Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunny Sunday and Some Bizzare Thoughts!

Morning Morning Morning... or should I say Moaning... I am sure today I will have a good ole moan about something or other... *When don't I!*

I haven't been downstairs yet.. so not mounted the scales and heard them creak and moan. *Oh please please diet fairies... make it that I have lost weight*

Was thinking about this menopause moment that all us poor women are going to go through. Who in their right mind is going to go to the supermarket and purchase Tena Ladies....isn't that screaming...

"I am in my menopause.. don't approach the shrivelled up prune with bad attitude, hot sweats and very strange mood swings"

Do you then approach the counter with stealth powers, pay and leave without being detected carrying your Tena Ladies in a brown carrier bag or stuffed into your handbag hopefully out of view! Wow things us women have to go through...

Infact.. odd isn't it some of them that we do have to face. What about a breast scan! Yes who wants to get a metal clamp and have some woman force your boobs into it and then squish them till your borderline tears and say with that painless grin on their face... stay still!! Not had one of these yet.. but really not looking forward to it I tell you!

Cervical smears... now that is not nice at all...You have the humiliation of having to lay on a couch with your feet close together and told to relax... how the hell can you relax.. Out come the varied sized metal clamps... and your then looked at and then I am sure the nurse finds the largest one so your in pain!! Gives a different meaing of "Open wide" It is not as if it is finished there... they find a another implement to insert and scrape the inside of you... The nurse will be either chatting away going on like a hairdresser... "Are you going on holiday this year?" and your thinking "Shut up and get on with this.. and my face is up if you want to talk to me!" .....I know to them it is just another job... I can relate to parts of this with what I did in mine... you don't see it the same way we do... but you don't linger around chatting like it is your old friend!! Also why is it that men want to be gynocologists? *Not as if they have the first darn idea what we go through as women is it!! Would love to see a man give birth... would only be one child per family!*

Well I see that I have had a couple of comments and that is nice! But sure after this post.. .they might have been the last!! So I will answer them here while I think about it...

Suz.. I haven't exercised this week as I am seeing if it makes any difference.. *well lots of swimming in the pool* last week I was exercising like mad and I only lost that half pound... *Not going to complain about it again or go into a sulk*

I think dog walking is great... even on a winters day where you can wrap yourself up and go for a strole. But as we both know... to lose weight isn't always easy and we have to consider what we are putting inside and what calories we are going to burn.... I have found that foods that SW have put as superfree foods... ones to help you lose weight.. have actually not done this for me! So what works for one doesn't always mean it will for you or I... One thing for sure.. I think sometimes it is down to positive thinking.. having the faith to know that we can do this... we can change things... and believe it or not.. it will happen. I will follow you on your blog!


Hi Kevin...

I stumbled across your blog and thought ahh I could follow this and see how you get along. Ok so you are not happy with the dial on the scales at the moment ... but the more you try you will notice a difference. Little changes turn into big ones...In the beginning of my journey *Which sadly I didn't blog about*... I was taking monthly pictures... so have you thought about that....and posting them on your blog... that way everyone will see the change and give you more encouragement! But I like your idea of video... Good luck... oh and after todays posts on mine.. not sure if you will be following mine... lol... but I do find that writing about the bizarre thoughts you have are all part and parcel of weight loss.... As we know.. it isn't just about food.. it is a life changing regime which you have to learn to love!

Geesh... my lappy is getting hot... will have to get GOS to have a look at it.... I am still sat in bed typing away... so time to get up and see what antics I can get up today... oh yeah... copper pan cleaning!!

*Womans work is never done... why don't we have slaves...*



A Recipe from Jane in Cornwall .. from Twitter... Thanks...

Banana Cake

Banana cake recipe as promised -- Break 3 Scan Bran into pieces and soak in warm water until soft, mix in 2 crumbled Weetabix, 1 mashed banana, i tbsp honey, 1 tsp each ginger, allspice and cinnamon and 3 beaten eggs. Bake at 180c for 20mins. Serves 8 syns per serving 2.. Enyoy Jane .Cornwall

I might just have to give this a go when I get some more bananas.. if anyone else tries it first.. let me know what it is like please.

Now I was thinking, for those that are not sure...

Scan bran... 1/2 syn each..

Weetabix.. 6 syns for two or used as a hb

Honey approx 1/2 syn for a teaspoon

1.5 for 28gms mashed/pureed banana...

So I make that 9.5 for the whole cake... then divide up.

Or... if you are using the weetabix as hb.. the whole cake would then be 3.5 syn! *Mmmm I could eat the lot then*



Let myself get too darn hungry.. and tummy is playing up again... Think I might take myself off to bed with some fruit and watch telly.. maybe a film and see if it will settle.

Breakfast/Lunch... Pasta and 1 tblsp parm cheese... 2. syns

Dinner... not sure what to have yet.

Anytime... watermelon.. pineapple and some raw cabbage.. just love that!!

Bah.. and more flippin tennis.. yep that is it.. off to my lovely shabby chic bedroom and enjoy the peace and quiet in a lovely atmosphere.

*Wonders what everyone else is up to*

Oh I have to do the wall tomorrow... that is another story.. but... we had a new boiler fitted.. in fact it was my 40th birthday present from GOS.. *Romantic I know!*... and the guy that fitted it.. we didn't know till this winter didn't do it correctly so the flue where the condensation was to go out or run off to was just stuffed into our wall... which of course.. the wall absorbed it and was like rising damp... GOS resealed the chimney.. cemented around it... we took the whole fire place out and put a new chimney in and it was still there... but now.. GOS has fixed the problem and I am going to skim the wall and paint it.. so I can get our dining room back to normal!

*I have more talents that just moaning you know... I do .. honest.. *

What have you noticed about losing weight?

I have noticed that when I put my hand under my chin when I am reading at my desk pc.. it feels different. *Told you bizzare thoughts today*

Also my jeans are falling down a little.. and that means they are getting longer and making me feel shorter... *Grrr.. means if things are getting longer.. sexy pink nighty will be a long sleeping gown*

Right going to my bedroom. Keep meaning to read this book.. "Why French Women Don't Get Fat" have you seen them... some are so skinny you could walk between their legs and carry bags of shopping in both hands with a donkey trailing behind on both sides!!

I shouldn't be mean... *Skinny bitches.. spits* But it is true.. they do eat what they want but in moderation... is a whole box of chocolates moderation if you give one to your GOS? *No.. shame.. lucky I don't have a box then isn't it*

Ahh.. my father.. was chatting away to him last night and he may be wanting to bring a lady friend to our house for the weekend.... I said of course... But seperate bedrooms! Well he did that to us when we were younger. *Thinks back.. did I have any boyfriends to stay over?*

Ok .. Ok.. I am going... bbl....

*Skips off to kitchen to chop pineapple and water melon up*


3.11 pm...

Back again... just remembered.. I got on the scales...and it was shouting 00.12 lb 4 oz!

Gone again!!........


7.30 pm

Yayyyyyyyy the tennis is over... I have to say .. I do find it rather boring.. but then it is not a game that I have ever followed....

Still not sure who won.. that it makes any difference... as will not change my life will it... *Makes me sound ignorant now* I see the runner up gets a cheque for 425 thousand pounds and a silver tray... *Maybe I should have done this sport at school.. Mmmmm..

I have no idea what to do for dinner...might have to have a rummage in the cupboards... oh the pineapple I sliced a while ago to munch on when watching a film.. had a funny smell.. so didn't eat that. I started to watch "Angels and Demons" think that is it... with..*Having a senior moment here*.. Tom Hanks.. that is it .. phew got worried then! I will have to watch the other half a little later on.

I should have done some gardening today... but wanted to have an even more lazy day that I do normally.

Daughter is on her way back home.. she has been to Devon for a couple of nights...11 more sleeps till she is home for a long weekend.... *Claps hands in excitement*

Best look for something for dinner....I ate not being organised.. I might have jacket spuds again with cheese that was really nice... *Maybe have beans have to be lighter tomorrow!*


*Tiptoes away thinking these tennis players seem so young and TALL ...omg going to have highlights for about a week now... groan*


12.15 am...

This should really be on tomorrows but seeing as I have not slept yet.. then it will go here.

Had jacket potato with cheese.. 2 x hb.. have a tummy ache again.. darn thing.. trying to get it just right so I don't miss any tablets is a right pain.

Darn hot flushes... *You would think I would lose extra weight from all this fanning down.. but do I? Nah bah*

I mentioned to GOS I wanted another baby... this was yesterday....he sort of laughed looking worried. Then promptly said "Your too old" *At this point I wanted to shred both black sexy nighty and pink slinky nighty *

But he did mention it again this evening.. so at least I have given him something to think about... I might drop it into conversation again later.. just to see if he is paying attention!

OMG I wonder if I am too old now... if I am .. that means.. I am going to turn into that shrivelled up prune.. and what to look forward to... wrinkles.. hair loss...even wider hips .. middle aged spread... *Falls to knees and cries.. then screams ... Why meeeeeeeeee"*

Well if that is the case ... what am I trying to lose weight for?... I may as well go eat a large bar of chocolate, a couple of twix's, mars bar, yorkie bar, mint aero, toblerone, packet of crisps, pork scratchings, chewy toffee and swill it down with some caffiene free coke, that will do for starters.

*Haha .. I do make myself chuckle..oh dear.. that is even worse... old people make themselves laugh as they have no one else to talk to... now that is MEEEEEEEEE*

I am sure tomorrow I will find something to feel happy about.. better be that 4 stone weight loss.. or chocolateville here I come!

Night all.....

*Peers at slinky pink nighty and sexy black nighty thinking baby yes .. no.. yes no.. yes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*

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