Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day ~ Broconte Day

No ... no .. no.. still not there.. I told you the scales were against me didn't I! Weigh in like the prize cow at a stunning 00.2lb!!

You should have seen my face as I read the scales (Only my face as the rest would have scarred you for life!) Shear disappointment... I try and try... people keep saying have a binge out that will work! Mmmm had a binge out for several years and that is what got me into this in the first place..doh even I know that!!

Don't have to time to fuss over it this morning.. I can't decide.. skirt or trousers.. both black .. but which I ask you? Choices.. choices.. the black skirt waist is a little big so keeps slipping backwards.. but comfy.. and the trousers, the waist is ok but big on the hips and bum (Runs around office screaming.."Wanted to say that for ages" No not that my bum and hips are big tut we know that.. but that the trousers are!!)

It has been raining in the night but I am sure it is going to reach great heights today in temperature and me with my hot flushes will be hot... Ahh but I am hot anyway as in stuff... silly!!

Wooo... tried to work on the point system last night... Nah.. nothing..

Anyway, I can't sit here all morning I have to get organised.. so what is it going to be.. Oh and the shoes.. I have some high wedges which I love... but I once kissed the pavement when wearing them in Bexleyheath.. so they do make me nervous or my black crocs which make me feel like gran! (No, I am not one of them yet!! I am far to stunning to be a gran. I know that gravity is getting to me .. and you if you check!! pfft)

Drat see I told you I can't sit here all morning.. have a face to put on as well... Mmm shall I go show girl with glitter... mature lady with style or smouldering with smokey eyes and leave something to the imagination... ahh ok.. mature with style it is!


*Moves away thinking darn hayfever.. how can I stay looking stunning if my nose keeps running and I am sneezing all the time!*


Flipping hayfever.. these tablets make me want to sleep and I am sat here actually fighing off falling asleep!

Broconte went well.. not a millionaire yet.. but it was better than I thought it would be. Mind you I did manage to get a large wooden plant stand, which I will shabby up and put in my bedroom... some lovely garden oranments to put in my sister's memorial garden and two lovely earthen ware dishes... looking forward to putting pasta or salad in them! Oh poop have some jacket spuds in the oven and some brown rice on the stove for the quiche base tomorrow. Must go and check...BBL.

*Thinks will I make it to the kitchen before falling asleep!*


Made it to bed to have a nap and woke up coughing... then went downstairs for about half hour and then was fighting to keep my eyes open again so have toodled off to bed again! So not going to get much out of me tonight... feeling tired.

Think I might sleep thinking of Sex in the City...and how they don't have a point system...!!

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