Sunday, June 28, 2009

How Very Odd

I sat in bed this morning and wrote an entry and I am sure I posted it prior to shutting lappy down and it isn't on here... how very odd.

It only went on about the party yesterday.. how GOS is not well from one or two many beers... Bless his isn't a drinker and one of the things I like about him! *Mmm that sounds like there isn't many doesn't it, but there are*

I wasn't going to do a sneak weigh in today... but I did and you will never believe it... I am still in shock... are you ready...

00.03lb Where the fricking hell has that come from! Serves me right for doing it doesn't it!

I know I have now consumed 84 syns out of my 105 this week and I do only have one more day.. but for goodness sake.

Unless some miracle is bestowed up me from now till tomorrow.. I am back to square one! Serves me right for having my celebratory hair cut doesn't it.. hey I should be even lighter seeing as I cut some off!! See I tell you the world is against .. it is .. believe me!

I will tell you again not that you read it the first time... Party.. not my thing...did try to mingle but felt out of place... might have been cause I didn't really want to be there. *Miserable bitch!* I went because GOS wanted to go and if it made him happy then I am happy. *No honest..why don't you believe me?*

Oddly enough when we are out he seems more loving and attentive... *Might take slinky black nighty with me next time.. what do you think?*

Oh but on a positive note... I did score an extra 10 points for knowing a song they played.. it was The Doors. I am sure in his drunken stupor he said I needed 23.5 points! So that makes it 13.5.. then I got the next song right *Well it was an album*.. I thought ooo I am on to a winner here! But he stopped asking. *Maybe not as tiddly as I thought he was ..drat*

So I think I am up to as he said last one was 1.5 points...15 points. *Wonders if I can cash them in for money instead? I have seen some nice trousers on the net*

No this is my quest... I shall not falter! *Stands tall and proud*

Today I have a choice do I cook a chilli and really enjoy it with very little washing up *Grrrrrr* Or do I do him a roast beef dinner and myself something different with lots of washing up? *More Grrrrrr's*

I would actually like to change into my tankini and sit in the garden *Check me out tankini!! Did I tell you it has braces to stop the top riding up and flipping over my head cause it is too tight* But with the imminent threat of people coming round.. I don't think that is going to happen do you? Well come on.. I am daft but not that daft.. they would laugh at my braces!

Oh yeah.. last night at the party.. as I went ... then left to go home and cook my dinner and reluctantly went back...they were talking about my weight loss... Great I thought...*Nice they noticed I guess* but it was like they were talking about the prize cow! The hand gestures and the Mmmm sounds and nodding of heads then looking at me... I felt I should have done some cheer leading routine for them ending in the splits! One said in french of course not that I understood but was translated to me... She looks so much smaller!! I smiled and said "Yeah.. Cause I am such a fat bitch" and bless he smiled back not having a clue what I just said! Ahh the joys of being Me!

Reminds me of when I was younger *Not that long ago come on!!* I was out with my sister and I went to the toilet (As you do) and when I came back, she was chatting with some guys.. I thought oh great here we go... I didn't even open my mouth and this one guy looks at me and says... "Hi.. you look a good laugh" then thrusts his hand towards me for me to shake! The only thing I wanted to shake was my hands around his throat. How the heck did he derive from me just walking over that I am a good laugh.. good laugh... good laugh I say! What is a good laugh! He may as well have said... "Oh.. your fat.. nothing like your sister"

Rather miffed I made my excuses of being hot and went to stand outside for a bit... Thinking... ahh, this is a relief and what a prat.... I was only then approached by a guy walking past who stopped and ask me how much I charge! *Not one of my better nights out*

Actually a relief to be married... I would hate all that hassle now of meeting someone new.. I know people always go on about the chase and how exciting it is.. but you don't just get the chase now do you.. you get HIV.. Aids.. Chlamydia and other nasty things. Me if I was ever to get into the dating game again.. which I have no intention of ever doing! I would have to ask for a full sexual CV.. daft as it may sound.. but nowadays your not just getting intimate with that one person.. you could say you are with all their past conquests to! Ahh a joy to be out of that rat race!

Before I forget.. Dinner last night: 2 eggs, potato wedges and 85gms of Ham.. 1/2 gala melon. 1 x HA

HA and HB cheese.

Downloaded this facial exercise video... may give that a go.. wonder if you can just get your face to break out into a sweat with exercising it! I will let you know.

*Walks off looking for work-out gear for the face???*


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  1. Oh I tell you what that did crack me up about the cossie!!! x


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