Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gooooooooooooooooood Morning!!

Now... I am going to start the day with WI results... so you don't get bored of me say.. this morning.... blah de blah... So here goes!

Tuesday WI: 00.00lbs. 4 oz Wooo hooooo...

Yes, I know I shouldn't get excited but another 4 oz and then I will have reached my four stone! Well I already have but I wanted to go from a certain weight point on this eating regime, yes sounds confusing ... but that I am!

*Note to self: Maybe thinking thin really does work.. must do more testing!*

Hay fever is back... but little man on the plasma telly told us last night.. said the count would be high. I am thinking (Which I know is dangerous) but should I take a hay fever tab and spend most of the day feeling tired or just go with the runny nose itching eyes..wheezy chest etc... Doh going to have to take a tablet... I know I will be sleepy for two days again! Oh well can't put up with this...... here goes!!!!

Right, that done...can we go back to celebrating my loss so far? Doh... only me (and you if you are listening to me) that know. GOS doesn't really notice.. just says I am leaving him! I am just gaining myself back. Maybe he should watch out!

Asked again how my POINTS were going last night... I got a smirk... let's leave it at that... I said well he should be worried when I stop asking and he replied "Ah you won't" Well I might!!! (says shaking her head!!)

Gees been 3 mins since I took this tablet.. how long does it take to work!

Now what have I to do today...

Checked email.... nothing!

Still waiting for Bristol SW Manager to get back to me... should I be pushy and ask for her email or just wait? Maybe wait a bit longer... oh I hate waiting...

Oh yeah.. must do plants... when tabs kick in.

Ahh also exercise... go for the burn..

Have breakfast... not sure what to have yet?

Clean my desk!

Go twitter.. ahh now I like that.....


*Note to self: Wonder if local honey really does help with hay fever?*


Ohhhhhhh so tired.. did 30 mins March DVD and 30 mins Cross Training. What is the matter with me? Why am I doing this to myself. I must be some nutter to keep torturing myself...I dream of being slim and laying on a lounger eating cream cakes...

Nah.. don't like them very much so .. what else...Pizza.. nah... mint chocolate chip ice-cream.. now I am talking... Leave me alone a moment while I dream... go on shoo!!

*Spends 1 minute dreaming of eating ice-cream.. the chocolate melting as it runs down the cone...Mmmmm*

Right enough of that! back to reality!

Darn the death of my beloved yesterday.. so inconsiderate... I have been stood at that blasted sink for ages! Guess I should now wash as I go...either that or get a slave... now that could send me off on one of my tangents.. but no.. I will remain firm.


2 pears... (I was in the garden working!!)


Half of my quiche I made yesterday.. was going to save some for GOS.. but well I was hungry and I know he won't like it.. so I enjoyed it all!! so really that is a half HA

*Note to self.. must season quiche more next time and thinner base*

Right now that the torture is over with and I have eaten, I had best crack on with the darn dishes in the the dead dishwasher and dry the one others up.. then shower and make GOS a quick sandwich and take it to him.. he is fitting a sink and bet he is starving bless him.

We do have this unspoken love for one another.. well there are times we say.. Love you.. I would say it more if it got me points!!

Anyway.. can't sit here all day.. things to do.


*Note to self... remind yourself why you are exercising is for the good of your health and self image, plus makes you more pleasing on others poor eyes!*

Kitchen all done!! Phew at last.. yes I still want a little slave.. maybe one that will follow me around and attend to my every task I set... now wouldn't that be fun.. of course after the washing.. ironing... cooking etc is done!

Sat here now with a lovely cup of coffee and really enjoying it! Curry is on.. have done a chicken curry along with a potato and tom with onion curry as a side dish.

I am still at a quandary as to how people find other people on these blogs .. I am sure I will figure it out!

*Mental note to self....Still wondering.. just out of interest to weigh all my food and total it up and see if we do actually eat the same weight amount of food a day*

It is still lovely outside and did think of going for a dip.. but by the time I did that lazy broken down dishwashers job.. I don't feel so much like it..... OOOo Michael Boublay is on the radio...such a fantastic voice! (Is that how you spell his name.. I dunno)

Anyway.. have to go and finish the dinner before GOS has a hissy fit and moans he is hungry!

*Wanders off to the kitchen thinking.. geesh I feel tired.. and did I do all on my list today?*


Just awoken from my slumber... oh have to feed the boys.. will be right back!


Woke in a right crabby mood...I am the first to admit it! Had to do washing up... again grrr... darn plates and pans... GOS said he was going to do them.. yeah like hell will freeze over first! My poor hands..

*Note to self: Must find gloves!*

Daughter has booked her ferry over to us for her birthday... and got the timings all wrong!! Don't go there... I am going to stay out of it.. before I get my head bitten off!

Well.. boys are fed and watered...I am all agitated and want chocolate!!

So might console myself with a hot chocolate drink and go watch some telly... Oooo Ghost Whisper...he died.. the hubby.. have to see what happens next!

Things to do tomorrow:

Dig up old radishes..

Weed garden.

Water in new plants with food.

Ironing... oh in this day and age all material should be iron free!

Wash up!!! Cuss GOS for not looking at dead dishwasher

Work out.


Chicken Curry with white rice and potato/tom/onion/curry

I have made some WW jellies so might have some of those.. 4 in all ... wonder if they have set.. will have with some 0% fromage frais... oh such joys I have!

Going to check...

Oh total syns for today...

Will fill in tomorrow.. drat no chocolate in!!

The Box Tip:

People who eat healthy, mostly unprocessed foods, including fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and limited amounts of lean animal protein, often find that they can eat as much as they want without gaining weight. If they are switching from a diet containing lots of processed foods, they find that they can eat more yet consume fewer calories -- and they lose weight.


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