Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Hot Day!

Did a quick sneak wi again... *My OCD is getting worse!* and it was still at 00.12 lb 8 oz. *Shock ~ Horror*

It is getting warmer already and it is still early. Think I will go clean the boys out... then set to make some ice cream for GOS and I.... That would then be ready within the hour! Great isn't it.

Been having some odd thoughts today...I have been snapping at my GOS and sometimes I think it is due to my own frustration and anger at myself and this isn't fair is it! I need to sit down and give myself

a stiff talking to. Maybe I should be the one called GOS! It can not be easy living with a rambling moaning over weight middle aged woman... who has OCD tendancys and hang ups! I know I wouldn't like it, well I have no choice but to live with myself... but if given it.. I don't think I would want to!

I know each and every one of us has our bad days... maybe I have been a little over the top lately... I do get cross with myself and I do take it out on him... I know we all do this to the ones we love... but it can not be nice as I am not a meek little thing! Think I would want to run if I saw me come looming towards me in a foul mood.

So today I am going to try and set things right! I need to take a longer harder look at myself. I know this dieting has got me down a lot lately with it not really shifting... but I really did think that generally I had been in a better mood. Guess not... so I have to rectify this.

GOS said it is going to be one of the hottest days so far... and the heat makes me crabby.. so I have to be on my bestest behaviour and not upset GOS.

It would be good to see if the same happens to you... Take stock of all the things you don't want to become in your life.. and see if in 10 years time you have! I have noticed this.. things I said I hope never happen to me.. think about it..make some notes and file them away and find them in years to come.. then see if they have!

Anyway... no wise words this morning of humour... going to burn myself outside now and sort the compost and rabbits out!

*Wish me luck*


12.24 pm

Woooooohhhh just read my horrorscope for today...

July 02, 2009
You are in an emotional flow today, but you might not know where the currents are taking you. Fortunately, it really doesn't matter; what's important is that you are open to experiencing as much in the moment as you can. This is not about escaping from your previous obligations. You still have to handle practical matters when they arise. But the real growth for you now is not obvious to anyone else. It's about what you are feeling in your heart.

Now that is scary!! Wonder what tomorrows says....

July 03, 2009
Your vision seems to capture the imagination of others now, which can lead you into a position of authority. You aren't necessarily yearning to be the boss, yet you may be among the few who actually know what's going on. So, as a member of the community you cannot say no when asked to assume a leadership role. Step up to the plate and play out your part as the person in charge.

Oh.. don't know what that is all about... *dreads to think*

Nice cup of coffee.. thinking about making 2 18th birthday cards today... would like to do something different and special... will have to get my thinking cap on!

Another 20 mins and will see if the ice-cream is done... whooo hoooo!!

If it is nice I will put the recipe on here and a photo!

Sat outside on the decking today... for breakfast...

Breakfast: Vanilla Fromage Frais and a sliced pear.

Milk HA


Yesterday.. Lunch... pasta thing.. was 1 syn

what did I have for dinner...oh yes.. pork chop hb and wedges.. jelly and pear and ha cheese.

Will add the syns for the 4 jellies now.. so total syns for this week so far is..24.


Not sure what to do for dinner this evening... will have to think about it.

Only 14 more sleeps and my daughter will be here... can't wait for a big hug and one from my lovely niece too..:))

Things to do..tut keeping me sat here! Be gone with you.. do you hear me.. be gone!

*Skips off to check the ice-cream*


2.07 pm

Mmmm.. not sure I am getting it right with this ice-maker... I have looked on the net to see what consistency it should be when it comes out of the machine and can't find anything... need to look for more reviews to see ... there must be someone out there who knows....*Looks from side to side and wonders where they are!*

Goodness it is getting hotter and hotter... let me go see what it 34.4 in the shade! Even the poor cows are huddled under a tree in the shade to keep cool... *Maybe I should go join them*

Got some mince out.. so want to think of something yummy to make with it that is slightly different! *Ideas on a postcard to....*


Made SW Meatballs and pasta... was lovely!

More later....

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