Sunday, July 26, 2009

Missed Day!!

Where are the days going....

Having LM here is great... we get to do lots together but the days are just whizzing by!!..

Went for dinner last night with GOS and LM... to a friends.. it was her husbands 60th birthday.. so took some bubbly round... and to be honest let go.. had 4 glasses wooohooo! I know not like me... also had a hot dog sausage..a really small bit of brie, about 10 half peanuts.. then got back and had some pastry thing with chocolate in and a few crisps.. so totally blew it for this week haven't I... But all in all.. I had a good night.

Was lovely to have a night out... I actually felt like I fitted in...*Oh where did that come from?*

Feel like I haven't stopped today.. have a couple of cards to make and just managed to do one.. clean the kitchen down then go on to prepare dinner... do the lunch.. make ice-cream ... still want to do the ironign and then get on with mowing the lawn. LM is on Sims.. she is addicted but she is doing reading to play on there so pleased with her.

Just drinking my coffee then make a start on the ironing!! *Such a joy being a woman* GOS is sat on his reclining chair oppposite me.. he has spent the day watching the racing and I think that has worn him out... he is now wanting a nap!

Found out that GOS's ex will be in the same place as us at the weekend... not sure how that is going to turn out! *Could be fun and games all round... poor GOS all he wanted was to see his kids. * Maybe he doesn't think of things like I do... but then again who does.

Other friend up the road is doing a meal tonight for the ones we went to last night... he told me today that he would have invited me but I am so fussy he coudln't be bothered! I didn't think that was very nice. has really made me think about how people see me...

*Wanders off pondering*


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