Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is It Leaving Me....??

On the scales this morning.. surprise surprise.. it was 00.00lb 4 oz!! *Shock horror ... was it wind?* Nah.. don't remember that... but if it has gone.. I am not going to complain!

A look at my Horrorscope today.. now let's see...

July 21, 2009
Others don't know much about your inner process, so their expectations of you can be quite unrealistic. In fact, as Uranus in your 1st House of Personality trines today's Solar Eclipse, your actions may seem totally outrageous to those closest to you. Nevertheless, radical behavior may be necessary if you are trying to revitalize your creativity or energize a romance that feels stuck.

*Oh is that telling me that it is time to crack on with the lap dancing!!*

Lunch was nice... three different meals to prepare! GOS has egg on toast and LM had cheese on toast and I had bean and pot soup again.. in fact was rather lovely today.. *Better than yesterday!*

GOS and LM have gone to mow a friends garden today...think he said something about going back tomorrow as there is a dip in the garden and he wants to make sure that is done properly. *least he did something today.. oh did get him to wash up a few pots*

I am sat watching Come dine with me... and thought I would do my blog...

Today the tooth was tender...

Oh a woman has just commented that one of the other women was off with her as she wasn't as good looking as her and she was a larger lady! Who does that ugly bitch think she is!! There is always people who love themselves so much that they could do with looking in the mirror... *Ooo that has wound me up !!*

Anyway was talking about tooth.. yes was tender this morning.. took a couple of pks and it seems to have eased.. still using the mouth wash at every chance I could get! *Paranoia setting in*


10.30 pm

Just finished reading to LM and her to I... and just posted a question to Twitter... Have you ever loved someone so much it hurts?

LM went in the pool this evening and the more I look at her the more I see my sister... her smile.. the twinkle in her eyes.. the way she conducts herself.. the laughter.. her build..*Makes me miss my sister even more and more* I am filled with so much pride when I see her though...she is a real credit to my sister.

GOS is hogging the TV again!!!!!!! Might just super glue the remote to his hand and coffee cup to the other.. in fact the seat to his butt too while I am at it. He went down to his music room today to read up on pots for Christmas.. when to plant etc.. well I have asked him 3 times and he hasn't done it yet. *Maybe it is on the list... wonders if I am on the list?*

Had a heated debate with a friend on Saturday evening... of course about immigration and people who now reside in the UK... I said debate.. but he put arguement... *MMmmm not sure which now as he did raise his voice some what!* We are all entitled to our opinion and I respect everyones as long as they respect mine! But we didn't seem to hit it off there as he is every head strong.. so I wasn't about to back down either. Could tell my father was getting a little annoyed too.. and of course him not being English born but a British Citizen .. I think it was winding him up a little! But all is well now.. I think!

*Darn hot flushes.. did I ask if you would lose weight with them... I wonder*

B: Pineapple, nectarine banana and yogurt

L: Bean and potato soup *Boring I know but same as yesterday.. someone had to eat it!!!* and ice cream

D: Pork Chop .. HB and garlic wedges 2 yogurts o% fat

Syns..Parm cheese.. 1.5 syns.

HA =Milk cheese
HB = Pork

Workout... Walk out with LM

Total Synergies... 17 out of 105

Ahh must be time to watch Ghost Whisper on the telly... then go watch LM sleep for a moment before going to bed myself!

Nighty night all!

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