Monday, July 27, 2009

Last July Official Weigh In

Drat.. darn.. and all the other stuff that goes with it....

Delicately got on the scales *As if that is going to make any difference, but I live in hope!* and it says 3 lb loss not as much as I wanted... still have another 1.6 to go to make it back to my 4 stone.... why did I have to get poorly... Not only is my body against me but the worlllllllllllllllld.. Do you hear me!

Ok.. so I was a little naughty at the weekend... I did have a small hot dog sausage, some small glasses of champers... brie.. ahh don't make me go on.. it is painful to recall... upset with myself now..... But then again .. on the other hand.. I did have a lovely time.

Not written much this week really have I... see this is the true life of a middle aged woman...!!

Got the lawn done yesterday.. cleaned out the rabbits and have the ironing still to do but these hay fever tabs really do make me tired!!

When I woke this morning to look at my lovely mowed lawn.. the darn mole has been up and made a couple of hills... please don't tell me we are back to finding ways to get rid of it!! We have tried.. traps.. *Dug them back up!*.. broken glass *Dug that back up to!!*... smoke bombs *Don't work* oh lots of things... guess it is the joys of living in the countryside!

Today we are going to Dennly Parc... should be fun.. have to do some ironing grab a shower and get sorted... Might take a picnic... goodness knows what I am going to eat... *Hangs head in shame now before we even start*

Well can't sit here have things to do... hopefully write more later.....

*Walks off praying to be slim... pray with me for goodness sake!*


14.31 pm

The rain.. wow the rain... so that has put a stop to going out today! Such a shame as LM was so looking forward to going.. so said that if it is sunny tomorrow we will go then.. she cheered up and asked to go on the Sims...... how could I say no to a beautiful little face!

GOS got up... spent some time looking for a cd and is now working on that downstairs while I clean the kitchen.. washing.. ironing .. change the beds and start to pack for going away.... *Sometimes I wonder if I should have been born a bloke.. and kick back and just scratch my crutch!*

Not sure I am pleased about the woman always being the homemaker!! OR having to do the chores around the home! Is it cause we notice things.. and they don't and if we ask for help.. .we are nagging or moaning!

I wonder if I just stop doing things he will notice and not take it for granted! I have not objection to doing my share or more ... but for it to be noticed would be nice!

So looking forward to going away.. not saying goodbye to LM.. that is going to be hard... but to see Daughter. Oh now there is another story.... she was told she was staying on at RAC and get an extra 400 a month.. now that has all fallen through.... So I have been looking for more jobs for her.... she seems to be so unlucky... but she is still planning to stay on there till Jan unless something else comes along.. *I really hope it does*

Ha...the woman called Emily Horne who commited bigamy... well what can one say... I have one GOS.. don't think I could cope with 5 moaning all the time! She is looking at about 7 years in prison.. what a load of crap... what about all these people that kill others and they get less... what is up with the UK? *Wonders if she had the same dress for all of the weddings?*

Can't watch the news... it is always so depressing.. why do people always have to hurt others? What is the matter with these people!

Just had a bag of crisps and three small meringue twirl things... *What's up with me.. why do I want to sabotage my efforts... think the weekend is starting to stress me out*



Talk about being totally stupid... I think I have just eaten the entire contents of the house!!! So don't think I will be losing this week and I am only on day one of a new week! *What a plonker*

Have been thinking about freelance writing... just wonder if I could cut the mustard in that? Might have a look at a few courses.... I mean I have written courses that are taught all over the world so I guess I could or might be able to do it!

Think it is time to start dinner... going to do jacket spud with cheese and homemade burgers! Should be good.. just have to find space for them now... also some salad!

Also is time for Come Dine with Me.....

BBL.... maybe...


2.38 am

Well feeling really disgusted with myself at the moment... so blew today and will probably take me another two weeks to lose what ever I ate today.. plus also want to lose the other 1.5 lb! And going away on Thursday and it is going to be so hard to stick to it over there... will be gone for 10 days to 2 weeks.

Going to have to be really strong and make sure that I have plenty of healthy food around me to eat... *Oh why wasn't I born ugly and thin than stunning and large!!*

Have to go to bed... got to be up in the morning... Night all

Total syns... a years supply in one day!!!


  1. Oh bless you, you can always start again tomorrow! I have been eating like a horse, I think it's the miserable weather.

    Mel xxx

  2. Or it might just be me being miserable lol!!


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