Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't Ask!!

Sneak WI... 00.02 lb 4 oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Syns yesterday ... 1 branston pickle.
Total Syns Used Since Monday.. 16
Weekly Allowance .....105

So flipping cross that I am putting weight on not taking it off... what the heck am I doing wrong.

Can't faff with it now have to write shopping list and get ready to go out and get more food to stuff into myself to lose weight... oh no.. not me.. put weight on!!

Bottom to it all I say... Nah will come back and work out then do the ironing..

Not doing very well with this shopping list... can't think what I want to cook this week.. normally so organised when it comes to that... but the sneak wi has really thrown me this morning.

*Note to self... told you... you need to sleep more!*

Darn nose is running.. is it going to be one of those days... was looking through the window in my office and I need to clean them.. but there is only 46 small windows in my office to do .... that doesn't include the rest of the house!! "Looks like a job for Superman"... where is he when you need him.. pfft!

Right got to plan some meals.

I did wake GOS.. but guess he has gone back to sleep... do I take the risk of waking him again and get my head bitten off or leave him and then he has to go do the gates.. which means no time for shopping unless we go this evening which leaves me with no fruit or anything to munch on being good... *Gasps for breath*

Oh had email from lovely daughter.. she got the ferry times all wrong and now P and O are going to charge another £25.00 to change it... B*******s... her first time in booking anything.. I offered to pay the difference.. poor girl working hard.. we all make mistakes.

Looking forward to seeing her though... and the rest of them, be it only a short visit :))

Oh yes.. I was suppose to be planning meals wasn't I!


*Wanders off cursing the dead dishwasher.. hands are suffering even with gloves!*

GOS is up!!... But we are going to go out later after he has done the gates. Geesh.. oh well.. I wasn't really totally ready.. I was looking beautiful.. just not stunning .. so I have time to work on that now! Mmm will a few hours do it?

Just added a Simplify Your Day gadget.. and you can click on horoscope! Or is that Horrorscope!! Anyway.. mine for yesterday was...

June 24, 2009
The Moon's entry into your 6th House of Habits reminds you to consider the relationship between health and diet. Even if you already eat consciously, today is a great day to make minor changes in your menu. It's always a good idea to improve your exercise program, too. Any decisive action taken now should have positive long lasting ramifications.

What!!... like I am not obsessing enough! GOS already says I have OCD traits.. will go more into those another time!...

Tell me what do I think about all day.. dieting.. dieting .. dieting.. and maybe I fit time in for dieting!

What does today hold.. let me see...

June 25, 2009
You know what you need to do today, but might feel as if you are being blocked at every turn. Although you start off with the best of intentions, it becomes more difficult throughout the day to hide your annoyance. Instead of trying to change anything in your environment, try to understand what you need to learn from the obstacles in your path.

Annoyance.. yes that darn lay about dishwasher needs a right kicking! Ok.. calm.. no I need to kick it really hard!! What else is annoying me.. oh yeah .. food... all food should be zero calories... just for me!

Ok what does tomorrow hold?....

June 26, 2009
Disagreements with a close family member can be a real drain today, especially if your partner thinks you are making a big to-do out of nothing. But your feelings may be hurt when someone chooses not to acknowledge you for who you truly are. Pressures and strains on even the healthiest of relationships now require your commitment to meet the other person halfway.

Oh that's right.. no one ever appreciates me.. (Now I have an excuse to moan!) Not even the lazy good for nothing dishwasher... all those large pans I saved and did myself and didn't give him to do.. that is gratitude for you isn't it!

I am wasted I tell you.. wasted... One day someone will notice how talented I am.. at what yet I am not sure.. but.. but they will!!

GOS has just gone out... *Rips clothes off and runs round the house adorned in sexy pink nighty and practices sultry poses as may need them one day*

Right enough frolicking..


WW Orange and Peach Jelly with Apple eww!

HA - Milk

Gee.. still not done the darn shopping list... I can't sit here again all day...

*Note to self.. get butt moving*

Will drink coffee first and do some twittering...


I am back... Did you miss me? See I am getting better and my stealth.. wonder if GOS will notice.. oh he doesn't notice me anyway!

While I think about it.. Weight Watchers Jelly Crystals are nice Jellies.. I make it up as per instructions.. (See I can follow instructions!) and then divide between four little pots and pop in fridge... I can eat all of them for only 1/2 syn... but I spread them over two days! Go give them a try.. about 35p each and I got them from Asda I think.

*Note to self... wonder if I will get famous for writing a blog, some rich book editor decides to throw caution to the wind and ask me to publish... what would I do...I could then have a full body liposuction and be sedated till all swelling and pain has gone and wake up a new me!*

Snap out of it woman!...oh crap still not done the shopping list... have to do it!

Sure I was going to exercise too.. so must crack on!


1.06 pm

Sat here with coffee... looking at screen.. I have half cleared my desk... you see it was like this.. I was in mid stream and going all guns when my brother called... so now half hour on.. and thought .. .must be coffee time.

Still got full shopping list to do.. just can't seem to plan any meals... grrrr... might go take a look at the forum...

Slimmers World Of Support Forum

Might get some ideas from there for something for dinners this week..

I will be back... (Did you notice the Arny voice then?)



See you didn't see me slip back in then either did you! Just like magic..

Think I have sorted shopping list well so far I have..

Thursday... Chicken Stir Fry
Friday... Chilli Con Carne
Saturday... Turkey burgers and wedges
Sunday... GOS Beef dinner me Pork Dinner
Monday... Pork chop with roasted veg Yes same twice for me but love it
Tuesday... Chicken in Tomato Sauce and veg
Wednesday... Mmmm not sure yet!

Listening to Gold Bristol/Bath radio on the side bar... yes that one over there ----> you can listen to lots of different radio stations while you read my blog.. see I do look after you! No .. it is ok.. no thanks needed... not that you were going to give me any tut!

I have figured out what hates me today...

The tape measure.. clothes are more roomie.. but the tape says I am still the same!

Dish washer.. less said the better (Have sore foot from kicking it!)

Radio/CD/Combo player... doesn't want to play CD's anymore!

*Note to self.. must stop throwing myself to the floor screaming at my age, plus it hurts all things protruding : head, bust, stomach and knees!*

Bet your glad your not here.. just singing along to GOLD. Spandau Ballet! Oh yeah.. Nutbush City Limits.. Tina Turner!! Wow... wish I looked that good.. don't know about at her age.. now would be good.

Poor GOS is working hard in this hot weather... he will be hungry when he gets in...

*Wonder if I should put on sexy pink nighty again and sprawl myself across the leather settee*

Nice to finally know that someone is reading my blog... *Squeals* and they thought it was funny... Mmmm is my life that funny!

I do love Dawn French thought.. she is so funny... I do often see myself in her.. especially the Vicar of Dibley.. when she was on that walk with that guy along the country path and stepped in the puddle and sank down into it over her bust! I could hardly breath for laughing... that is something that would happen to me!

Brother said that the dishwasher may be something to do with the motor.. the heart of the machine... *Hangs head in shame.. feels bad for kicking the crap out of it now!*

All this music is like chair arobics.. *Am I burning more calories here?*

Oh.. I am in fine voice today... listen...

When I said I needed youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
You said .. you alwaysss stayyyyyyyyy
It wasn't me who changed but youuu
and nowwwwwwww you have gonnnneeee away!!!

Don't you see that now you've gone
and I am left here on my owwwwwwwn
That I have to folllllow youuuu
and begggggg youuu to cooommmeee homeeeeeeeeeee!!

All together nowwww!

Ok.. ok.. must do something around the house.. have washed up and swept my office... but need to do things.. might go tackle the ironing!


6.00 pm

Goodness... who turned the heating up outside.. was 29 when we went out.. I nearly flagged with the heat.. but girlies you will be proud.. I did the shopping and didn't kill my GOS, made it home without a cross work!! God I am good!

Now stuffing my face with some fruit.. need to lift my sugar levels as I can feel myself becoming weak. In my bowl I have.. eaten banana and pear, a peach to go and some lovely ripe cherries! That is me with my five a day already... no sweat!

The cost of shopping is getting higher and higher and worried I may have to become one of those coupon ladies at the checkout! Maybe if I just set my hair, by a nice floral nylon print dress and just give in to the inevitable!

*Ponders on what will become of the sexy pink nighty?*

Ooooooooooooo this fruit tastes sooooooooo good!

GOS is in the lounge watching the news eating his GOMS.. they are like american hard gums but with flavour.. they are rather nice... but SW doesn't really allow me to eat a whole bag and they are better than pringles.. once you start you don't want to stop!

Wow... 2 cherries left and I will have had the lot.. will have a blood chunt next!!

I was going to be very good and mow the lawn this evening.. but still being 29 and gone 6 pm I don't think so!

Last cherry.. OOooo so lush as a friend of mine would say.. in her Bristolian accent.

Might have the stir fry tonight but to be honest I do fancy home made turkey burgers with spicy wedges.. but I think if I do that.. I will have to do GOS some chips... bah!

You know earlier I mentioned I know who hates me... well I have one more to add to that... yes I know.. I am so hard to hate.. but it is the... rubber gloves! I know .. not only the dishwasher.. but the gloves have it in for me now... one has sprung a leak! *Sighs* It is so hard to be me!

Yes and went shopping and all the gloves in every shop hid from me and made me forget to get some more and drag them home to plunge my hands into and then dip in boiling water! Thinking of it like that.. I am very glad I am not a rubber glove!

Think it must be coffee time... I am allowing myself 4 cups a day with my half pint of SS Milk.

To be continued...


7.17 pm

Feeling hungry now ... so going to cook some chicken stir fry with some savoury rice I think... Yumm!

Awwww.. Farrah Fawcett has passed away.. so sad.. just goes to show you can have looks, money etc but we all go in the end!

Farrah Fawcett passes away.

Kitchen here I come.........



Still light outside and have to go and check the boys again soon to make sure they have enough water and food. They are drinking far more in this heat. Can't be nice to be covered in fur in this heat...

Dinner wasn't a great success... well I didn't think so....

We had.

Chicken Stir Fry and I had some egg rice which was rather nasty! 1 x hb

Pudding was lush...the same as I had earlier on at lunch time.

My Eaton Mess

Mix up WW jelly crystals into 4 ramkins leave to set
Mix sweetner and any flavouring to 0% Fromage frais
Mixed berries.

Turn out jelly.. add FF and then berries.. may want to sprinkle with a little sweetner.

4 servings would be 1/2 syn... so eat away!

So still have 1 x hb and ha to have yet before bed.. gawd don't know what I am going to have.

Still no syns today... but after chatting to GOS he said maybe I should have a week where I do eat all my syneries and see if I lose weight that way... so might just do that!

Downloaded a programme earlier.. some trial software... darn b*****r... my anti virus picked up 4 trojan horses! Had to get GOS to remove them for me. Cost me a coffee... and there was me thinking I would have to race upstairs and put on the pink sexy nighty! Maybe not...

Still not heard back from SW about the consultancy franchise. Might email them tomorrow.

Must get insurance claim done for car accident. Yep...another male driver acting like a right plonker on the motorway down to Taunton... decided he wanted to pull out into the fast lane and we were in the way! When you hear metal crushing and it is on your side (I was the passenger of course.. don't think they trust me with a car do you!) it is pretty scary. My brother was driving and have to say ... he is a very good driver. I got that close to this guy when he hit us I was going to pass him a cotton bud for his ears!

I just don't know where the time goes.

Still not sure what to have to eat with my HB and HA... will have to go and look at the books.. wonder if it covers a large box of soft centre chocolates.. Ahh I doubt it!

Well boys (which are bunnies btw) are fed and watered and down for the night.

Oooo the televison is free... I have had strict instructions not to watch "Lie to Me" without him...

*Gets down on knees and prays to master.. Yeah that will be a first*

Night all...

*Wanders off chuntering that she had better lost weight this week...*

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