Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pain Pain Go Away...

es..yes.. I am still in pain... feel like my ear is about to explode!! *Still sobs and wonders why oh why me*


Just taken some paracetamol.. hoping it will ease some of the pain... *Pray for me please* Strange but if I press my ears tight when I swallow it doesn't hurt so much... but my gum does!

I just wanted to add insult to injury and got on the scales... well just goes to show doesn't it. 00.11 lb 2 oz... so I may be on to losing my usual 1/2 pound! *What happened to a massive loss of 3.5lb.. bah!*

Just realised I have another birthday card to make and better get in the post... best do that tomorrow! Don't have enough stamps.

Raining again... hoping it will stop later so I can get the lawn and weeding done...well some of it.

Think GOS is waiting for the sun to shine to dig up some pots from the veg plot.

My HORRORSCOPE *Wonder what joys there are to come*

July 12, 2009
Although the Moon's approach to shocking Uranus can seem like an alarm clock getting ready to go off, you actually feel quite comfortable in your own skin. You are more attracted to the idea of process, freeing you from having to fix everything right now. But Lover Venus adds magnetism to your personality today, allowing you to get what you want from others. Nevertheless, nothing will happen unless you take the initiative and get the ball rolling.

*Ahh right.. would be today wouldn't it.. nurse mouth ear and throat or lap dance in sexy black nighty... sorry face wins today.. in too much pain! Drat one day window too!!!*

Off to check the wall!!

12.20 om...

Rain has stopped so might see if I canget out weeding ... but does hurt to move darn head forward!!

If you see on the sidebar... yes over there ------------>>>> I have added a recipe section... *Whoooo hoooo* It will open up the thread where the recipe is.. so you may have to scroll to down the day... but you will get a recipe... SW of course so will be tasty! I will add more as I go along...

Card done...

Thought you might like to see the view from my office window... although not a sunny day.. it is still lovely to look out there...great when you hear the rustling of the leaves on the trees and the birds tweeting...

Think food is calling.... *Wonder would it help if I stuffed my ear with cotton wool?* Stabbing pains inside ouchhhhhhh!

Thought I would put this curry recipe on as it is really lovely..


Serves 2 (Loads) red day and no rice..Free.... for a green day.. use chicken or lamb as again would be Free.

500g Chicken or lamb.. diced.
1 red pepper...chopped
Tin toms
Tom puree
Large onion ...sliced
Coriander seeds
curry powder
fresh coriander if available
Lemon juice
chicken stock cube.. or vecon.. up to you.
Fry light.

Add fry light to pan.. add onions till soft.. add spice then pepper and cook for a few mins.

Add meat, brown it before adding stock.. make up stock and add (Half a pint will do) and bring to boil.

Add toms..and puree, simmer for about 20 mins or until sauce thickens and the meat is nice and tender.

I then add to slow cooker myself and have the next day.. but can be eaten when done.. add coriander leaves and squeeze of lemon juice... done!

5.43 pm

GOS has his musical people here.... they have been here since 2.30 pm.. banging away downstairs.... *Maybe I should rephrase that!!*

I on the other hand.. well I have been doing the washing up.. cleaning the fish tank out... moving things around in the kitchen and have of course the rest of the ironing to do.

Was going to mow the lawn as it is dry but darn face is hurting too much...A friend suggested I go to the drs... but there is a holiday on Tuesday so doubt I will get in now... *Might have to take up drinking again..medicinal of course silly*

Not keen on Sundays... always make me feel melancholy..

Just been down to take them some drinks... *Can't have dead bodies in my cellar now can I*

Yes.. think I will go and clean the brass pans...*Such an exciting life... I have said about three full sentences today.. to humans that is... I can ramble on here for hours.. why do you think I bore you so much!*

Not sure what to have for dinner as hard to open mouth.. *MMmmmm soup or liquidise roast dinner*


6.51 pm

Well.. blow me!! GOS has finally sussed something is wrong with me... only as I am finding it hard to talk and he said... "What's the matter with your mouth?" I looked up to say and he just turned away and carried on watching the racing *Yes recorded...sigh*
I asked him if he wanted a coffee.. which of course he said "Yes".. he actually came to the kitchen and said "Ahh jelly later" and I started talking to him, while making his coffee.. only to turn round an realised I had been talking to myself... *I feel sooooooo loved!!*

You know if this wasn't actually my life.. I could find this rather funny... Sad woman.. types all day on computer for company.. ignored by husband who she loves and gets shouted at.. often!..misses her daughter and lives in a tiny hamlet with no one to talk to!!

Wow.. that is my life! Hard to think I was a busy bee before moving here.. teaching..writing beauty course, beauty/holistic therapist, nail technician, masseuse, NVQ assessor..treating clients all day... and now... a blog! *My goodness my life has been reduced to a blog!*

The mad overweight blog woman! Well I have my health... *Mmm well not at the moment with my head hurting as it does...stop laughing!*

Still can't decide what to have for dinner....

Noticed that Alan Carr Chatty Man is now following my twitter.. *He must have hit the button by mistake!*

Alan Carr Chatty on his name for the details of his show... worth watching! He made me laugh... even though I was feeling crap and in pain.. so hats off to him!.... I just loved his interview with Dawn French... she is amazing.

So if you miss that.. here is the next time it is on...

Date Time Channel
Sunday 12 July 10PM Channel 4
Tuesday 14 July 11PM E4
Saturday 18 July 11.05PM Channel 4

Think I need to find something funny... ahh this always makes me laugh...

Thank goodness I don't have a cat.. that is all I can say... at least one cat is spared from being scarred for life!

10.46 pm

Took 2 more ibuprofen at 9.. but seems not to be kicking in.. could be that I am tired.. *just hope I will get some sleep*

OMG it is weigh in tomorrow.. OFFICIAL WEIGH IN *runs round room screaming!* I just know that I am either not going to have lost or lost very little. Was really hoping last weeks loss was the kick start to losing weight again.. you know what I mean ... on a more increased level not 1/2 pound a week... We will see!

Daughter rang earlier.. was lovely talking with her. Can't wait to see her.

GOS spoke to me.. *I know I was shocked too* but only got "A trip to the dentist is coming up then!" and then he walked away... I tried to say it was my ear and throat to but he mumbled it could be the tooth causing that and he was gone... pooof!

Have Alan Carrs Chatty Man show on record... as GOS is watching telly... he may watch it with me.. not sure...

Could do with a good laugh.. just hope it doesn't hurt my face!


*Walks off cradling head*

Total Syns todate... 66 out of 105

B: Pear

L: Tomato pasta thing.. Not nice.. but soft so easy to swallow..and parm cheese 3 syns Lemon Ice cream..

Homemade pork chili burgers and SW chips.. with apple vanilla ice cream!


HA: 1 x Milk
HB: Pork

Syns Today .............3 total

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