Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here Goes Another Week.....

Bah.. still sulking if honest from yesterdays weigh in... yes I can harp on if I want to!

Yes.. I did throw myself on the scales this morning.. and yes I am getting obsessive about it... *Must get a life.. must get a life* Nope still not got one drat!

I ate chocolate and 8 sweets last night.. and that cost me a whopping 22.5 points.. so can't have any today... Bovvered! *Sneers*

Breakfast: 1 pear 1/2 banana 2 Tesco weetabix *Sure they are smaller *snorts* some O% yogurt

An apple *Yes I know how desperate am I.. I don't like apples!* I sat outside with the boys and shared it... *Smiles sweetly*

So that is one HB and of course my milk for my coffee's HA

Not sure what to have for dinner yet... omg am I thinking of dinner already!! I have to say.. who is full up on 2 weetabix?

Oh yeah.. sneak weigh in today.... 00.00.8 oz.. I shouldn't check as I am only setting myself up for a fall AGAIN!

*Breathes in, looks in the mirror and thinks .. where has that 8 oz gone from? Maybe my triple chin... oh that went months ago.. I forgot.. must be the excess skin flapping around there now that makes me think it is still there!*

Would be very hard to find out.. with a large bust and curvaceous body.. who would know! Oh yes I have an hour glass shapped body... *In my dreams.. more like a womble*

Least I still have my looks...I can say that as you can't see me! I am stunning.. no really I am! Why don't you believe me.. I am I am I am...believe me yet? tut!

Well saying that.. with this pollen count being so high.. I do have a lovely swollen eye and it is still itching! Hey.. don't laugh... did you laugh at cossymodo from Frankenstein.. no he scared you! Well beware I could be at a house near you!

GOS and I have been invited out this evening! I know.. shocking isn't it. A couple in the village have been invited out and we were asked to go along to. The woman is going to get me some diet caffiene free coke in to drink...bless her! *What the heck am I going to wear*

It is sooooooooo hot...I will have to have a couple hours dip in the pool to cool down before going out.. or I will be dripping on their floor. Your right, I don't do excessive heat! Hate it!

*Wonders what she has in her wardrobe that will make me look thinner seeing as I did lose 8 oz this week!*

I have just made the hostess and noteset as it is not PC to take wine it is normally flowers or plant or chocolates.. and don't have either in to give away.. so I made something.

Hopefully she will like it.

Had a quick email from daughter... saying Morning Sunshine xxx Thought she would have known my name by now.. Mother ..Mum..Mummy all would have done! There was me telling you she is a bright girl! Nah she is really. Would love to put a picture up of her.. but if I did.. I might have to kill you!

Anyway.. you might have all day to sit and read this.. but I don't.. I have mischief to cause... like extending the boys garden run!! *Prays they don't escape*


Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Holding Out Much Hope!

Yep another morning has swung around so quick... and yes don't nag it is the Official Weigh In Day... and yes believe it or not.. I do not want to get on the scales as I am not holding out much hope now for weight loss after getting on there yesterday.

I will do it in a moment... I want to get some washing up out the way... I want HA that is a joke.. I have to get it out of the way.

Hey you not wondering why my post yesterday was a light one.. well the guests did arrive.. (So no tankini!) and there was about 8 of them! Luckily they all stayed in the garden in the baking heat and I served lemon squash... Oh again I sound posh.. but was only tesco's own! It turns out that one of the guests wanted a card order of 7 cards, which was great! But they had to be done by this morning!!

So I worked my fingers to the bone making these cards and I am expecting her this morning sometime. Of course I finished them... was about 1 am this morning though! Let's just hope she turns up or I am going to be making little cloth voodoo dollys and believe me I will use them!

Yesterday's Food:

Lunch: Fruit and tin of spaghetti

Dinner: Chilli with rice and added TVP HB x 2 2 frozen 0% yogurts

Anytime.. Fruit

Syns.. 13.5 Chocolate... but still in my syns!!

Total Syns 97.5 out of 105...

I didn't get round to facial exercise yesterday... but might give it a go today. But then it is very warm out there so might go for a dip in the pool...Oh still have to mow the lawn!

*Getting anxious about weigh in... I bet I don't lose weight this week after all that exercising and being so darn good.*

Yeah.. I had some chocolate but that was put in the syn bin so is allowed and what... never allowed to have treats!

Maybe I should have a week with no treats at all... but Slimming World give you synergies to have treats and add to your weekly food so you still lose weight.

*I can hear the dishes calling me.. grrrr* Best go do them while I still have the will to live!



10.07 am

Cards sold... customer pleased.. me too! *Oh no must not get pleased till I have done weigh in*

It is so darn hot.. I am glowing and only sat here.


12.20 pm

Oh I didn't say.. I did the weigh in... GUTTED.. What's the frigging point!!! 1 - 2 lb loss a week they say.. that is better for you.. can't even make it to that!! No.. not telling you I am sulking... can't you see that I am sulking...

*Does hate dance round the office*

Nope I don't want to talk about it...

*Throws herself in a heap on the floor and sobs*

*Having a screaming fit and I am going to carry on till I am sick!*

*Doesn't want to be sick.. so sits in chair sulking*


I have to concentrate on the positive... I lost 1/2 a pound!

Half a darn pound.. is that it... blood, sweat, tears, along with nausea, starvation and muscles spasms and this is all I get for it.

*Why couldn't I have been born with slim genes and maybe large ears or an outty belly button*

Yeah I have to be realistic... no that is crap! I can't even use the "I am near my target weight" sentence... as I am far from it!!

*Goes to sulk again*

*Leave me alone I am sulking*

Right.. in my head I have to say well that is better than a gain... I knew I shouldn't have cut my hair.. I could have blamed that then!

Should I use.. "I am retaining water" and if I say it with a slight lip curl and nod my head enough... people will believe me?

No... oh.. ok.. What about if I ask them if I have lost weight.. and when they go "Yes" I can scream back "What you saying I was fat before!" Do you think will detract from my pathetic 1/2 pound loss?

Maybe if I just say...I didn't get time to do the weigh in this week!

*Stomps up and down shouting "Crap crap crap crap crap", then wonders how many milliounces I just lost then?*

Breakfast: 2 pears and a peach *Even the peach hated me and dripped juice all down my nice white T Shirt*

*Might just go get my tankini and braces on and burn myself to a crisp in the garden and I may even take the braces off to scare the birds away!*


*Walks away still sulking*


9.20 pm

Just had dinner..was rather nice..

Lunch: Tuna salad with sliced new pots and frozen yogurt. 1 x hb

Dinner: Homemade spicy turkey burgers with potato wedges, green beans and mange tout.. and a frozen yogurt. 1 x hb

1 x HA Milk

No syns so far lol...

Not sure if to have a week with as little as possible this week to see if that makes a difference to my weight loss... Or maybe a week with very little exercise and see if that works!

I am open to ideas if you are brimming over with them!

Took hayfever tablet earlier and fighting to stay awake again.

Braved the pool this afternoon.. was going to drown my sorrows...but as soon as I run out of breath.. natural reaction is to aim for the surface!! Also seeing as the pool is only just under boob height for me.... going to be rather hard isn't it. Oh very funny.. you think it is a paddling pool and my boobs are round my ankles!

I can see we are going to fall out here!

Wimbledon is on again...had to sit with it on all through dinner this evening... oooo that just made me yawn.. see it is boring.

Didn't get the lawn done... I am naughty.. but just didn't fancy mowing it when it is nearly 30 out there... I will melt away... *Now there is an idea*

For anyone new to SW.. you can always leave me a message if you need any help.. I am more than will :)

I know that my weight is fighting me all the way .. but nearly 4 stone is an achievement isn't it.. See there I do have a positive thought in one day.. even if it is only one!

Boys all tucked up in their hut with food and goodies and lots of water.

Going to look round the net a bit... bbl

*Keeps telling herself.. be positive!*


Sunday, June 28, 2009

How Very Odd

I sat in bed this morning and wrote an entry and I am sure I posted it prior to shutting lappy down and it isn't on here... how very odd.

It only went on about the party yesterday.. how GOS is not well from one or two many beers... Bless his isn't a drinker and one of the things I like about him! *Mmm that sounds like there isn't many doesn't it, but there are*

I wasn't going to do a sneak weigh in today... but I did and you will never believe it... I am still in shock... are you ready...

00.03lb Where the fricking hell has that come from! Serves me right for doing it doesn't it!

I know I have now consumed 84 syns out of my 105 this week and I do only have one more day.. but for goodness sake.

Unless some miracle is bestowed up me from now till tomorrow.. I am back to square one! Serves me right for having my celebratory hair cut doesn't it.. hey I should be even lighter seeing as I cut some off!! See I tell you the world is against .. it is .. believe me!

I will tell you again not that you read it the first time... Party.. not my thing...did try to mingle but felt out of place... might have been cause I didn't really want to be there. *Miserable bitch!* I went because GOS wanted to go and if it made him happy then I am happy. *No honest..why don't you believe me?*

Oddly enough when we are out he seems more loving and attentive... *Might take slinky black nighty with me next time.. what do you think?*

Oh but on a positive note... I did score an extra 10 points for knowing a song they played.. it was The Doors. I am sure in his drunken stupor he said I needed 23.5 points! So that makes it 13.5.. then I got the next song right *Well it was an album*.. I thought ooo I am on to a winner here! But he stopped asking. *Maybe not as tiddly as I thought he was ..drat*

So I think I am up to as he said last one was 1.5 points...15 points. *Wonders if I can cash them in for money instead? I have seen some nice trousers on the net*

No this is my quest... I shall not falter! *Stands tall and proud*

Today I have a choice do I cook a chilli and really enjoy it with very little washing up *Grrrrrr* Or do I do him a roast beef dinner and myself something different with lots of washing up? *More Grrrrrr's*

I would actually like to change into my tankini and sit in the garden *Check me out tankini!! Did I tell you it has braces to stop the top riding up and flipping over my head cause it is too tight* But with the imminent threat of people coming round.. I don't think that is going to happen do you? Well come on.. I am daft but not that daft.. they would laugh at my braces!

Oh yeah.. last night at the party.. as I went ... then left to go home and cook my dinner and reluctantly went back...they were talking about my weight loss... Great I thought...*Nice they noticed I guess* but it was like they were talking about the prize cow! The hand gestures and the Mmmm sounds and nodding of heads then looking at me... I felt I should have done some cheer leading routine for them ending in the splits! One said in french of course not that I understood but was translated to me... She looks so much smaller!! I smiled and said "Yeah.. Cause I am such a fat bitch" and bless he smiled back not having a clue what I just said! Ahh the joys of being Me!

Reminds me of when I was younger *Not that long ago come on!!* I was out with my sister and I went to the toilet (As you do) and when I came back, she was chatting with some guys.. I thought oh great here we go... I didn't even open my mouth and this one guy looks at me and says... "Hi.. you look a good laugh" then thrusts his hand towards me for me to shake! The only thing I wanted to shake was my hands around his throat. How the heck did he derive from me just walking over that I am a good laugh.. good laugh... good laugh I say! What is a good laugh! He may as well have said... "Oh.. your fat.. nothing like your sister"

Rather miffed I made my excuses of being hot and went to stand outside for a bit... Thinking... ahh, this is a relief and what a prat.... I was only then approached by a guy walking past who stopped and ask me how much I charge! *Not one of my better nights out*

Actually a relief to be married... I would hate all that hassle now of meeting someone new.. I know people always go on about the chase and how exciting it is.. but you don't just get the chase now do you.. you get HIV.. Aids.. Chlamydia and other nasty things. Me if I was ever to get into the dating game again.. which I have no intention of ever doing! I would have to ask for a full sexual CV.. daft as it may sound.. but nowadays your not just getting intimate with that one person.. you could say you are with all their past conquests to! Ahh a joy to be out of that rat race!

Before I forget.. Dinner last night: 2 eggs, potato wedges and 85gms of Ham.. 1/2 gala melon. 1 x HA

HA and HB cheese.

Downloaded this facial exercise video... may give that a go.. wonder if you can just get your face to break out into a sweat with exercising it! I will let you know.

*Walks off looking for work-out gear for the face???*


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yayyyyyyyyyy!! Ssshhhh.........

Sneak Weigh in..... 00.13lb 6 oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes... it is only the sneak weigh in but if I can keep strong I can officially say I have lost my 4 stone!!!

*Going to take up cheer leading as all this jumping around is a new routine never seen by anyone!*

I went into the garden to share my good news with the boys and then sat in my sisters Memorial Garden to feel close to her.. she would be so proud of me if she were here, so I just sat there and imagined her sat with me on her bench, smiling at me. I wish so much she was here, but she is.. she is always in my heart and thoughts.

Okay.. not going to let anything upset me today. GOS is still in bed and I have this 50th birthday card to make for this party later. So going to stay strong today and keep a smile on my face.

So... going to make a start on this card and get it over and done with.


*Thinks haven't been this light in...8/9 years! Your getting there girl!*


11.36 am

My baby girl is coming in ...19 sleeps and I am so excited. I am sure she will want me to cook Moussaka for her.. she wants a BBQ by the pool... I so wish the weather is nice for her visit. I just love spending time with people I love so much...

*Slaps self.. seems to be getting melancholy today!*


4.20 pm

Still feeling chuffed .. just hope it stays off.

Finished work out... yep it is official.. it is killing me!!

I put face masque on.. did nails.. then had a shower and cut my hair.. another 1inch to 2 inches off and GOS of course didn't notice.

*I wonder if he would notice if I was dancing with a coach load of naked football players!Now eating lunch.*

Well he is happy.. sat watching wimbledon (Could be the Wombles of Wimbledon for the interest I have in it!) just had his egg on toast and has a coffee... opps no.. he has just been in the kitchen cupboard so will now be eating his speculo biscuits that he loves...

I am off in a moment to see a friend down the road.

Breakfast.. opps fruit

Lunch... Mild cheese and broc pasta 1/2 syn and a pain

Dinner... not sure yet as going out eek!

Took a hayfever tablet this morning.. so will probably want sleep later on at the party.. not far to walk to it or home.. thank goodness!

For someone on twitter...

Plum Compote

1 tsp olive oil
1 plum, halved, stoned and diced
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
4 tbsp soft brown sugar
pinch of cinnamon
small handful of fresh herbs, chopped

1. Heat the olive oil in a small pan and fry the plum for 1-2 minutes, to soften.
2. Add the vinegar, sugar, cinnamon and herbs to the pan, reduce the heat and allow to cook for 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
3. Remove from the heat and transfer to a serving dish.
4. Serve.

Right must dash... bbl...

*Thinking thin.. think more damn it!!*


Friday, June 26, 2009

What Day Is It?

Morning sneak wi..
. 00.00. 6 oz..

*Jumps around office.. I know I said I wasn't going to have any more sneak weigh ins.. but I need this one to keep me on track!*

Nooo... just realised that I am only 2 oz lighter since my Monday Official WI!! This can't be right.. I torture myself all week.. and still talking ounces. Think I need to look at this closer. *Gets magnify glass out.... nope still ounces!*

Syns to date: Had a major blow out last night.. and used up a total of 50 syns.. I had some chocolate and crisps.. how naughty and to be honest I didn't enjoy them that much... or did I? No I don't think I did!

GOS and I sat in bed watching "Lie to Me" and I was so tired I just had to sleep! We were watching one of the Terminator films the night before.. and I was wanting to sleep then.. oh I did!! Guess what.. I even had on said sexy pink nighty.. tell you.. did nothing for me!

Dad goes for a scan today... 3.30pm... keeping everything crossed for the test results to come back all ok.

Ah ... yes according to my horrorscope I am going to have some disagreements today... oh no I am not.. Oh yes you are!!


WW Jelly FF and Berries... lush!

The storm has come and gone and been back again.

Oh woke up again 3 times in the night... thank goodness we have an en-suite...

*Deep in thought.. maybe if I used the bathroom downstairs and the end of the house I would burn more calories... ahh no would spend more time out of bed than in it .. and sleep = weight loss!*

GOS is up.. will dash for a while!


12.10 pm

Think I am losing my marbles.. I just re thought about sneak weigh ins.. and it means I am 1lb and 2 oz lighter than last Monday official wi....

*Dances round office*

Going to do my march workout and cross training.. be back if I survive it!

*Strides off feeling thinner*

2.01 pm

Storms are still here and thank goodness it is clearing the air... GOS hates that saying.. along with.. "Light and airy". Estate agents always use it don't they!

I am pleased there are storms as I have just done my 30 min Kathy whatsher name March DVD and 30 mins on the cross trainer... not only do I feel sick.. but hot isn't the word for it... if only GOS could see me now! Mind you he might take credit for it and tell me that I am getting senile and did I enjoy it!

Shower time then must have some lunch... feel the need to eat.. could it be the weather .. winter like so stock up on bread and make lots of stew that no one eats!

Oh I woke in the night and looked in the mirror.. thought I was a teenager again as found a pimple on the end of my nose.. I know a pimple... Young again at last!! Now I just need the slim body to go with it.

Was rummaging earlier through walk in wardrobe and came across a slinky little black nighty... might give that a try tonight!!

*Ponders - or should I get a pole and learn to pole dance? ... Ah maybe lose a few stone first eh.. yeah good idea!*

Right no good sitting here... I need to desquamate and shower.... then eat!

*Looks at self in mirror as walks by thinking.. yeah babe in black nighty.. might be good... shame you don't look like the one you imagine!!*



Blimey.. where has the day gone! As you may see I have been playing on this blog again... well keeps me off the streets from raping and pillaging doesn't it.. so stop your moaning.

GOS has been busy watching telly since coming up from his computer room.. cross between Discovery and Tennis *YAWN*

Cleaned the kitchen.. and my skin is peeling... does that mean I am going to be lighter!! I could start a new trend.. skin shedding.. but think on this one I would need a disclaimer!


Mild Cheese and Broc Pasta wiht 1 tbspn of pama cheese... 2 syns!!... See I am getting good at this using the syns up malarky now aren't I!!

GOS has gone out to check the gates from yesterday.. bless he did ask me if I wanted to go and it isn't that I don't want to spend time with him... just don't like where he is going and I have to be there tomorrow for this 50th Birthday party... whooopie do!

Here are some of the little darlings that keep me awake! OMG have I turned into a bird watcher now too... *Thumps head on table really hard*

Must go look up this Success Express with SW... for Monday...

BBL.....*God woman you still haven't done the ironing!*


7.30 pm

Opps... dinner was to be chilli con carne... oh well can have that another day.. might do pork chop and roasted veg.

Just chilling have a coffee... I have just spent a good 2 hours ironing.. nope not all done yet... but I am sure I will look around and the laundry box will be full again!

Ahh the joys of being a woman... washing up... toilet cleaning...cooking... crap, what is there to look forward to!

Spoke to father.. they said (hospital) all is well.

I see that the telly has lots on about Michael Jackson.. and I agree that it is very sad.. but nothing about F Fawcett..

What about that poor little girl that was murdered by that kid that was looking after her while the mother went to the shops! What was wrong with her.. children are so precious you don't leave them behind!!

Such a sad life for many.

In the ironing pile I found a seductive gold nighty not worn in a while... might have to try that one if the black one doesn't work. Maybe I should get a feather boa... and do some sort of tantilising dance around the bedroom. Oh, I can see his face now.. shock horror! I can also here him saying.. "What do you think your doing..get into bed woman your blocking the telly!" Such joy *sigh*

My Horrorscope for tomorrow...

June 27, 2009
You might want to float along in a current relationship, yet your significant other wants to make a special commitment. He or she may even be talking about it, but discussions of taking a next step will probably scare the heck out of you. Although it makes sense to explore your own resistance, don't just succumb to the needs of anyone else. If you acquiesce, you'll be setting a bad precedent for the days ahead.

What can I say.. I give in, I give in!... *runs upstairs to change into sexy black nighty and waits for the hours to tick by till tomorrow*

My brother rang with news that the bank have given him the money to start building his shop and flats... so that is good news... maybe things are going to take a turn for the better for a change!

*Still keep thinking of an all over body liposcution*

Best go start dinner...

*Leaves deflated as can hear Discovery on the telly.. more murder*



Pork chop and SW Chips 2 frozen yogurts and ermm half a melon.. I was feeling peckish! No it is only a small melon... not a water melon!

GOS was in his chair so I thought I would go over and push it to see how my point system was going? Well I didn't get very far! It was suggest WE wash up!

Oh well must be time for bed.. as bed is slimming after all.

Might pick up some syns on the way as only had two today

Total syns to date 52 out of 105.

Nighty Night!

Found the page to read up on Success Express!! Whooo hooo!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't Ask!!

Sneak WI... 00.02 lb 4 oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Syns yesterday ... 1 branston pickle.
Total Syns Used Since Monday.. 16
Weekly Allowance .....105

So flipping cross that I am putting weight on not taking it off... what the heck am I doing wrong.

Can't faff with it now have to write shopping list and get ready to go out and get more food to stuff into myself to lose weight... oh no.. not me.. put weight on!!

Bottom to it all I say... Nah will come back and work out then do the ironing..

Not doing very well with this shopping list... can't think what I want to cook this week.. normally so organised when it comes to that... but the sneak wi has really thrown me this morning.

*Note to self... told you... you need to sleep more!*

Darn nose is running.. is it going to be one of those days... was looking through the window in my office and I need to clean them.. but there is only 46 small windows in my office to do .... that doesn't include the rest of the house!! "Looks like a job for Superman"... where is he when you need him.. pfft!

Right got to plan some meals.

I did wake GOS.. but guess he has gone back to sleep... do I take the risk of waking him again and get my head bitten off or leave him and then he has to go do the gates.. which means no time for shopping unless we go this evening which leaves me with no fruit or anything to munch on being good... *Gasps for breath*

Oh had email from lovely daughter.. she got the ferry times all wrong and now P and O are going to charge another £25.00 to change it... B*******s... her first time in booking anything.. I offered to pay the difference.. poor girl working hard.. we all make mistakes.

Looking forward to seeing her though... and the rest of them, be it only a short visit :))

Oh yes.. I was suppose to be planning meals wasn't I!


*Wanders off cursing the dead dishwasher.. hands are suffering even with gloves!*

GOS is up!!... But we are going to go out later after he has done the gates. Geesh.. oh well.. I wasn't really totally ready.. I was looking beautiful.. just not stunning .. so I have time to work on that now! Mmm will a few hours do it?

Just added a Simplify Your Day gadget.. and you can click on horoscope! Or is that Horrorscope!! Anyway.. mine for yesterday was...

June 24, 2009
The Moon's entry into your 6th House of Habits reminds you to consider the relationship between health and diet. Even if you already eat consciously, today is a great day to make minor changes in your menu. It's always a good idea to improve your exercise program, too. Any decisive action taken now should have positive long lasting ramifications.

What!!... like I am not obsessing enough! GOS already says I have OCD traits.. will go more into those another time!...

Tell me what do I think about all day.. dieting.. dieting .. dieting.. and maybe I fit time in for dieting!

What does today hold.. let me see...

June 25, 2009
You know what you need to do today, but might feel as if you are being blocked at every turn. Although you start off with the best of intentions, it becomes more difficult throughout the day to hide your annoyance. Instead of trying to change anything in your environment, try to understand what you need to learn from the obstacles in your path.

Annoyance.. yes that darn lay about dishwasher needs a right kicking! Ok.. calm.. no I need to kick it really hard!! What else is annoying me.. oh yeah .. food... all food should be zero calories... just for me!

Ok what does tomorrow hold?....

June 26, 2009
Disagreements with a close family member can be a real drain today, especially if your partner thinks you are making a big to-do out of nothing. But your feelings may be hurt when someone chooses not to acknowledge you for who you truly are. Pressures and strains on even the healthiest of relationships now require your commitment to meet the other person halfway.

Oh that's right.. no one ever appreciates me.. (Now I have an excuse to moan!) Not even the lazy good for nothing dishwasher... all those large pans I saved and did myself and didn't give him to do.. that is gratitude for you isn't it!

I am wasted I tell you.. wasted... One day someone will notice how talented I am.. at what yet I am not sure.. but.. but they will!!

GOS has just gone out... *Rips clothes off and runs round the house adorned in sexy pink nighty and practices sultry poses as may need them one day*

Right enough frolicking..


WW Orange and Peach Jelly with Apple eww!

HA - Milk

Gee.. still not done the darn shopping list... I can't sit here again all day...

*Note to self.. get butt moving*

Will drink coffee first and do some twittering...


I am back... Did you miss me? See I am getting better and my stealth.. wonder if GOS will notice.. oh he doesn't notice me anyway!

While I think about it.. Weight Watchers Jelly Crystals are nice Jellies.. I make it up as per instructions.. (See I can follow instructions!) and then divide between four little pots and pop in fridge... I can eat all of them for only 1/2 syn... but I spread them over two days! Go give them a try.. about 35p each and I got them from Asda I think.

*Note to self... wonder if I will get famous for writing a blog, some rich book editor decides to throw caution to the wind and ask me to publish... what would I do...I could then have a full body liposuction and be sedated till all swelling and pain has gone and wake up a new me!*

Snap out of it woman!...oh crap still not done the shopping list... have to do it!

Sure I was going to exercise too.. so must crack on!


1.06 pm

Sat here with coffee... looking at screen.. I have half cleared my desk... you see it was like this.. I was in mid stream and going all guns when my brother called... so now half hour on.. and thought .. .must be coffee time.

Still got full shopping list to do.. just can't seem to plan any meals... grrrr... might go take a look at the forum...

Slimmers World Of Support Forum

Might get some ideas from there for something for dinners this week..

I will be back... (Did you notice the Arny voice then?)



See you didn't see me slip back in then either did you! Just like magic..

Think I have sorted shopping list well so far I have..

Thursday... Chicken Stir Fry
Friday... Chilli Con Carne
Saturday... Turkey burgers and wedges
Sunday... GOS Beef dinner me Pork Dinner
Monday... Pork chop with roasted veg Yes same twice for me but love it
Tuesday... Chicken in Tomato Sauce and veg
Wednesday... Mmmm not sure yet!

Listening to Gold Bristol/Bath radio on the side bar... yes that one over there ----> you can listen to lots of different radio stations while you read my blog.. see I do look after you! No .. it is ok.. no thanks needed... not that you were going to give me any tut!

I have figured out what hates me today...

The tape measure.. clothes are more roomie.. but the tape says I am still the same!

Dish washer.. less said the better (Have sore foot from kicking it!)

Radio/CD/Combo player... doesn't want to play CD's anymore!

*Note to self.. must stop throwing myself to the floor screaming at my age, plus it hurts all things protruding : head, bust, stomach and knees!*

Bet your glad your not here.. just singing along to GOLD. Spandau Ballet! Oh yeah.. Nutbush City Limits.. Tina Turner!! Wow... wish I looked that good.. don't know about at her age.. now would be good.

Poor GOS is working hard in this hot weather... he will be hungry when he gets in...

*Wonder if I should put on sexy pink nighty again and sprawl myself across the leather settee*

Nice to finally know that someone is reading my blog... *Squeals* and they thought it was funny... Mmmm is my life that funny!

I do love Dawn French thought.. she is so funny... I do often see myself in her.. especially the Vicar of Dibley.. when she was on that walk with that guy along the country path and stepped in the puddle and sank down into it over her bust! I could hardly breath for laughing... that is something that would happen to me!

Brother said that the dishwasher may be something to do with the motor.. the heart of the machine... *Hangs head in shame.. feels bad for kicking the crap out of it now!*

All this music is like chair arobics.. *Am I burning more calories here?*

Oh.. I am in fine voice today... listen...

When I said I needed youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
You said .. you alwaysss stayyyyyyyyy
It wasn't me who changed but youuu
and nowwwwwwww you have gonnnneeee away!!!

Don't you see that now you've gone
and I am left here on my owwwwwwwn
That I have to folllllow youuuu
and begggggg youuu to cooommmeee homeeeeeeeeeee!!

All together nowwww!

Ok.. ok.. must do something around the house.. have washed up and swept my office... but need to do things.. might go tackle the ironing!


6.00 pm

Goodness... who turned the heating up outside.. was 29 when we went out.. I nearly flagged with the heat.. but girlies you will be proud.. I did the shopping and didn't kill my GOS, made it home without a cross work!! God I am good!

Now stuffing my face with some fruit.. need to lift my sugar levels as I can feel myself becoming weak. In my bowl I have.. eaten banana and pear, a peach to go and some lovely ripe cherries! That is me with my five a day already... no sweat!

The cost of shopping is getting higher and higher and worried I may have to become one of those coupon ladies at the checkout! Maybe if I just set my hair, by a nice floral nylon print dress and just give in to the inevitable!

*Ponders on what will become of the sexy pink nighty?*

Ooooooooooooo this fruit tastes sooooooooo good!

GOS is in the lounge watching the news eating his GOMS.. they are like american hard gums but with flavour.. they are rather nice... but SW doesn't really allow me to eat a whole bag and they are better than pringles.. once you start you don't want to stop!

Wow... 2 cherries left and I will have had the lot.. will have a blood chunt next!!

I was going to be very good and mow the lawn this evening.. but still being 29 and gone 6 pm I don't think so!

Last cherry.. OOooo so lush as a friend of mine would say.. in her Bristolian accent.

Might have the stir fry tonight but to be honest I do fancy home made turkey burgers with spicy wedges.. but I think if I do that.. I will have to do GOS some chips... bah!

You know earlier I mentioned I know who hates me... well I have one more to add to that... yes I know.. I am so hard to hate.. but it is the... rubber gloves! I know .. not only the dishwasher.. but the gloves have it in for me now... one has sprung a leak! *Sighs* It is so hard to be me!

Yes and went shopping and all the gloves in every shop hid from me and made me forget to get some more and drag them home to plunge my hands into and then dip in boiling water! Thinking of it like that.. I am very glad I am not a rubber glove!

Think it must be coffee time... I am allowing myself 4 cups a day with my half pint of SS Milk.

To be continued...


7.17 pm

Feeling hungry now ... so going to cook some chicken stir fry with some savoury rice I think... Yumm!

Awwww.. Farrah Fawcett has passed away.. so sad.. just goes to show you can have looks, money etc but we all go in the end!

Farrah Fawcett passes away.

Kitchen here I come.........



Still light outside and have to go and check the boys again soon to make sure they have enough water and food. They are drinking far more in this heat. Can't be nice to be covered in fur in this heat...

Dinner wasn't a great success... well I didn't think so....

We had.

Chicken Stir Fry and I had some egg rice which was rather nasty! 1 x hb

Pudding was lush...the same as I had earlier on at lunch time.

My Eaton Mess

Mix up WW jelly crystals into 4 ramkins leave to set
Mix sweetner and any flavouring to 0% Fromage frais
Mixed berries.

Turn out jelly.. add FF and then berries.. may want to sprinkle with a little sweetner.

4 servings would be 1/2 syn... so eat away!

So still have 1 x hb and ha to have yet before bed.. gawd don't know what I am going to have.

Still no syns today... but after chatting to GOS he said maybe I should have a week where I do eat all my syneries and see if I lose weight that way... so might just do that!

Downloaded a programme earlier.. some trial software... darn b*****r... my anti virus picked up 4 trojan horses! Had to get GOS to remove them for me. Cost me a coffee... and there was me thinking I would have to race upstairs and put on the pink sexy nighty! Maybe not...

Still not heard back from SW about the consultancy franchise. Might email them tomorrow.

Must get insurance claim done for car accident. Yep...another male driver acting like a right plonker on the motorway down to Taunton... decided he wanted to pull out into the fast lane and we were in the way! When you hear metal crushing and it is on your side (I was the passenger of course.. don't think they trust me with a car do you!) it is pretty scary. My brother was driving and have to say ... he is a very good driver. I got that close to this guy when he hit us I was going to pass him a cotton bud for his ears!

I just don't know where the time goes.

Still not sure what to have to eat with my HB and HA... will have to go and look at the books.. wonder if it covers a large box of soft centre chocolates.. Ahh I doubt it!

Well boys (which are bunnies btw) are fed and watered and down for the night.

Oooo the televison is free... I have had strict instructions not to watch "Lie to Me" without him...

*Gets down on knees and prays to master.. Yeah that will be a first*

Night all...

*Wanders off chuntering that she had better lost weight this week...*

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Don't Flipping Believe It!!!!

Early morning.. woken by the early chorus line from the birdies...

WI..00.2lb 2 oz.... what have I done? Did I get up in the night and eat a few house bricks and not notice?

Synergies up to today ..15!

Feeling fed up so going to go back to bed!

*Note to self: Don't get up till a size 10!*

You see...... sleeping IS good for you... I am back to 00.01 lb... still not as light as yesterday but that is 1lb 2 oz lighter...

*Note to self... must sleep more!*

Going to go in the garden and read a magazine and maybe sleep.. oh can't out there.. I would look like a piece of bacon if I did.. all crispy.. Mmmm.. food!

GOS is out again later when he arises to do some electcial job today.

I have some cards to make for a 50th birthday and think I will make a pressie to for it.. but just not sure yet what!

As for now... garden here I come!


Been following this Alice and Kev blog.. sooo funny and the publisher of it has real talent.. want to see.. then here it is from the start...

Alice and Kev Blog

Hot out in that garden.. came in as GOS is up... Maybe I should do some ironing but not sure what to have for breakfast... had a pear so far and feeling peckish..

*Races off to kitchen to find some food.. after I have twittered of course!

Got this recipe as I saw someone on Twitter wanted it.. her link is also there.. has some great recipes worth following!

Slimming World Healthy Chicken Korma


Serves 4
Ready in about 50 minutes
Syns - Original 3


80z/227g onions
1 in/2 1/2 cm piece fresh root ginger
3 garlic cloves
1/4 pint/142 ml Stock made with chicken Bovril
4 chicken breasts
1 tbsp ground coriander
1 cinnamon stick
5 cardamom pods
salt and freshly ground black pepper
juice of 1 lemon
1oz /28g grated creamed coconut
5oz/142g very low fat natural yogurt
1/2oz /14g toasted flaked almonds
A small handful of fresh coriander
Lemon wedge to serve


1. Roughly chop the onions, ginger and garlic. Place in a food processor and blend for a few seconds to form a smooth paste. Transfer to a frying pan and add the stock. Bring to the boil and simmer gently for 5 minutes stirring often.

2. Cut the chicken into chunks. Add to the onion mixture and cook, Stirring often for a further 5 minutes or until the chicken is coloured all over. Stir in the spices, seasoning and lemon juice. Add the coconut and cook gently stirring occasionally for 10 minutes.

3. Gradually add the yogurt, a spoonful at a time, stirring continuously. Cook for a further minute until thick. Pour in 1/4 pt/142 ml water and simmer gently for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the chicken is tender and cooked through.

4. Discard the cinnamon stick and cardamom pods. Transfer to warmed serving plates. Sprinkle with the flaked almonds and coriander and serve with lemon wedges.

These are fab too if you have never tried them!!

Low fat french fries/chips


These french Fries (chips) are low in fat and taste fantastic and providing you cook them in this healthy way you can eat an unlimited amount!

Serves: 4
Syns per serving: Free on Green, 8 Syns on Original


2lb/908g medium sized Maris Piper potatoes
Fry Light spray
Crushed sea salt and malt vinegar [optional]


1. Preheat the oven to 240°C/475°F/Gas 9. Peel the potatoes using a potato peeler and remove any blemishes or 'eyes'. Slice lengthwise into approx ½in/1cm thick rectangular chips.

2. Bring a large saucepan of salted water to the boil. Add the chips and cook for 4 minutes. Drain and leave aside for 10 minutes to dry.

3. Return the chips to the dry saucepan, cover with a lid and shake to 'rough up' the edges of the chips - this roughness is important to the texture of the chips.

4. Spray a metal baking tray with Fry Light. Transfer the chips to the tray, spray lightly with Fry Light and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes, turning occasionally, until golden brown on all sides. Drain them on absorbent kitchen paper and serve with salt and vinegar.

OMG.. I just realised I could actually spend all day on this blog ... looking at others and seeing what is what...

*Note to self: Get a life!!*


1 Pear, WW Jelly 0% Yogurt...


Tesco Tomato and Onion Pasta added tin of kidney beans more herbs and spices and just loving it!!


Syns Today:

Got the ironing board out and GOS came in... was going settle to do a lot of ironing and watch the telly... but nope.. tennis!

I never get it..hitting a ball with a racket.. back and forth.. bit like football! Grown ups running around after a ball and get paid a fortune! But each to their own I guess.

Anyway my point is .. ironing is boring enough without listening to people go oooooouuuuurghhh... graaaaaahhhhh and having to lift his metal object with steam coming out for hours! Would be like watching paint dry.

So made a nice coffee and decided to come back here and bore you to death instead!

Did have a little cuss about the dead dishwasher.. think it fell on deaf ears. Might have to end up doing it myself!

New bank cards came today... most would jump for joy and go on a spending spree... me it was ahh ok! No spending spree for me... why? Cause I am a good girl and the shops over here are crap!

Have been listening to Radio Bristol on the internet... more doom and gloom!

Does anyone know.. What chart duo has a combined age of 132? Nah I don't know either!

Triedness is creeping in again... always around this time after taking those darn allergy relief tabs.

*Reminds herself... sleeping = no eating!*

Think it might be kasler from dinner with some boiled pots and salad.

Might have to go nap..

*Hangs head in shame.. sleeping in the late afternoon = old age!*

Box Tips:

Strength training includes any type of exercise where you work against resistance. This includes any movement using your own body weight, bands, tubes, resistance machines, or free weights. Incorporating a strength training routine into your weight loss program can help you lose weight. First, resistance training is a great calorie burning exercise. On average you will burn approximately 200-400 calories per session. Another benefit of strength training is that your metabolic rate will stay elevated for some time after the workout.

Fiber makes us feel full sooner and stays in our stomach longer than other substances we eat, slowing down our rate of digestion and keeping us feeling full longer. Due to its greater fiber content, a single serving of whole grain bread can be more filling than two servings of white bread. Fiber also moves fat through our digestive system faster so that less of it is absorbed.

Replace a coffee break with a brisk 10-minute walk. Ask a friend to go with you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gooooooooooooooooood Morning!!

Now... I am going to start the day with WI results... so you don't get bored of me say.. this morning.... blah de blah... So here goes!

Tuesday WI: 00.00lbs. 4 oz Wooo hooooo...

Yes, I know I shouldn't get excited but another 4 oz and then I will have reached my four stone! Well I already have but I wanted to go from a certain weight point on this eating regime, yes sounds confusing ... but that I am!

*Note to self: Maybe thinking thin really does work.. must do more testing!*

Hay fever is back... but little man on the plasma telly told us last night.. said the count would be high. I am thinking (Which I know is dangerous) but should I take a hay fever tab and spend most of the day feeling tired or just go with the runny nose itching eyes..wheezy chest etc... Doh going to have to take a tablet... I know I will be sleepy for two days again! Oh well can't put up with this...... here goes!!!!

Right, that done...can we go back to celebrating my loss so far? Doh... only me (and you if you are listening to me) that know. GOS doesn't really notice.. just says I am leaving him! I am just gaining myself back. Maybe he should watch out!

Asked again how my POINTS were going last night... I got a smirk... let's leave it at that... I said well he should be worried when I stop asking and he replied "Ah you won't" Well I might!!! (says shaking her head!!)

Gees been 3 mins since I took this tablet.. how long does it take to work!

Now what have I to do today...

Checked email.... nothing!

Still waiting for Bristol SW Manager to get back to me... should I be pushy and ask for her email or just wait? Maybe wait a bit longer... oh I hate waiting...

Oh yeah.. must do plants... when tabs kick in.

Ahh also exercise... go for the burn..

Have breakfast... not sure what to have yet?

Clean my desk!

Go twitter.. ahh now I like that.....


*Note to self: Wonder if local honey really does help with hay fever?*


Ohhhhhhh so tired.. did 30 mins March DVD and 30 mins Cross Training. What is the matter with me? Why am I doing this to myself. I must be some nutter to keep torturing myself...I dream of being slim and laying on a lounger eating cream cakes...

Nah.. don't like them very much so .. what else...Pizza.. nah... mint chocolate chip ice-cream.. now I am talking... Leave me alone a moment while I dream... go on shoo!!

*Spends 1 minute dreaming of eating ice-cream.. the chocolate melting as it runs down the cone...Mmmmm*

Right enough of that! back to reality!

Darn the death of my beloved yesterday.. so inconsiderate... I have been stood at that blasted sink for ages! Guess I should now wash as I go...either that or get a slave... now that could send me off on one of my tangents.. but no.. I will remain firm.


2 pears... (I was in the garden working!!)


Half of my quiche I made yesterday.. was going to save some for GOS.. but well I was hungry and I know he won't like it.. so I enjoyed it all!! so really that is a half HA

*Note to self.. must season quiche more next time and thinner base*

Right now that the torture is over with and I have eaten, I had best crack on with the darn dishes in the the dead dishwasher and dry the one others up.. then shower and make GOS a quick sandwich and take it to him.. he is fitting a sink and bet he is starving bless him.

We do have this unspoken love for one another.. well there are times we say.. Love you.. I would say it more if it got me points!!

Anyway.. can't sit here all day.. things to do.


*Note to self... remind yourself why you are exercising is for the good of your health and self image, plus makes you more pleasing on others poor eyes!*

Kitchen all done!! Phew at last.. yes I still want a little slave.. maybe one that will follow me around and attend to my every task I set... now wouldn't that be fun.. of course after the washing.. ironing... cooking etc is done!

Sat here now with a lovely cup of coffee and really enjoying it! Curry is on.. have done a chicken curry along with a potato and tom with onion curry as a side dish.

I am still at a quandary as to how people find other people on these blogs .. I am sure I will figure it out!

*Mental note to self....Still wondering.. just out of interest to weigh all my food and total it up and see if we do actually eat the same weight amount of food a day*

It is still lovely outside and did think of going for a dip.. but by the time I did that lazy broken down dishwashers job.. I don't feel so much like it..... OOOo Michael Boublay is on the radio...such a fantastic voice! (Is that how you spell his name.. I dunno)

Anyway.. have to go and finish the dinner before GOS has a hissy fit and moans he is hungry!

*Wanders off to the kitchen thinking.. geesh I feel tired.. and did I do all on my list today?*


Just awoken from my slumber... oh have to feed the boys.. will be right back!


Woke in a right crabby mood...I am the first to admit it! Had to do washing up... again grrr... darn plates and pans... GOS said he was going to do them.. yeah like hell will freeze over first! My poor hands..

*Note to self: Must find gloves!*

Daughter has booked her ferry over to us for her birthday... and got the timings all wrong!! Don't go there... I am going to stay out of it.. before I get my head bitten off!

Well.. boys are fed and watered...I am all agitated and want chocolate!!

So might console myself with a hot chocolate drink and go watch some telly... Oooo Ghost Whisper...he died.. the hubby.. have to see what happens next!

Things to do tomorrow:

Dig up old radishes..

Weed garden.

Water in new plants with food.

Ironing... oh in this day and age all material should be iron free!

Wash up!!! Cuss GOS for not looking at dead dishwasher

Work out.


Chicken Curry with white rice and potato/tom/onion/curry

I have made some WW jellies so might have some of those.. 4 in all ... wonder if they have set.. will have with some 0% fromage frais... oh such joys I have!

Going to check...

Oh total syns for today...

Will fill in tomorrow.. drat no chocolate in!!

The Box Tip:

People who eat healthy, mostly unprocessed foods, including fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and limited amounts of lean animal protein, often find that they can eat as much as they want without gaining weight. If they are switching from a diet containing lots of processed foods, they find that they can eat more yet consume fewer calories -- and they lose weight.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Weigh In Day!

You are going to ask me arn't you?... Yes, it is weigh in day today...

The prize cow dashed down the stairs and threw off the shorts n top pjs and gracefully placed herself on the scales... I don't know why I did it like that.. maybe thought if I crept up on them ... they would be kind to me! Crap ..crap and more crap.... nope not at all! 00.1.lb 8 oz... so I lost only half a pound!

Half a pound I tell you, I want to rant and rave... but I guess you might hear this all the time! So going to think positive on this one...

0.5lb loss over 52 weeks = 26lb and so that would be just under 2 stone a year! *Runs for chair and reaches for a light flex to hang on* Doh that doesn't seem much.. but it is .. it is I tell you!

Well...I will carry on being good... and you never know if this works for the slimming side I may get some points to add to my point system with the GOS!! But I am not going to hold my breath!

Today.. the sun is out.. and I am sat here typing away... doing my twitter and replying to random people that I do know now ... but it is fun!

Filled in some posts on the slimming site.. enjoy that! Oh and I need to clean my desk! Geesh it is a mess... but still feeling so tired. In fact I need to clean my whole office.. it is a little upside down again and gets me a little aggitated!

Just had my lush breakfast... not...


2 x weetabix with 0% natural yog and a pear! = 1 x HB

Not sure how the rest of the day is going to pan out.. to be honest I feel like going back to bed.. or laying in the garden, but I will fall asleep and get burnt!

Planted out some Lemon Balm that my friend from the uk brought over for me.... herb garden is really coming along... looks pretty to! GOS is working on the veg plot.... OMG we are getting old!!

*Me.. thinks if I am asleep I am still burning calories and not eating!! Now that is a plan! Night all....*


Yah.. I am back...

Had a little cat nap.. well us women may need it at our age... I have woken up more refreshed.. only to find that my GOS has gone out!! I have been having jovial banter with him that he is sneaking out at night to liase with another woman! Maybe she has more points that me!!

Rushed around and gathered some washing.. threw that in the laundry room, unloaded and reloaded (with dirty dishes of course) and just made myself my lunch!

"Self thought... Am I feeling slimmer yet?"


Chicken and mushroom pasta with garlic and corriander.. rather nice.. but tipped too much garlic in..

Had a quick twitter.. been out to feed the boys (rabbits, they are such darlings!).

Guess when I have eaten this I should go down to find GOS... I know where he will be.. fitting a cistern and sink basin for some friends of ours down the road. Will be good to watch him work... I could work up my POINTS! by passing him things or annoying him by getting the wrong things...not sure which yet.. will see when I get there!

Nipping back to twitter a bit more while digesting my lunch.. which was no synergies by the way.. wooo hooo!!!

*Wanders off thinking... "Do photographs capture the soul"


I was a good girl.. I went and held some copper piping and asked if there was something I could do a few times... then came home. I did lounge around in the car for a bit while I was there... bored out of my skull... but I showed willing. So do that get me any more points? Yep! 1/2 pfft!

Washing is in..and decided I am going to have a go at making this quiche base with brown rice. Not sure what it is going to turn out like, but what have I got to lose besides lots of weight!

When I got back home I was full of lots of inspiration to get outside and do some gardening... but not so sure now.. keep having waves of tiredness come over me. No ... no I will be good.. I will go into the kitchen now and trash it and call what ever creation comes out of there dinner!

Wish me luck.. or maybe GOS as he has to eat it as well tonight lol....

BBL... "thinking is there anything good on the box tonight as might tackle the ironing before it takes over the house!"


Don't even bother asking me if I am in a good mood... cause I am not! My dearest kitchen friend looks like he has died! How can he leave me like this.. we have been together for many years and I just don't know what I am going to do without him.

Well, I do I will have to do the darn washing up myself... either that or get GOS to do it.. nah that isn't going to work.. maybe he will take a look at it for me. But he has been a busy bee today.. GOS that is.. not the lazy dishwasher! So GOS is on the couch watching one of his discovery programmes.

My darling brother called today to moan at me.. that didn't go down well... and the least said about that the better.. so no don't mention it again ok!

Looks like the lawn needs mowing again.. sometimes I do dream of slabbing it.. but would then look like I live in a concrete jungle and do love it so when I have it done!


113gms Chicken cooked in foil with some lemon and garlic.. joined with some new potatoes and a green tossed salad (oo I sound posh don't I) I also made to go with it as was going to put my chicken in it but couldnt' wait... a vegetable quiche with a rice base.... but I got the first bit out and it fell apart so have left it in the oven to harden off.

Other ha = 28gms cheese

Syns so far...

Highlights chocolate 2 syns
Golden bakes 5 syns

= 7 syns

GOS is on the move...

Pulled up some lettuce from the veg patch for our tossed salad... and a white radish.. but I think it was too far gone.. took a good hard yank to get it out.. don't think it wanted to be served on our plate. As it was.. it wasn't very nice so didn't 'make it that far!

Think I will go and plant some flowers.. have been waiting for GOS to help me move some compost.. but I will just put these little pinks in now... they are wilting and seems a shame not to get some flowers from them. Oh bugger it I will do it in the morning.

Going to make a card... bbl....

"Still wonder if anyone is reading this?"


Think it is time for bed... was going to put on a sexy nighty and see if I could earn some points... oh that reminds me I haven't had another go at that belly dancing lark again... wore me out if honest! Have you tried it? Well it is really hard I tell you it is!!

Tomorrow I will do half hour on the cross trainer then do half hour march out video and see how well I do at that. Maybe if I think I am marching to the shop to replace the lazy flipping dishwasher I might even break out into a sprint!!

Must remind myself to plant flowers out too.

Fancy munching on something now.. ooh yes cheese.. and it yet it is late so really I should venture off to bed in some ugly pjs and lay there with no duvet on, or was that suppose to be sexy nighty.. ahh well.. forget it!

Nighty night

"Note to self: Must get sexy nighty out and dust it off!"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day ~ Broconte Day

No ... no .. no.. still not there.. I told you the scales were against me didn't I! Weigh in like the prize cow at a stunning 00.2lb!!

You should have seen my face as I read the scales (Only my face as the rest would have scarred you for life!) Shear disappointment... I try and try... people keep saying have a binge out that will work! Mmmm had a binge out for several years and that is what got me into this in the first place..doh even I know that!!

Don't have to time to fuss over it this morning.. I can't decide.. skirt or trousers.. both black .. but which I ask you? Choices.. choices.. the black skirt waist is a little big so keeps slipping backwards.. but comfy.. and the trousers, the waist is ok but big on the hips and bum (Runs around office screaming.."Wanted to say that for ages" No not that my bum and hips are big tut we know that.. but that the trousers are!!)

It has been raining in the night but I am sure it is going to reach great heights today in temperature and me with my hot flushes will be hot... Ahh but I am hot anyway as in stuff... silly!!

Wooo... tried to work on the point system last night... Nah.. nothing..

Anyway, I can't sit here all morning I have to get organised.. so what is it going to be.. Oh and the shoes.. I have some high wedges which I love... but I once kissed the pavement when wearing them in Bexleyheath.. so they do make me nervous or my black crocs which make me feel like gran! (No, I am not one of them yet!! I am far to stunning to be a gran. I know that gravity is getting to me .. and you if you check!! pfft)

Drat see I told you I can't sit here all morning.. have a face to put on as well... Mmm shall I go show girl with glitter... mature lady with style or smouldering with smokey eyes and leave something to the imagination... ahh ok.. mature with style it is!


*Moves away thinking darn hayfever.. how can I stay looking stunning if my nose keeps running and I am sneezing all the time!*


Flipping hayfever.. these tablets make me want to sleep and I am sat here actually fighing off falling asleep!

Broconte went well.. not a millionaire yet.. but it was better than I thought it would be. Mind you I did manage to get a large wooden plant stand, which I will shabby up and put in my bedroom... some lovely garden oranments to put in my sister's memorial garden and two lovely earthen ware dishes... looking forward to putting pasta or salad in them! Oh poop have some jacket spuds in the oven and some brown rice on the stove for the quiche base tomorrow. Must go and check...BBL.

*Thinks will I make it to the kitchen before falling asleep!*


Made it to bed to have a nap and woke up coughing... then went downstairs for about half hour and then was fighting to keep my eyes open again so have toodled off to bed again! So not going to get much out of me tonight... feeling tired.

Think I might sleep thinking of Sex in the City...and how they don't have a point system...!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Day In Paradise!

Yep.. today started with me thumping downstairs and ripping my clothes off again to weigh myself... (with blinds closed again of course!) I am sure when I turned round I saw the scales cowering away... might have been cause it was a little dark or am I really losing the plot?

Well..do you want to know what it said....yeah of course you do ....00.1lb.2oz.. but how can I tell the scales are not giving the wrong reading just to get me off them? I have been rather manic this week... getting on them everyday.. and here is how it has gone..

Monday...2 lb this is weigh in day.. and last Monday I was 2lb 6 oz.. so lost 6 ounces!! bah

Tuesday...1 lb. 2oz (Mmm am there again)

Wednesday...1 lb 2 oz (No loss here)

Thursday... 1lb 6 oz (Grrrr)

Friday... 2lb 6 oz (The scales are against me.. they hate me I tell you.. hate me!)

Saturday... well this you know... yes 1lb 2 oz...

I have been working so very hard.. except yesterday cause feeling so poorly.. hours on the cross trainer.. mowing that lawn.. (That just keeps growing and growing.. hey takes me about 2 hours to mow it.. so it is a big one!!) Stop that.. why are you shaking your head in disbelief.. the garden is not the size of a postage stamp.. well it is if you are flying in an aeroplane!!

So for those that are not up to date on weights...

14 lb in a stone
16 ounces in a lb

So that equates to a loss of 14 ounces! Ahh alright.. it could all change tomorrow and I could be that dream size 10.. why size 10 I hear you ask.. yes this is so I can eat and not mind if I put on a little weight.

What would I do if I was a size 10? Write to Cadbury's Chocolate Factory and ask them if I could swim in a vat of chocolate ....ok reality...I would probably look in the mirror and still find fault with myself.

So the moral of this tale is... It doesn't matter what size you are.. you should make the most of who you are as you only get one chance in life...

Does that mean I can go eat a large bar of chocolate and not feel guilty... Nah!!

Now... what is going in my life?

Hayfever... maybe it isn't just the scales that is against me.. mother nature too! But have been wondering because every time I take an anti histamine tablet.. I always ache later on in the day like I have a cold... so what is it to be.. running nose.. stinging eyes.. blah de blah or aching muscles... Also looking out of my office window.. and it looks like it is snowing.. there is fluff floating around.. it is like cotton wool.. seem to get it every time this year!

I can hear everyone in the village busy putting up the marque for the village fete tomorrow. My GOS was asked to go and help... but he is still in his own land at the moment... did I tell you he hasn't been sleeping well.. well not at night anyway.. manages it throughout the morning!

Oooo a new craft CD ... yes the saddo who watches create and craft on my pc. It is company anyway, not that I chat to it, ok the odd comment.. like for goodness sake woman will you shut up! You will have no idea what I am talking about unless you have seen it!

Spoke to my lovely daughter last night. Felt rather abandoned when she left home... as she couldn't just leave home she had to move to another country! Oh.. she is a good girl.. I say girl.. she is 20 this year... July! So young lady... where do the years go... I am so very proud of her though. I only have to look at her and think yes I did a wondeful job because she has manners and a heart of gold and so much more besides.

She is coming to visit for her birthday next month and I am so excited. Yep so excited I could be sick! I secretly think GOS is looking forward to her coming home to... he is on about heating the pool for her! I have to go in when it is cold.. brrr.

Oh look at me rambling again... I should have called this the Dieters Rambler... I have some cards to make and send out... so will be back later, that you can be sure of!!

*Closes thinking how nimble she will be when she is slimmer*


Wow.. where has the time gone.. have to go get ready to go out now.. done the card ... so shopssssssss here I come!!!


Back but have colour on my head and rushing around as going out this evening... Been sooooooooooo long since I went out what does one wear!! Think I will go in casual.. jeans and jacket... is that the norm nowadays????

Well you will hear all about it when I get back.

*Terrible thought.. what if all my hair comes away when I shower this colour off!!*


Great news... if you care... the hair is all there... and damn I look good! I threw some clothes on.. yep went for jeans.. flowing black top and pinstripe jacket. Had a quick fight in my mind.. "Does this look okay?" "Does my bum look big in these jeans"? (Always!!) "Do I feel comfortable in this?" Then thought bugger it! Need to put face on and dash out ...

All in car heading off to a couples house we had only met the once and going to their house seems odd.. but hey have to go with the flow. You would think at my time of life I would be used to being in peoples houses.. but always find it a little un-nerving! Reminds me when I always used to visit my good friends house after school, no matter what I did... I always managed to break something or spill something on the carpet or settee!

Nice house... lovely garden.. sat there feeling a frump with my water. Oh your going to ask why water now aren't you.. tut! Ok I avoid caffeine as it sends me loopy and wine upsets my tum so what is left.. and this re-establishing my eating habits.. can't go over have to lose weight this week (Feel some ocd coming in here!) So I opted for water. Did try to see if one of the bars had diet tonic water.. nope! But in the end I managed to get a decaf coffee that was in a cup that was about the size of an egg cup!

We all sat in the square listening to a band after leaving the couples house... was ok.. but darn it got cold.. Thank god I wore my padded bra!! (Not that I need padding, but they do coming in handy I tell you!)

Dropped our friends off on the way back.. I wanted to hit the eject button but GOS didn't respond so they got out like the normal people do!

I am now cooking some SW pot chips as I am hungry.. they all had fried chips from the van in the square... I sat there like a health freak eating a banana!

Anyway... night over and done with and have to get stressed out for tomorrow now... Geesh your nosy.. right I will tell you .. tomorrow is the village broconte (that is fete incase you don't know).

I am going to sell or hope to sell some of my greeting cards... I have so many and I think it is time I got rid. I love making them and do keep just making them.. so time for a room cleanse!

Met a lady in the square tonight who gave me her card.. only turns out that she makes cards too! I smiled and couldn't resist saying I made them and she then started to reel off the type of cards she makes... like I didn't know occasions and it was all new to me... but me being me did my usual Caledonian Air Hostess smile and nodded and looked suprise head. I have been practising and using that for years.. you know the smile with no teeth.. slight head tilt when the change of tone is heard in the voice.. raise of eyebrow and looking interested... you know the one I mean.. I am sure you have done it yourself.

Next time you're on the phone... stand in front of a mirror and see how you do facial expressions to someone that can not even see your face! Bet you do that don't you?

My GOS was lovely to me tonight... I thought my luck might have been in.. but now I am on a point system for being good (News to me?!) .. I have three points and I have no idea how many I have to get before I really start to smile!!

Dreaded thought.. I had better have lost weight on Monday...if not then I don't know what I am going to do. Mmm maybe I should make one of those counter things that the hostesses used to have in cinemas to sell ice-creams etc and put my laptop on it and take it out walking .. that will lose a few pounds or a back ache!

Father's Day tomorrow... I miss my Dad.. and my daughter... not spoken to her on the net today! She is visiting my god-mother.

Well ... going to check my dinner then think I will watch some telly... (Please no discovery!)

"Wanders off thinking ~ I wonder how long my hallway is and how many times up and down would a mile be.. could use it as an indoor running track"