Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loosing Track Of Days...

*I was looking for a picture of a calendar.. then thought you might like this instead!*

I can't seem to keep up with the days.. but I am still on track...*I say that.. eating healthy food.. but still not coming off.. waaaahh* But Rome wasn't built in a day and I have to stay positive.

Just chilling now with a cup of coffee. LM and I have been making Christmas cards today for her school friends and the family... we have also been writing a story.. or LM has..

Getting her to do one to take to her teacher as she did one before and her teacher told her it wasn't very good!!! *Wants to slap the teacher!!*

This story is called The Bad Bunny! So far so good.. for and 8 year old in fact it is brilliant!

Feeling rather tired today... *wonder if that is cause I am getting old and need a nap in the afternoons now... hope not!* That is a scary thought isn't it...Ahh the joys of age.. soon it will be senile dementure and then it will be ok.. I can do what I like when I like and forget all about it!

LM and I have just been reading Goosebumps... we read them all the time when she is over... it is great.... I love to do the voices and making her jump.. *I know not wise before bed time.. but we do giggle*

Weather has of course been crap.. but hopefully tomorrow it will be nice. We need to cut the lawn.

Oh update on the dead beat dishwasher... it is still dead... GOS finally had another look at it today.. it was working for a short while then.. gave up again... *No ...the dishwasher although does sound like GOS at times!!*

So back to handwashing.. not that I gave up... Even with gloves on it is playing havoc with my nails.

Another card order today for 2 cards... I will be cracking on with those this week... have to get them done before we go away. I booked the ferry today for Thursday am... *4.01 am* Yes the middle of the night I know... but the roads are so much quieter then. The car is booked in for its MOT and service.. and I believe two new tyres... *Shock horror on how much that will cost us...sigh* But one good thing is we get to stay at our friends... they are both so lovely. I could lose weight watching her run around for everyone else. She is like a breath of fresh air.. so it is always lovely when we get the chance to stay with them.

We will then no doubt have to do all the family trips around.. one place or another. Oddly enough they can't seem to make the effort to see us as much as they expect us to go to them!! *Always the way though isn't it!*

Might also get to see another friend of mine... I have know her since school *Yes more shock horror...all those years ago.. and we can still chat for England* She is going through a rough time at the moment and I always like to pride myself on being there for someone especially a friend in time of need.

Went round to a friends in the village today... Let LM see their dogs... bless she does like them but did come back a little scratched! But had a nice cuppa there.. decaf... bless they got it in for me.. *Well stole it from BA airlines as one works there.. but still.. the thought that counts isn't it!*

Did wonder if to take the said sexy and slinky nighties with me..away that is.... not round to a friends... keep up!!. *Do you think I might get lucky?.... Ponders that thought for sometime*

Is it true that men think about sex.... 54 percent of men think about sex several times a day, compared with just 19 percent of women. That men think about sex every 52 seconds, while women tend to think of it just once a day.

Now.. is that true? Is that why GOS is always tired! *Too busy thinking about it?* I prefer action.. than thought. *I didn't really think men could think that much or for that odd* But I do wonder if it is true.... if you are a man reading this... answer please ...

Oh some brilliant news... RAC have decided to keep Daughter on till the end of Jan...actually on their books.. also at an extra 400.00 a month!!!! So well done Daughter... *Beams with pride*

Can't wait to see her ... not long now... 7 sleeps I believe. We didn't get to spend much time together when she was over. So hopefully she will have a day off and we can do a girly shop together.. that will be fun! *Wonder if I could drop a few stone by next week*

Maybe I could get one of them girdle things *You know the ones that you roll on and if you are lucky enough to catch the clasps to do up before it rolls up and releases all that bulging extra body right back to you... can be mighty painful if you don't... crutch clasp wrapped round your nose and mouth.. not nice!!* I always wonder... if you squidge it in.. where does it come out? I mean it has to doesn't it!

Oh yeah.. I did show my body to the scales today... and it moaned in agony.. 00.00.4oz *So no real change there .. bah*

Now what have I eaten today.... let me see...

B: Apple and banana

L: Pepper mushroom omelette...

D: Bacon and wedges HB

Syns..Milk.. 3 syns. Hot chocolate 2 syns

HA =
HB = bacon

Workout... OMG nothing again today... *Slaps oneself really hard*
Total Synergies... 23 out of 105 * I think.. will have to check with my little black book.. nah not telephone numbers... just my food diary tut*

Well GOS is finally off the the remote is minnnnnneeeeeee!!! *Laughs like the devil and throws head back and cricks neck.. ouch* Serves me right for being a drama queen doesn't it!

Might just check my mail and go cut myself some watermelon and watch a bit of telly and slurp!!

Now just one more thing... do you think it is PC to talk about friends or policitical views .. personal ones on a blog... or do you think it would offend or upset someone? Answers in comment box please.. :))


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