Monday, July 6, 2009

Can This Be True ~ Monday Weigh In!!

Official Weigh In Day...

I need some time to digest it... yes of course I have weighed myself...just give me a minute...

3.1/2 lb loss... so that now takes me to 00.11 lb 8 oz... OMG that is amazing!! I am now official slimmer than I have been in about 9 years!

*Does backflips round the office, then lands in a heap in the corner after hitting the wall.. but is still laughing and full of the joys of spring!*

Could it now be after all these months of going up and down a few pound that I am on my second wind of weight loss.... do you think I can do another great jump and get down even more?

So now OWL is... *Official Weight Loss.. keep up!* = 4 stone 2 lb 8 oz

I am now going to go for my 4 1/2 stone weight loss now.. so that means 4.5 lbs to lose... so bring it on!!!!! *Oh dear.. sound like a right rough football fan.. get it together girl*

See I told you I would find something positive today to be pleased about... My goodness.. I have done it! I lost all that weigh so quickly prior to Christmas and got so close to the 4 stone.. then since then I have been going up and down with half a stone even with being so good and exercising... but surpassed that now... woooohhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Well it also goes to show you... I didn't exercise last week... I ate carefully as I do each week... I even had chocolate.. so what is going on? We are all different.. maybe my body is now saying.. yes time to lose weight again. After all... we do have to wait for our bodies to catch up with what we want to do...just mine too nearly 7 months!!! *Keep thinking if my darn body kept up with me how much slimmer I would be now.. but not for a want of trying... told you my body was even against me*

I wonder if a positive note every day would be good... also wonder if it would inspire others to carry on...

Today's Positive Thought...Believe in yourself, as you can always do what you aim to in time!

Anyway I have to do the wall today... but I did take a anti allergy tablet yesterday and still feel like I have been drugged and want to sleep... so may go have a nap then crack on... I may even dream of being slim!

*Was thinking about where do I think this weight has come off from this week... decolletage and my upper arms...*

To be honest I don't care at the moment I am sooooooooooooooooooo pleased I have passed my 4 stone barrier....!!!

Really tired now.. off to nap... BBL

*Slides off with the biggest grin you can ever imagine*


No nap yet.. people keep talking to me on MSN... *Ahh to be popular*

Had a quick look at my HORRORSCOPE...

July 06, 2009
Combative Mars in steady Taurus crosses swords today with your two key planets, Jupiter and Neptune, increasing the chance for you to get drawn into an unnecessary argument. But instead of listening to logic, you're tempted to let your deeds speak for you as you stubbornly refuse to cooperate with others. You may believe you're making your point while others see you acting like a spoiled child. Remember, passive aggression is not as effective as honesty and direct action.

Why so glum..... going back to bed!!

Oh will have to see what tomorrow's says now.. grrr...

July 07, 2009
It might seem as if you are being coerced to set aside your personal judgment and be a follower today with the Lunar Eclipse in your 11th House of Groups. If you are part of a team at work, you may feel isolated when your plan differs from everyone else's. Follow your instincts now; it's important for you to do what feels right and not succumb to any peer pressure.

*Might not if it is someone trying to force feed me with chocolate!*

Night all.. as it is morning !!


4.30 pm

I have cleared the area.. scraped the wall down.. sanded it down and just given it a light skim but we are out of product.. grrr!! So will have to wait and see what it is like then give i t alight sanding and go from there! Had to clean my tools prior to use as GOS doesn't always do them how I like them done and then they are left for months on end with crap on them!

Daughter has a job interview tomorrow... so going to keep my fingers crossed that she gets it... She already works for RAC but that is a temping job and I would so like to know that she is settled... with a continuous wage coming in. You know what theses agencies are like. It is about time the good luck started shining down on our family!

The weather is rather unpredicatable today... *Little like my mind!* one minute we have sunshine then next we have rain! Good for the garden though.

GOS still has a bad back.. but he did manage to wash a few things up for me today while I skimmed the wall. But that is the last of the washing up liquid and he didn't seem pleased that I asked to go out and get some shopping! *Sadly we do have to eat every week*

I think I might play the Sims 3 for a while.. not played that in ages.. trouble is it is sooooooooo addictive...

Managed to decide chicken for dinner.. but still not what to do with it.. May do a Rogan Josh... with some rice...

Daughter went to sainsbury's to see if they did the Weight Watchers Crystal Jellies and she said nope they don't! *Typical...*

Sim's 3 here I come.. *Wonder if it is more normal in that world than it is in mine!*


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  1. Wow well done you! You're doing so well, nothing more motivating than a good loss. Thanks v much for giving me advice on Twitter as well.

    Mel xx


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