Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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Country In The Town....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Last July Official Weigh In

Drat.. darn.. and all the other stuff that goes with it....

Delicately got on the scales *As if that is going to make any difference, but I live in hope!* and it says 3 lb loss not as much as I wanted... still have another 1.6 to go to make it back to my 4 stone.... why did I have to get poorly... Not only is my body against me but the worlllllllllllllllld.. Do you hear me!

Ok.. so I was a little naughty at the weekend... I did have a small hot dog sausage, some small glasses of champers... brie.. ahh don't make me go on.. it is painful to recall... upset with myself now..... But then again .. on the other hand.. I did have a lovely time.

Not written much this week really have I... see this is the true life of a middle aged woman...!!

Got the lawn done yesterday.. cleaned out the rabbits and have the ironing still to do but these hay fever tabs really do make me tired!!

When I woke this morning to look at my lovely mowed lawn.. the darn mole has been up and made a couple of hills... please don't tell me we are back to finding ways to get rid of it!! We have tried.. traps.. *Dug them back up!*.. broken glass *Dug that back up to!!*... smoke bombs *Don't work* oh lots of things... guess it is the joys of living in the countryside!

Today we are going to Dennly Parc... should be fun.. have to do some ironing grab a shower and get sorted... Might take a picnic... goodness knows what I am going to eat... *Hangs head in shame now before we even start*

Well can't sit here have things to do... hopefully write more later.....

*Walks off praying to be slim... pray with me for goodness sake!*


14.31 pm

The rain.. wow the rain... so that has put a stop to going out today! Such a shame as LM was so looking forward to going.. so said that if it is sunny tomorrow we will go then.. she cheered up and asked to go on the Sims...... how could I say no to a beautiful little face!

GOS got up... spent some time looking for a cd and is now working on that downstairs while I clean the kitchen.. washing.. ironing .. change the beds and start to pack for going away.... *Sometimes I wonder if I should have been born a bloke.. and kick back and just scratch my crutch!*

Not sure I am pleased about the woman always being the homemaker!! OR having to do the chores around the home! Is it cause we notice things.. and they don't and if we ask for help.. .we are nagging or moaning!

I wonder if I just stop doing things he will notice and not take it for granted! I have not objection to doing my share or more ... but for it to be noticed would be nice!

So looking forward to going away.. not saying goodbye to LM.. that is going to be hard... but to see Daughter. Oh now there is another story.... she was told she was staying on at RAC and get an extra 400 a month.. now that has all fallen through.... So I have been looking for more jobs for her.... she seems to be so unlucky... but she is still planning to stay on there till Jan unless something else comes along.. *I really hope it does*

Ha...the woman called Emily Horne who commited bigamy... well what can one say... I have one GOS.. don't think I could cope with 5 moaning all the time! She is looking at about 7 years in prison.. what a load of crap... what about all these people that kill others and they get less... what is up with the UK? *Wonders if she had the same dress for all of the weddings?*

Can't watch the news... it is always so depressing.. why do people always have to hurt others? What is the matter with these people!

Just had a bag of crisps and three small meringue twirl things... *What's up with me.. why do I want to sabotage my efforts... think the weekend is starting to stress me out*



Talk about being totally stupid... I think I have just eaten the entire contents of the house!!! So don't think I will be losing this week and I am only on day one of a new week! *What a plonker*

Have been thinking about freelance writing... just wonder if I could cut the mustard in that? Might have a look at a few courses.... I mean I have written courses that are taught all over the world so I guess I could or might be able to do it!

Think it is time to start dinner... going to do jacket spud with cheese and homemade burgers! Should be good.. just have to find space for them now... also some salad!

Also is time for Come Dine with Me.....

BBL.... maybe...


2.38 am

Well feeling really disgusted with myself at the moment... so blew today and will probably take me another two weeks to lose what ever I ate today.. plus also want to lose the other 1.5 lb! And going away on Thursday and it is going to be so hard to stick to it over there... will be gone for 10 days to 2 weeks.

Going to have to be really strong and make sure that I have plenty of healthy food around me to eat... *Oh why wasn't I born ugly and thin than stunning and large!!*

Have to go to bed... got to be up in the morning... Night all

Total syns... a years supply in one day!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Missed Day!!

Where are the days going....

Having LM here is great... we get to do lots together but the days are just whizzing by!!..

Went for dinner last night with GOS and LM... to a friends.. it was her husbands 60th birthday.. so took some bubbly round... and to be honest let go.. had 4 glasses wooohooo! I know not like me... also had a hot dog sausage..a really small bit of brie, about 10 half peanuts.. then got back and had some pastry thing with chocolate in and a few crisps.. so totally blew it for this week haven't I... But all in all.. I had a good night.

Was lovely to have a night out... I actually felt like I fitted in...*Oh where did that come from?*

Feel like I haven't stopped today.. have a couple of cards to make and just managed to do one.. clean the kitchen down then go on to prepare dinner... do the lunch.. make ice-cream ... still want to do the ironign and then get on with mowing the lawn. LM is on Sims.. she is addicted but she is doing reading to play on there so pleased with her.

Just drinking my coffee then make a start on the ironing!! *Such a joy being a woman* GOS is sat on his reclining chair oppposite me.. he has spent the day watching the racing and I think that has worn him out... he is now wanting a nap!

Found out that GOS's ex will be in the same place as us at the weekend... not sure how that is going to turn out! *Could be fun and games all round... poor GOS all he wanted was to see his kids. * Maybe he doesn't think of things like I do... but then again who does.

Other friend up the road is doing a meal tonight for the ones we went to last night... he told me today that he would have invited me but I am so fussy he coudln't be bothered! I didn't think that was very nice. has really made me think about how people see me...

*Wanders off pondering*


Friday, July 24, 2009


Yep you guessed it... I have been awoken with a tingling in my lip.. so toodled off to the bathroom to discover that my lower lip has been bitten!!! *I was blessed with fuller lips.. but this is ridiculous...*

After getting a wet flannel.. tried to get some sleep but the thought of getting bitten again and trying to fight with the paranioa of being bitten on the tongue or something and not being able to breath! *It can happen you know!!* I must have dozed for about half hour and got woken again with my finger throbbing... I decided to get up in the end as my left forearm was throbbing too... only got to the downstairs bathroom and looked in the mirror! Quasimodo was looking back at me *Sigh.. yes on the bridge of my nose.. my lower lip and the right side of my chin....hangs head in shame and thinks of ways to ease it*

So I set on another quest of how to ease prevent and kill mosquitos! *People would pay thousands for a lip like mine at the moment.. no puckering up.. *

First page I came across said to rub banana skin on the area... now at the time the arm was swelling and burning and stinging... so I did this.. and hey presto.. that has eased it for a while.. also on the finger... tried the lip.. but that has just annoyed it even more!

They say not to break the skin with scratching.. cut your nails

*Any slight tingle now on my body I am getting paranoid and I am now feeling very tired, but too scared to go back to bed incase I get bitten again and again and again.. I guess I could always tell people I am really a size 10 and my whole body has been bitten.. what do you think?*

Another site said to use bicarb mixed to a paste.. have used that on sunburns... but doesn't prevent does it!! But does work on sunburns .. so remember that if you are an avid sun worshiper!

Now another said to eat lots of garlic... one said to spray with lavender, lemon oil...that citronella doesn't work..

They say not to wear dark colours.. *Yeah the fat girl loves wearing bright colours to draw attention to herself.. NOT* Also make sure that you are completely covered.. *Like I would go out in a bikini anyway!* No.. no it does say.. all arms and legs covered.. put thick trousers and top on and tuck the trousers in some socks *Ahh see now that sounds really attractive doesn't it*

Believe me I have tried most things as when we lived in Germany.. I was also eaten alive there... like this.. and haven't been bitten like this here before!!

It also says that they like to bite people who are over weight... *Yeah pick on the fat people why don't they... *

GOS sometimes get bitten and there he was last night sprawled out.. really hot.. nearly naked.. but no.. they go for me!!

The sky has gone really dark outside.. I have just had to get the washing in which has had a short sharp shower on it.. *Not turning out to be my day is it* Just loaded other washing I had waiting to dry into the dryer .. so might crack on with some ironing in a while...

*Whispers.. dare not say what next.. as something else bad always happens... * No I don't always look on the dark side of things.. I do try to think of positivity.. but it seems to be one thing after another... why is that? All I want is a happy life... *Don't we all I guess*

Have been chatting away to an old friend just now on MSN.. wow some of the times and laughs we had together. Ahh those were the days... how you had no worries in the world but when was the next night out.. what to wear, who was going out etc.... The 80's music... ahh memories...

Right back to Mossy remedies.. bbl...


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loosing Track Of Days...

*I was looking for a picture of a calendar.. then thought you might like this instead!*

I can't seem to keep up with the days.. but I am still on track...*I say that.. eating healthy food.. but still not coming off.. waaaahh* But Rome wasn't built in a day and I have to stay positive.

Just chilling now with a cup of coffee. LM and I have been making Christmas cards today for her school friends and the family... we have also been writing a story.. or LM has..

Getting her to do one to take to her teacher as she did one before and her teacher told her it wasn't very good!!! *Wants to slap the teacher!!*

This story is called The Bad Bunny! So far so good.. for and 8 year old in fact it is brilliant!

Feeling rather tired today... *wonder if that is cause I am getting old and need a nap in the afternoons now... hope not!* That is a scary thought isn't it...Ahh the joys of age.. soon it will be senile dementure and then it will be ok.. I can do what I like when I like and forget all about it!

LM and I have just been reading Goosebumps... we read them all the time when she is over... it is great.... I love to do the voices and making her jump.. *I know not wise before bed time.. but we do giggle*

Weather has of course been crap.. but hopefully tomorrow it will be nice. We need to cut the lawn.

Oh update on the dead beat dishwasher... it is still dead... GOS finally had another look at it today.. it was working for a short while then.. gave up again... *No ...the dishwasher although does sound like GOS at times!!*

So back to handwashing.. not that I gave up... Even with gloves on it is playing havoc with my nails.

Another card order today for 2 cards... I will be cracking on with those this week... have to get them done before we go away. I booked the ferry today for Thursday am... *4.01 am* Yes the middle of the night I know... but the roads are so much quieter then. The car is booked in for its MOT and service.. and I believe two new tyres... *Shock horror on how much that will cost us...sigh* But one good thing is we get to stay at our friends... they are both so lovely. I could lose weight watching her run around for everyone else. She is like a breath of fresh air.. so it is always lovely when we get the chance to stay with them.

We will then no doubt have to do all the family trips around.. one place or another. Oddly enough they can't seem to make the effort to see us as much as they expect us to go to them!! *Always the way though isn't it!*

Might also get to see another friend of mine... I have know her since school *Yes more shock horror...all those years ago.. and we can still chat for England* She is going through a rough time at the moment and I always like to pride myself on being there for someone especially a friend in time of need.

Went round to a friends in the village today... Let LM see their dogs... bless she does like them but did come back a little scratched! But had a nice cuppa there.. decaf... bless they got it in for me.. *Well stole it from BA airlines as one works there.. but still.. the thought that counts isn't it!*

Did wonder if to take the said sexy and slinky nighties with me..away that is.... not round to a friends... keep up!!. *Do you think I might get lucky?.... Ponders that thought for sometime*

Is it true that men think about sex.... 54 percent of men think about sex several times a day, compared with just 19 percent of women. That men think about sex every 52 seconds, while women tend to think of it just once a day.

Now.. is that true? Is that why GOS is always tired! *Too busy thinking about it?* I prefer action.. than thought. *I didn't really think men could think that much or for that odd* But I do wonder if it is true.... if you are a man reading this... answer please ...

Oh some brilliant news... RAC have decided to keep Daughter on till the end of Jan...actually on their books.. also at an extra 400.00 a month!!!! So well done Daughter... *Beams with pride*

Can't wait to see her ... not long now... 7 sleeps I believe. We didn't get to spend much time together when she was over. So hopefully she will have a day off and we can do a girly shop together.. that will be fun! *Wonder if I could drop a few stone by next week*

Maybe I could get one of them girdle things *You know the ones that you roll on and if you are lucky enough to catch the clasps to do up before it rolls up and releases all that bulging extra body right back to you... can be mighty painful if you don't... crutch clasp wrapped round your nose and mouth.. not nice!!* I always wonder... if you squidge it in.. where does it come out? I mean it has to doesn't it!

Oh yeah.. I did show my body to the scales today... and it moaned in agony.. 00.00.4oz *So no real change there .. bah*

Now what have I eaten today.... let me see...

B: Apple and banana

L: Pepper mushroom omelette...

D: Bacon and wedges HB

Syns..Milk.. 3 syns. Hot chocolate 2 syns

HA =
HB = bacon

Workout... OMG nothing again today... *Slaps oneself really hard*
Total Synergies... 23 out of 105 * I think.. will have to check with my little black book.. nah not telephone numbers... just my food diary tut*

Well GOS is finally off the the remote is minnnnnneeeeeee!!! *Laughs like the devil and throws head back and cricks neck.. ouch* Serves me right for being a drama queen doesn't it!

Might just check my mail and go cut myself some watermelon and watch a bit of telly and slurp!!

Now just one more thing... do you think it is PC to talk about friends or policitical views .. personal ones on a blog... or do you think it would offend or upset someone? Answers in comment box please.. :))


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Does Today Hold... Less Fat Hopefully!

Had a bizzare dream last night... dreamt the weather was very very cold in fact a blizzard outside.. but I was back at my old comprehensive school. I looked out of the window and could see all the snow on the ground and ice... and see the cold mist in the air.. it was also still dark!

Inside I was with my old tutor from college... she was or is lovely.. anyway... all the students in the class turned out to be ill.. they all had one form of cancer or another.... on said she had mouth cancer and you could see all these tiny white lumps on her tongue.. over 40 in all as she got me to count them.. she was only young... but I didn't know here. Another lady.. elderly.. well late 50s 60s.. she had internal cancer and you could tell by her eyes.

Next thing I remember was that I lived in the high street where I used to live with my departed sister...and there was something going on. I remember going into the launderette that we used to own and there were people milling around in there in the dark...

There are a lot of pubs in that area and lots was going on... *A very odd dream in all.. wonder what it meant... might have to look some of it up*

Not got on the scales yet... have little LM here.. think we will go and have breakfast.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is It Leaving Me....??

On the scales this morning.. surprise surprise.. it was 00.00lb 4 oz!! *Shock horror ... was it wind?* Nah.. don't remember that... but if it has gone.. I am not going to complain!

A look at my Horrorscope today.. now let's see...

July 21, 2009
Others don't know much about your inner process, so their expectations of you can be quite unrealistic. In fact, as Uranus in your 1st House of Personality trines today's Solar Eclipse, your actions may seem totally outrageous to those closest to you. Nevertheless, radical behavior may be necessary if you are trying to revitalize your creativity or energize a romance that feels stuck.

*Oh is that telling me that it is time to crack on with the lap dancing!!*

Lunch was nice... three different meals to prepare! GOS has egg on toast and LM had cheese on toast and I had bean and pot soup again.. in fact was rather lovely today.. *Better than yesterday!*

GOS and LM have gone to mow a friends garden today...think he said something about going back tomorrow as there is a dip in the garden and he wants to make sure that is done properly. *least he did something today.. oh did get him to wash up a few pots*

I am sat watching Come dine with me... and thought I would do my blog...

Today the tooth was tender...

Oh a woman has just commented that one of the other women was off with her as she wasn't as good looking as her and she was a larger lady! Who does that ugly bitch think she is!! There is always people who love themselves so much that they could do with looking in the mirror... *Ooo that has wound me up !!*

Anyway was talking about tooth.. yes was tender this morning.. took a couple of pks and it seems to have eased.. still using the mouth wash at every chance I could get! *Paranoia setting in*


10.30 pm

Just finished reading to LM and her to I... and just posted a question to Twitter... Have you ever loved someone so much it hurts?

LM went in the pool this evening and the more I look at her the more I see my sister... her smile.. the twinkle in her eyes.. the way she conducts herself.. the laughter.. her build..*Makes me miss my sister even more and more* I am filled with so much pride when I see her though...she is a real credit to my sister.

GOS is hogging the TV again!!!!!!! Might just super glue the remote to his hand and coffee cup to the other.. in fact the seat to his butt too while I am at it. He went down to his music room today to read up on pots for Christmas.. when to plant etc.. well I have asked him 3 times and he hasn't done it yet. *Maybe it is on the list... wonders if I am on the list?*

Had a heated debate with a friend on Saturday evening... of course about immigration and people who now reside in the UK... I said debate.. but he put arguement... *MMmmm not sure which now as he did raise his voice some what!* We are all entitled to our opinion and I respect everyones as long as they respect mine! But we didn't seem to hit it off there as he is every head strong.. so I wasn't about to back down either. Could tell my father was getting a little annoyed too.. and of course him not being English born but a British Citizen .. I think it was winding him up a little! But all is well now.. I think!

*Darn hot flushes.. did I ask if you would lose weight with them... I wonder*

B: Pineapple, nectarine banana and yogurt

L: Bean and potato soup *Boring I know but same as yesterday.. someone had to eat it!!!* and ice cream

D: Pork Chop .. HB and garlic wedges 2 yogurts o% fat

Syns..Parm cheese.. 1.5 syns.

HA =Milk cheese
HB = Pork

Workout... Walk out with LM

Total Synergies... 17 out of 105

Ahh must be time to watch Ghost Whisper on the telly... then go watch LM sleep for a moment before going to bed myself!

Nighty night all!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Are Painkillers Fattening??

Yes I am backkkkkkkk!!

I am not in pain anymore and I have just thrown myself on the scales and lept off in such dissapointment!!

00.3lb.2oz... that means I have had a gain from 00.11 lb . 8 oz!!! Let us say about 5 lb in two weeks... *S**t C***p B******s*

Well now I am feeling better after 12 painkillers a day and 2 anti biotics and 1 stomach tablets... so are they fattening?

I know I wasn't left with a lot that I could eat as I couldn't open my mouth! But for goodness sake ..... well not going to moan.. I did have some birthday cake that I made for my Daughter... who has gone home now :(

Just going to have to get back on the wagon and lose those pounds now along with the extra stones I want to shed!!]

The weekend with my family went farrrrr to quickly... but it did seem that all I was doing was cooking and cleaning! ... Didn't spend half as much time as I wanted to with Daughter, we didn't even get in the pool at the same time. Also never got any photos.. but I will look at the camera as I am sure Daughter took some!

My lovey niece is with us for two weeks now so we are going to be doing different things every day now...

I thought we could kick start today off with doing the March DVD and then a dip in the pool... maybe a walk later... will have to see!


20.50 pm

We did the March Dvd.. LM (Niece) was being lazy and not doing all of it.. but we did have a laugh... then we went swimming for about an hour or so....

Got out to make some lunch.. was really nice...

The day has gone really quickly.. and I am still in shock that I have put on so much weight in such a short time!! *Gutted really...*

LM is allowed on the pc to play Sims 3 *think she is addicted to it already!!* then it is off to bed...

We are reading a goosebumps book... The Egg Monster. She is doing really well... we take it in turns to read a page each. I love reading time with her... we snuggle up and really get into the story. I love to do all the sound effects and make her jump.. she then giggles... *She is so much like my lovely departed sister*

Think I will be in bed early tonight myself! Feel worn out.. think all the lack of sleep while in pain with the face/tooth is starting to catch up with me.

Just heard the news.. what is Alan Sugar doing in the houses of parliament!! *Oh maybe we can all get in!* Well maybe this one won't need to steal from the government for his personal use...

Reading time.. may be back later.....


22.51 pm

Just remembered I haven't put down what I have eaten today... and I do have to start to be strict with myself again don't I!! Tut.. thought you were keeping me on track!!

B: Pineapple, nectarine banana and yogurt

L: Bean and potato soup *Homemade of course!* and ice cream

D: Spag bol... Pork .. HB

Syns..Parm cheese.. 1.5 syns.

HA =
HB = Pork

Workout... Half hour march and swimming!

Total Synergies... 1.5 out of 105

So not bad today eh!! Think I might have some more ice cream as I can dig away at that and it is free!

GOS has taken control of the telly since dinner time and tonight it has been all space things.. over and over again... *Yawn*

Gee I am tired. Then again it is nearly 11.15 pm here!

Oh never told you... my father and GOS looked at the Dishwasher.. and he had not got the right part... so back to washing up in the sink... god help that machine when I do get the right part,.. it is in for a beasting!!

So back tomorrow all... *Must think thin.. think thin woman thin thin thin!*

Friday, July 17, 2009

Family Here...So Still Is Face Pain!

Not thrown myself on the scales all week and not stuck to SW diet.. *How bad is that!!* I know that I am going to regret this... and not that I will end up back with a 4 stone gain... but a few pounds... and with face still hurting... it is really going to bring me down!

In 9th day of face pain now... I have 2 more antibiotics left... *I could do with a miracle... so if you have one to spare... please send it my way!* So tired... was gone 5.00 when they arrived this morning... everyone bedded down after cards and gifts were opened and of course I am up four hours later in pain! Movement of my mouth is better the pain isn't easing... Why is that?

Have been looking at the charges and could to start with cost me a bout 200!! Shocking what they can charge someone in pain.. *Sigh* Might send GOS out to a red light district to earn more money .. what do you think? Somehow don't think that will work.

Not sure what time everyone will get up.. should I try to get some more sleep or prepare dinner for tonight? *Drat fine rain... but won't stop Daughter going in the pool*

Was so good to see them all... My little niece has really grown... grown her hair .. I do love her so very much.. Sophia was so exciteable .. it was lovely... had spent most of the day remembering when she was little.. how we used to laugh.. all the hugs...being a mum is a wonderful job. I am so proud of her!

BBL.. I hear footsteps! OOoooo Daughter is up... must go look after her and make the most of it... *More footsteps.. think that going back to bed is out the window!*


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daughter's Birthday!

Daughter's Very First Photo!

Pain woke me up.. *there is a surprise!* After the pain came the thought of my beautiful Daughter. Today is her 20th Birthday!! Leaving me with the thought of where have the years gone!

Didn't seem 5 minutes ago that I was holding her in my arms.. looking into her eyes and feeling the proudest mum in the world. Well I still am proud.. but hard to cradle a 20 year old now isn't it!

She has grown so much and she is my greatest achievement in life! Now a woman in her own right.. with her own thoughts and feelings, but still a person who I adore and will always want to protect with my life.

Odd really to watch your child grow.. leave home and turn into an adult. You then feel surplus to requirements. After all the years of worry *No that doesn't stop!* but being needed and then one day poof.. it stops! This is when you have to start to discover who YOU are! or rediscover you... what you want from life.. try to remember your original dreams before childbirth! Not sure I can remember that far back.

What did I dream of being when I was a child?... I wanted to be a teacher.. as helping others was and still is something I love to do... *Did that aspiration* I don't know.. the world is my oyster as some would say... but there is no more important role than being a Mother.

Not having a good mother myself.. this spurred me on to be a good.. no great one.. and hopefully I achieved this in my Daughter's eyes. Oddly enough there are times that I could flip back to certain ages of her life and expect her to be there.. at that age! *I am sure there is someone out there saying there is an illness called that* My only real illness is loving my Daughter with all my being.

Anyway... she has her first driving lesson today.. a double one at that... Many have said she is like Alice from Vicar of Dibley.... as in humour I am hoping all will go well.... Now I have painted a wrong picture of her.. she is stunning... beautiful, caring, loving, kind, generous, sensitive, well balanced with her mother's humour! Sometimes we just know what we are both laughing at without having to say anything!

*Oh my... my head is really hurting!* I have so much to do today... before they arrive and I am shattered.

Had to go in the pool last night at 1.00 am in the morning. GOS on his heater check on the pool had noticed that we had a leak on one of the main outlets of the pool.. so I had to go in.... *I tell you I was brave... stood there took my trousers off..jumper and bra... Noooooooooooooo still had a little vest top on and french style undies...and in I went!* Luckily for the villagers... it was dark.. not even a moo from the cow... but wouldn't be suprised if I don't find my butt on a picture in the local rag!! *Amazing how we think we all look good in the dark!*

Anyway.. hopefully it is now fixed... I haven't been outside to check it.. but I did put my washing out at that time in the morning... *Why do us women do odd things like that!* Only to find that it has rained during the night so have to wash it all over again! *More work*

Oooo.. my father has just popped up on MSN.. he can't sleep... *Wonder if it is excitement like me* Bless he will be tired later so think he is going to try and get some sleep!

Not sure if I should try or just crack on with some housework that I want to get done?

*Bangs head against desk..this pain...then looks at desk and thinks this needs an arm sweep into a black bin bag*

The birds are a tweeting well this morning!

*Wonders if I am a size 10 yet?* Is that my aim.. nah don't be silly... I will never get to that.. I mean it has taken me months to lose half a stone... *Darn body*.. all this dieting being careful and it not wanting to shift...*Might be the greek in me.. not letting anything go for nothing!*

Ok.. think I am going to try to get some sleep... pks taken at 5.30 am so anti tabs at 10.00...sure this isn't going to do my tum much good... oh gee have to take tum tablet.. crap forgot better take it now or I will suffer later and can't take anti tabs with tum tabs...bah! It is remembering which you have to eat with .. ones you don't .. one to not eat for 2 hours..


*Wishes she could teleport up to bed*


10.25 pm

Just a quick one... *Ahh not while the face hurts please!!* Finally dozed off and GOS got up and got the petrol chainsaw thingy out to do the hedges! *Sounds like some boy racers revving up his 50 cc bike, but continuously!*

Well wide awake again and time for more darn tablets .. but not going to stop the as really want this all to stop...

Time for cleaning too....


3.35 pm

Soooooooooo much to do.. *Still in pain*.... not got a lot done yet..

Cake is baked though.. doing her a lemon drizzle cake... Lemon ice cream is done.. and our dinner.

We have been asked to go out for a drink in the village at 7 and to be honest that doesn't leave me much time to get things sorted.

Also had to go in the pool again *Just now.. hair looks like scarecrow hair.. just shocking I tell you!* Hopefully this little leak has been fixed now.... would be the day Daughter is going to arrive... mind you the water was lovely and warm...

We are due for a thunder storm this evening! Not going to moan as the grass really needs it.. looking like straw at the moment.


Chores done and going out for a drink!

Then wait for them to get here....... *Yay.. face still hurting grrrr*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is It... Will It... Oh Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!

Not sure and to be honest very scared to say... but is it getting better.. will it get better today... I so wish it would... not sure how much of this I can handle, or is it that I have that many drugs in my body I am not really sure!

Trying to eat breakfast...what day are we on? Wednesday isn't it?

I am starting my SW week from today so will weigh myself on Wednesdays.. had a couple of days off as have been eating things that I wouldn't normally... not really bad... but soup etc... sadly not ones I had made.. as not had the patience to make them *How do you chop food and cook with one hand to face in agony*

So next wednesday.. if I have gained from the last couple of days.. the so be it.... the pain has taken over and at the moment is winning.. but going to try today to overcome it.. *Yeah right.. break down and cry again... yep I did yesterday.. sobbed like a baby with the pain and made it worse!! So cried some more!*

Only eating now as I have to take more pks as it is killing me.......

1.10 pm

Painkiller time again!! But I am feeling a little perkier...* is that actually a word? *

Shopping was sort of painless as in doing it.. just did the list got the stuff came home.... *And the usual.. GOS watched telly*

He is happy watching The Universe on telly... *It is always depressing... letting you know when the world will end... * But keeps him quiet.

Brother called again today.. oh didn't I say he did yesterday... bless he rang to see if I was any better... and of course friend down the road.... *Nice to know that people do care when you are feeling so low* He wants me to put some more adverts on for his properties.. so will just do that... bbiab!

Not had lunch yet.. better do that too!!


B: 2 x weetabix... with milk... *warmed in micro to make like baby food to get in mouth and swallow!*

L: Tuna onion extra light mayo sandwich.. 2 plums and golden bakes... *taken me ages to eat that!* I know this isn't on diet.. but wanted something again soft.. and still feeling sorry for myself!



HA: Milk


Have to take tabs now.. and get ready to go out food shopping... *Deep joy when in pain.. deep joy when not come to think of it!!*


*Trying to smile as Daughter's birthday tomorrow and she will be here all be it Friday early morning*

Going to try this tonight... Guess it is Potato and Cabbage Pie.

Serves 4 in big dish.

2lb potatoes
spring onions
cabbage half will do
Fry Light
Very low fat natural yogurt or Fromage Frais.. 0% fat of course
Mustard powder
Chopped parsley

Boil peeled and diced pots until tender then drain, but do keep warm.

Slice spring onion and shred the cabbage and fry in pan with fry light. Add some water.. about 4 tbspns and cook till soft.

Add all ingredients together and mash roughly.. then stir in the other stuff.. ie mustard, yogurt seasoning and herbs.

Can serve with either meat or maybe a salad.

Will let you know what it is like... GOS of course won't have it as it is healthy!

Off to do some gardening in hope it will easy my pain or take my mind off it.


6.10 pm

Daughter sent me this via email... some actually made me chuckle!

To Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity

1. At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a Hair Dryer At Passing Cars. See If They Slow Down.

2. Page Yourself Over The Intercom. Don't Disguise Your Voice. !

3. Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, ask If They Want Fries with that.

5. Put Decaf In The Coffee Maker For 3 Weeks. Once Everyone has Gotten Over Their Caffeine Addictions,Switch to Espresso.

6. In the Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write 'For Marijuana'

7. Finish All Your sentences with 'In Accordance With The Prophecy'.

9. Skip down the hall Rather Than Walk! and see how many looks you get.

10. Order a Diet Water whenever you go out to eat, with a serious face.

11. Specify That Your Drive-through Order Is 'To Go'.

12. Sing Along At The Opera.

14. Put Mosquito Netting Around Your Work Area and Play tropical Sounds All Day.

15. Five Days In Advance, Tell Your Friends You Can't Attend Their Party Because You have a headache.

17. When The Money Comes Out The ATM, Scream 'I Won! I Won!'

18. When Leaving the Zoo, Start Running towards the Parking lot, Yelling 'Run For Your Lives! They're Loose!'

19. Tell Your Children Over Dinner, 'Due To The Economy, We Are Going To Have To Let One Of You Go.'

20 And The Final Way To Keep A Healthy Level Of Insanity

It's Called THERAPY!



Darn it... *Face killing me... yeah.. heard them all.. like.. "It's killing me too!*

Not sure if to have that cabbage pie thing for dinner.. I just fancy a jacket spud and some LCLCheese.. ooh and might have beens...

Mmmm what do to GOS...... bless he has worked hard on the veg patch today.. infact the last three days... *Raises eyebrows*...

I have been tending to the whole garden and he has worked hard on the veg plot. Oh no I sit corrected he has trimmed the hedges... but what's the bet I have to mow them up tomorrow! But want to do the lawn again before Daughter gets here.

*So excited I could scream... but can't as mouth is too painful... maybe in a couple of days*

Now.. do I stay up and wait for Daughter to arrive.. at about 4 am or do I go to bed and set the alarm..... *Don't think I will be able to sleep,.... will probably be here boring you instead with my rantings*

It is lovely outside today.. the pool is getting warmer.. but GOS said I am not allowed in it till he has finished heating it.. as he has to turn the heater off.... *Would have thought he would have said yeah.. told me the heater was off and then throw something electrical in after me*

Think I will practice more belly dancing when mouth gets better... then I can slip into slinky black nighty and do a dance for GOS... *haha that even made me laugh.. poor GOS.. he has to live with me!*

Birthday cards.. yes even more birthday cards went in the postbox today..


8.30 pm

Dinner is in the oven... All cupboards have been cleaned.. floors swept.. including dining room lounge and hall.. oh and bathroom!

Washing up done...*The evil dishwasher may get fixed when my father gets here... he is sooooooooooooo good to me :))* Also all dishes are put away!

Aww have a moth at the window.. will just go put it outside... done.. but if it had been a spider it would have felt the base of my shoe... ahh well this isnt' always true.. *Rolled up paper!!* Had a little bird come into my office yesterday.. just hopped through the door.. so I had to open the double windows to let it out.. as last year.. one hit the window so hard it died...*That upset me*

Have been watching the beautiful butterflies in my sisters memorial garden... GOS went to take a photo and most of them flew off.. yet I stand right next to them and they flutter around me.. some of them are just so stunning! Might see if I can get a photo of them tomorrow. They rest on the Budhlia bush... reminds me of being a child and at our grandmother's house... we always used to play in her garden and she had one of them.. that is why I got one for my sister's garden.

Really think these antibiotics are starting to work...I know I have just taken the stronger painkillers but the throbbing seems less.. *Yayyy.. so will be feeling better when Daughter gets here*

Anyway.. best check dinner.. you would have me sat here all night gassing and burn my dinner.. Can you imagine GOS's face if I give him burnt offerings!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still suffering.. and hating every minute of it.. won't be blogging for long again today as just don't know what to do with myself and can't stay in one position for very long!!

GOS has been very good... taking painkillers every 4 hours and Antibiotics twice a day... but wish the pain would stop...

Have managed to get half hour sleep here and there...but definitely going to get this sorted. I can't stand the thought of this coming back... *Still waiting for it go damn it*

Eating has gone out the window... took me over a hour to eat a toasted sandwich last night. .. had some weetabix with milk this morning.. warmed to soften it.. might have some again now to keep me going.

Odd how face ache can just tire you out so much... constant pain is very draining and I am at breaking point...*Just want to cry.. but it seems to make my face throb more so can't*

I have so much I want to get done round the house before family arrive in 2 days... YES 2 DAYS!! Why now? Flipping teeth!!

Found this site.. with what I might have to go through... but to be honest at the moment I just don't care...


Going now.. might be back later....

Hope all those that are going to slimming world tonight for wi.. you have great losses.!!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Today Thanks!!

Soooooooooo tired.. been up all night in pain..... and was talking to some friends in a chat room and they suggested cloves.... Well here I sit.. at pc.. with a clove stuck in my mouth in anticipation that the pain will stop.. or ease for a little bit so I can go get an hour or so.. then take myself off to the dr or dentist.

One tip they say is.. don't swallow your syliva while you have the clove in your mouth as it can give you a tummy upset... *Yeah just what I need right now don't you think.. that on top of this!*

My face has been feeling odd so I do know that besides the agonising pain.. I have to get it sorted. They were saying that the taste isn't nice.. *Well after what I have been gargling with the last few days.. it is ok!*

I know it is weigh in day and I got on the scales really early.. so not taking it as a true reading yet.. but was 00.13 lb . 4 oz. *Typical though eh.. let's start the week on a high.. NOT*

Eww glad you can't see me.. tissues everywhere with all this syliva in.. *Making myself feel sick now!*

Watched a lot of telly in bed.. Alan Carr.. The Chatty Man... the film Armagedon.. *Always liked that film* and some Come Dine With Me... but GOS was tired and I think the sound was keeping him up and with this darn face thing I can't hear very well... *Take me round the back and shoot me now!* So lay there for what seemed hours... think I cat napped when body took over then woke in pain and this went on for a few hours.. so just got up in the end!

OMG.. you are never going to believe this.. but the gum pain is easing... wow.. cloves really do work.. I know it is only masking that.. now how do I get rid of the face/ear ache. *Think I will carry cloves with me all the time now.. but must remember the draw back of drooling!*

Waves of tiredness keep coming over me.. you never appreciate not being in pain till you are in pain! Not sure if I should try and get some sleep... think I might go and try I can always get up again can't I..

Night bloggers..................


9.28 am

Think I got about half hour if that... but rang a friend who rang the drs and got me an appointment at 6.30 pm tonight!!!!!!!!! Oh that is ages away... going to have to keep myself occupied till then.. not sure if friend is going to take me as he knows where it is or GOS will drive us. Have to take friend as he speaks the lingo! *Will speak to GOS when he gets up*

Yes.. I haven't forgotten it is OWI day.. but it is the last thing on my mind at the moment!

Have to keep busy to try and take mind off the pain...will see if I can finish the ironing...

BBL................ *If not shot myself from all this!*

4.38 pm

Just a quick update....

Mowed the lawn... had to do something to take my mind off this constant pain! GOS helped me with the grass bucket as it hurts to bend over...

Also he has been harvesting our pots... about 88 kilos he said.. so not bad!

Food today has been terrible.. and no I didn't weigh in... *One day I can.. I really don't feel like it*

Going to grab a shower now to get ready to go to the drs... oh I do hope they can help me... getting desperate now!



Total Syns todate... out of 105

B: Half melon and ice cream

L: Ice cream



HA: 1 x Milk

Syns Today ............. total

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pain Pain Go Away...

es..yes.. I am still in pain... feel like my ear is about to explode!! *Still sobs and wonders why oh why me*


Just taken some paracetamol.. hoping it will ease some of the pain... *Pray for me please* Strange but if I press my ears tight when I swallow it doesn't hurt so much... but my gum does!

I just wanted to add insult to injury and got on the scales... well just goes to show doesn't it. 00.11 lb 2 oz... so I may be on to losing my usual 1/2 pound! *What happened to a massive loss of 3.5lb.. bah!*

Just realised I have another birthday card to make and better get in the post... best do that tomorrow! Don't have enough stamps.

Raining again... hoping it will stop later so I can get the lawn and weeding done...well some of it.

Think GOS is waiting for the sun to shine to dig up some pots from the veg plot.

My HORRORSCOPE *Wonder what joys there are to come*

July 12, 2009
Although the Moon's approach to shocking Uranus can seem like an alarm clock getting ready to go off, you actually feel quite comfortable in your own skin. You are more attracted to the idea of process, freeing you from having to fix everything right now. But Lover Venus adds magnetism to your personality today, allowing you to get what you want from others. Nevertheless, nothing will happen unless you take the initiative and get the ball rolling.

*Ahh right.. would be today wouldn't it.. nurse mouth ear and throat or lap dance in sexy black nighty... sorry face wins today.. in too much pain! Drat one day window too!!!*

Off to check the wall!!

12.20 om...

Rain has stopped so might see if I canget out weeding ... but does hurt to move darn head forward!!

If you see on the sidebar... yes over there ------------>>>> I have added a recipe section... *Whoooo hoooo* It will open up the thread where the recipe is.. so you may have to scroll to down the day... but you will get a recipe... SW of course so will be tasty! I will add more as I go along...

Card done...

Thought you might like to see the view from my office window... although not a sunny day.. it is still lovely to look out there...great when you hear the rustling of the leaves on the trees and the birds tweeting...

Think food is calling.... *Wonder would it help if I stuffed my ear with cotton wool?* Stabbing pains inside ouchhhhhhh!

Thought I would put this curry recipe on as it is really lovely..


Serves 2 (Loads) red day and no rice..Free.... for a green day.. use chicken or lamb as again would be Free.

500g Chicken or lamb.. diced.
1 red pepper...chopped
Tin toms
Tom puree
Large onion ...sliced
Coriander seeds
curry powder
fresh coriander if available
Lemon juice
chicken stock cube.. or vecon.. up to you.
Fry light.

Add fry light to pan.. add onions till soft.. add spice then pepper and cook for a few mins.

Add meat, brown it before adding stock.. make up stock and add (Half a pint will do) and bring to boil.

Add toms..and puree, simmer for about 20 mins or until sauce thickens and the meat is nice and tender.

I then add to slow cooker myself and have the next day.. but can be eaten when done.. add coriander leaves and squeeze of lemon juice... done!

5.43 pm

GOS has his musical people here.... they have been here since 2.30 pm.. banging away downstairs.... *Maybe I should rephrase that!!*

I on the other hand.. well I have been doing the washing up.. cleaning the fish tank out... moving things around in the kitchen and have of course the rest of the ironing to do.

Was going to mow the lawn as it is dry but darn face is hurting too much...A friend suggested I go to the drs... but there is a holiday on Tuesday so doubt I will get in now... *Might have to take up drinking again..medicinal of course silly*

Not keen on Sundays... always make me feel melancholy..

Just been down to take them some drinks... *Can't have dead bodies in my cellar now can I*

Yes.. think I will go and clean the brass pans...*Such an exciting life... I have said about three full sentences today.. to humans that is... I can ramble on here for hours.. why do you think I bore you so much!*

Not sure what to have for dinner as hard to open mouth.. *MMmmmm soup or liquidise roast dinner*


6.51 pm

Well.. blow me!! GOS has finally sussed something is wrong with me... only as I am finding it hard to talk and he said... "What's the matter with your mouth?" I looked up to say and he just turned away and carried on watching the racing *Yes recorded...sigh*
I asked him if he wanted a coffee.. which of course he said "Yes".. he actually came to the kitchen and said "Ahh jelly later" and I started talking to him, while making his coffee.. only to turn round an realised I had been talking to myself... *I feel sooooooo loved!!*

You know if this wasn't actually my life.. I could find this rather funny... Sad woman.. types all day on computer for company.. ignored by husband who she loves and gets shouted at.. often!..misses her daughter and lives in a tiny hamlet with no one to talk to!!

Wow.. that is my life! Hard to think I was a busy bee before moving here.. teaching..writing beauty course, beauty/holistic therapist, nail technician, masseuse, NVQ assessor..treating clients all day... and now... a blog! *My goodness my life has been reduced to a blog!*

The mad overweight blog woman! Well I have my health... *Mmm well not at the moment with my head hurting as it does...stop laughing!*

Still can't decide what to have for dinner....

Noticed that Alan Carr Chatty Man is now following my twitter.. *He must have hit the button by mistake!*

Alan Carr Chatty on his name for the details of his show... worth watching! He made me laugh... even though I was feeling crap and in pain.. so hats off to him!.... I just loved his interview with Dawn French... she is amazing.

So if you miss that.. here is the next time it is on...

Date Time Channel
Sunday 12 July 10PM Channel 4
Tuesday 14 July 11PM E4
Saturday 18 July 11.05PM Channel 4

Think I need to find something funny... ahh this always makes me laugh...

Thank goodness I don't have a cat.. that is all I can say... at least one cat is spared from being scarred for life!

10.46 pm

Took 2 more ibuprofen at 9.. but seems not to be kicking in.. could be that I am tired.. *just hope I will get some sleep*

OMG it is weigh in tomorrow.. OFFICIAL WEIGH IN *runs round room screaming!* I just know that I am either not going to have lost or lost very little. Was really hoping last weeks loss was the kick start to losing weight again.. you know what I mean ... on a more increased level not 1/2 pound a week... We will see!

Daughter rang earlier.. was lovely talking with her. Can't wait to see her.

GOS spoke to me.. *I know I was shocked too* but only got "A trip to the dentist is coming up then!" and then he walked away... I tried to say it was my ear and throat to but he mumbled it could be the tooth causing that and he was gone... pooof!

Have Alan Carrs Chatty Man show on record... as GOS is watching telly... he may watch it with me.. not sure...

Could do with a good laugh.. just hope it doesn't hurt my face!


*Walks off cradling head*

Total Syns todate... 66 out of 105

B: Pear

L: Tomato pasta thing.. Not nice.. but soft so easy to swallow..and parm cheese 3 syns Lemon Ice cream..

Homemade pork chili burgers and SW chips.. with apple vanilla ice cream!


HA: 1 x Milk
HB: Pork

Syns Today .............3 total