Thursday, July 9, 2009

How Many Sleeps?

Only a week and Daughter will be here!!!

Woke up this morning.. oddly laughing... *Yes actually laughing* Then dozed off again... and now for the life of me I can't remember what I was laughing at.... yes the laughing woke me up!

Also stomach cramping.. but think it might be time to double meds again for a few days and hope it settles down!

Sneak wi... not good.. 00.12 lb... seems to be creeping back up! Does my body hate me again! *Well that makes a change!*

Made GOS some brandy and coffee ice cream with sultana *They were soaked in the brandy* and he said it is lovely...

I am off out later hopefully... going with my friend to pick up his husband, a little jaunt out... so will be filling you in if anything exciting happens.... *This is my life so I very much doubt it*

Looks like it might be rain today... another surprise! But I still have to sand down the wall and hopefully find the cream and the red paint to get that done... would like to do that before I go out... so have to get my botty into gear!

*Still not mastered this dancing yet.. maybe I should try another sort.. must look up lap dancing*


2.48 pm

Right I think I have managed to do the darn wall... yes the plaster I put on yesterday came off.. and thank goodness to be honest as it set solid and it was so hard to sand... Managed to find some of the other stuff which is like UK plaster only white.. and fingers cross it is done!

Just a little sanding down tomorrow and I can then paint and clean my room or rooms as it is all open plan... *Don't ask* So much dust... *I haaaaaaaaaaatttttttteeeeeeeeeee dust* Just reminds me of when we first got this house and everything needed doing.. and we just seemed to be surrounded by dust all the time...

But of course.. it is Strike of the Yetti 2! Yep need to have a shower and get changed before going out. Going to enjoy my coffee and fruit first.. the go get ready!

Ok .. question for the ladies.. as not sure if it is my OCD that is getting in the way here. GOS said he would wipe his tray and help with the kitchen.. *Yes I was shocked too!!* Anyway.. he got the tray and cloth and instead of doing it over the sink.. wiped all the bits on the floor. *Of course there were several words said..* So is that a man thing? Or is that me being OCD? *Please leave your comments at the bottom of this post...*

Only 7 more sleeps.. have I said that before today? See I am losing the plot.. *Must be dust inhalation*

Not sure if I should be having second thoughts about father bringing a lady friend... She said she wanted to bring or should she bring a posh frock! *Maybe I should make them all dress for dinner* We are going to have what Daughter wants to eat that weekend... as it is her weekend.. and so far it is my moussaka and bbq that she has requested. If that is what she wants then that is what she gets!

Yikes have to be ready in less than an hour.. I do hate rushing!!

*But still drinking coffee and seeing as milk is from allowance.. I am going to drink it.. so there!*

One of my friends goes on her hols soon... I will be so upset if she forgets to send me a post card.... *There that will remind her... or make her feel guilty*

Ok.. off I go..bbl...


Had a nice time.. got back just after 9.15 pm tonight.

Nothing really to report.. just that I was in the car most of the time... Picked up a few things while out..

Was glad to get back to cook dinner and enjoy the chili... *I was starving*

Watched Torchwood... was ok...odd how we are fascinated with such SFI. Feeling rather tired...

Must get back into exercise tomorrow.

I think when I get up I will do that wall... and get that out of the way... clean up... paint the room and then do my march dvd....

*Wonder if I did March type dance that would entice GOS... MMmm .. nah!!*

Well tomorrow is a new day and I have a lot to crack on with before Daughter arrives...

Told my father that he was on washing up duty if he didn't bring parts for that good for nothing lazy dishwasher! I wouldn't mind but spend nearly 70.00 for a special door to put on the front of it..*Just so it didn't feel left out in our new kitchen.. so it can fit in.. pfft see what happens.. doesn't pay to be nice does it* so if it won't work... I have torture in mind for it!

Well might go and have some naughty crisps... not going to be a good week this week... I have this feeling!


Total Syns todate... 29.5 out of 105

B: Apple, small pear / banana

L: Tin of beans in tom sauce... bah! *Might go attack the fruit now* apple and banana.

Chilli and Rice and had extra chilli

AT: Fruit Bounty bar.. fun size.. 6.5 syns. Crisps 8 points.

HA: 1 x Milk
HB: Pork x 2 in the chilli

Syns ............. total 44!!!!!!!!!

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