Friday, June 19, 2009

Is today the day!

Got up early today... darn birds happily tweeting away! I know can't eat all of them with fries.. but would love to try!! No no... I love them really they do make me smile or is that grin.. nah I like them really.
So as I ran downstairs.. yes took the scales down to the other bathroom.. the thought crossed my mind.. "Have I reached my 4 stone loss yet"

Skidding into the bathroom I checked to make sure both blinds were down...didn't want to scare any neighbours.. (they can't see in anyway, but just in case someone had a telescopic lens on the eyeballs.. down they went...) threw off my pjs, unhinged myself from my crocs and tapped the scales.

Oh yeah.. all the mod cons.. electric scales for ME.. just thank god they don't speak! Or in my case scream!

Disappointment I am afraid..back to..00.2.6 oz!!! Damn it damn it damn it.. *I wonder if air in the body makes us lighter or heavier... probably neither* Might be one question I could put to mythbusters... no it isn't that is it.. it is something science... anyway...

Went to sulk on my pc for while.

Had to whiz into town, a neighbour took me.. needed to post some greetings cards... well Father's Day ones... 3 of them actually ... and some that were ordered...

Came back to find other half was up!!! Yes.. well he has been going to bed later.. so I guess I should not moan he is in bed half of the next day!

Got two chops out for dinner...

Did I have breakfast.. ahh yeah... darn fromage frais... only turned out to the 20% fat one... I felt like a child who could have thrown herself on the floor screaming...

I got over it and thought oh well can't get back to the shops so had that with the rest of my all bran and some pineapple. Rather tasty to be honest.. but I am sure I could feel my hips expanding as I ate it... Nah maybe I am just being parinoid.

Sat at pc for a while watching a film... Autumn... a supposed horror... don't ask.. ok I will tell you.. I waited and waited for something exciting to happen.. yes on the edge of me seat.. almost biting my nails and the end credits came up.. ahh well ...just glad I didn't go the flicks.. pictures what ever they call it nowadays to see it!

Been feeling a little flu like last couple of days so I am now laying in bed doing this.. naughty I know.. but how luxurious it is.. I just need some strong strapping men with fans and maybe one to massage my feet and feed me grapes!! I don't want much do I.. and I am not going to get much either!!

Ooo.. I had lunch.. 2 danish malted brown pieces of bread with vlfc and herbs and tomato with a yogurt ....geesh I lead an exciting life.

Anyway... my dream today would be to at least get to lose those darn couple of pounds as my weigh in day is on Monday... no cross trainer for me today...I am sick damn it.. what do you want blood!!!

I had to get up to go the loo only a few minutes ago and want to go again.. I tell you my body is at war with me... it is ... really it is.. okay I am feeling lazy!

Update later.... want to go play with those widgets or gadgetmsahthinybob ..... watch me mess this whole thing up now!

*Think thin.. think thin*


Back and have been messing with this for hours now.. and doesn't look any better... Maybe someone will be by soon and let me know what they think...

Oh what!! A woman of my age wants to know if it looks ok.. daft sod. That is like trying to squeeze into a size 10 dress and thinking it fits.. pfft it doesn't matter.

Anyway.. I did wonder if those chops were defrosted yet... as will have to go cook something... I think it will be chops (Are you surprised!!) with some roasted vegetable.

You never know I might get to see some telly after dinner...I do get to watch telly if I want to watch Discovery all the time. Don't get me wrong it can be great... but I know I am going to die.. so why depress myself and stress myself out thinking the sun is going to kill us all.

Ok .. ramble over with.

*Wanders off wondering if I am turning into one of those Grumpy Old Women?*


Oooo... dinner was lovely... you know I am a good cook... well nothing like blowing my own trumpet is there!! Roasted vegetables.. carrot, parsnip, red pepper, courgette and crispy roasted spuds with a nice pork chop... followed by pineapple and FF!! Are you impressed?

Yeah so was I till I spoilt it with some crunchy fries, but not going to moan about it as I have been so good all week! And I am poorly.. what you forgotten already!! Pfft!

Back in bed and thinking thank goodness for laptops! Don't think I could have sat in my office any longer... ooo don't I sound posh.. an office in my house.. well it is true I tell.. it is!!

Ahh . ... will I reach my goal this is either the 2lb.6 oz loss or waking up and diving into a new slimline size 10 pair of jeans... haha that even made me chuckle. What your not laughing? You would if you could see me!

Drat.. most of my favourite programmes are coming to a close.. what am I going to do with myself?? I mean.. the end of Brothers and Sisters.. Ghost Whisper is about to come to an end...Waterloo Road has already finished. I feel that my telly is picking on me for not watching more Discovery!

Anyway.. guess I should stop nattering...and maybe rest my poor bones.. I was trying to be funny earlier by telling my father that I had flu like symptoms.. but the daft thing was I kept having this urge to fly like a bird!! He didn't get it.. my humour is wasted.. wasted I tell you.

Ok that is it.. I am gone...

*Prays to the scale gods for weight loss*

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