Friday, July 3, 2009

Wow Friday Again!

Where has the week gone? Yes of course I threw myself on the scales this morning.. in fact I picked them up and moved them around the bathroom to check they are still working ok.. why? Well they still say the same... 00.12 lb 8 oz! I know.. nothing up nor down.. odd isn't it.. *Do you think I have little fairies holding me up from behind that I can't see?.. Poor them!*

But it is great news isn't it.. but not getting excited yet as I have to wait till Monday for my official weigh in.

Goodness hasn't it been hot, hot, hot! I know I am a hot little tottie!... but I have gone past hot and gone into major meltdown!

I did a little swimming yesterday.. needed to to cool down.. was lovely.. the water was around 27 when I got in.. the base was a little cooler.. but was fantastic.. so did my whale impression in there. Even GOS came in for a while...but no Blue Lagoon for us!

GOS is downstairs in his music room with some others jamming... He seems in his element.. so that makes me smile. I can hear the thudding of the drums and the twanging of the guitars but I have tuned out.

Just went to hang the washing out... and I got to thinking now.. my daughter does her own washing and hangs it out.. hope so and not all in the tumble dryer. I was thinking how she wears these tiny little things.. thongs.. to me they are like a quarter of a napkin and some elastic! *But was thinking this as I was hanging mine out.. nothing sexy about hanging a yard of material with a ton of elastic out on the line .. now is there!*

Oh the music has stopped... they must have finished. Ahh.. off they trot out the door with all sorts of musical instruments. I did notice they didn't ask me to sing! *Their loss*

Eton Mess...with Jelly - Recipe for a fellow twitter!

Make up one sachet of Weight Watchers Jelly crystals and divide into four ramakins # leave to set..
Get one meringue nest and cut in half and then in half again.
Mix some sweetner with O% fat natural yogurt or you can use a muller light flavour one?
Some mixed berries (I used the frozen ones they are nice)

Get a dish....

Tip out your jelly in the middle
Add the yog and throw some berries on top.. then crunch up your
meringue on the top. You might want to dust the top with sweetner as sometimes the berries can be a little tart!

All four puds would then add to 3.5 syns!

I have a picture on another post of this but without the
meringue... as without that it is only 1/2 syn for the four.. so if you wanted to eat the lot.. you can!

Pork chops.. I am so uninspired as what to do for dinner... too hot to think about food. Unless it is bars of oozing chocolate with some crunchy biscuit.. oh yeah yorkie bar .. the one with biscuit... *Drools*

I have been checking the cooling disc for the ice cream maker all day and it says if you hear a crunching sound it isn't ready.. it has been in over 24 hours and I still hear that crunching sound.. *Stomps feet*

Off out tomorrow evening... there is us.. don't go out for years and this is three times this month! *Is this what they call a social life* Crap will have to find something cool to wear! *Don't think I have three outfits*

Going to make some ice-cream.. wish me luck!!

*Can it be good to eat all these eggs in ice cream? Starts clucking like a chicken*


7.20 pm

Syns total so far... 32 this week... out of 105 and still got today and the weekend till weigh in...

Ice-cream is on.. but doens't look that good so far.. but going to leave it and see what happens this time! Hope it sets this time or it is going back! Grrr.. nah I will keep at it till it works ! I might be sick of ice cream by then and there will be no eggs left in the world.. but one has to do what one has to do!

Mmm.. what to do this evening... ironing.. ironing or planning what to wear for tomorrow and iron it!

It's Freezing.. it's freezing... *Not me silly.. the ice-cream*

Off to do some dead heading of the roses...


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