veg jacket spud and LCL Cheese

AT: 3 nectarines.. banana

HA: 1 x Milk LCLCheese
HB: Pork Chop...2 slices of ham

Syns ............. 15.5 total


  1. Thanks Sapper785 Will have to give this a go!

    Syn free lasagne

    1 large potato 1 onion (finely diced) 1 tin of chopped tomatoes 1 clove of garlic (more if required) 1 pepper (finely chopped) 1/2 punnett of mushrooms (sliced) 1 bag of Quorn mince 1 Tub of Quark soft cheese 2 teaspoons of oregano 1 Packet of lasagne sheets Peel and I is the large potato and add to seasoned water in a two pint saucepan then add half the diced onion and boil until soft. Meanwhile sweat off the remainder of the onion with the chopped pepper, mushrooms, garlic and oregano. Once soft, add the Quorn mince and the tin of chopped tomatoes. Bring to the boil and simmer for around 10 minutes. By this time the potatoes should be soft enough to mash. If so remove from heat but do not drain, then transfer to a blender and add the Quark. Blend until smooth paste then taste. Season if required, may be a teaspoon of mustard powder (hey presto a Syn free cheese sauce). Using an ovenproof dish, layer the mince and lasagne sheets as normal, topping with the syn free cheese sauce. And bake in a moderate over and around 20 to 30 minutes depending on the oven. I usually serve this with slimming world syn free chips.

  2. i made lasagna today with your cheese sauce, but i used asda meat free bolognase pack and lasagna sheets i made my cheese sauce like u did it was lovely, great blog xxx


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