Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daughter's Birthday!

Daughter's Very First Photo!

Pain woke me up.. *there is a surprise!* After the pain came the thought of my beautiful Daughter. Today is her 20th Birthday!! Leaving me with the thought of where have the years gone!

Didn't seem 5 minutes ago that I was holding her in my arms.. looking into her eyes and feeling the proudest mum in the world. Well I still am proud.. but hard to cradle a 20 year old now isn't it!

She has grown so much and she is my greatest achievement in life! Now a woman in her own right.. with her own thoughts and feelings, but still a person who I adore and will always want to protect with my life.

Odd really to watch your child grow.. leave home and turn into an adult. You then feel surplus to requirements. After all the years of worry *No that doesn't stop!* but being needed and then one day poof.. it stops! This is when you have to start to discover who YOU are! or rediscover you... what you want from life.. try to remember your original dreams before childbirth! Not sure I can remember that far back.

What did I dream of being when I was a child?... I wanted to be a teacher.. as helping others was and still is something I love to do... *Did that aspiration* I don't know.. the world is my oyster as some would say... but there is no more important role than being a Mother.

Not having a good mother myself.. this spurred me on to be a good.. no great one.. and hopefully I achieved this in my Daughter's eyes. Oddly enough there are times that I could flip back to certain ages of her life and expect her to be there.. at that age! *I am sure there is someone out there saying there is an illness called that* My only real illness is loving my Daughter with all my being.

Anyway... she has her first driving lesson today.. a double one at that... Many have said she is like Alice from Vicar of Dibley.... as in humour I am hoping all will go well.... Now I have painted a wrong picture of her.. she is stunning... beautiful, caring, loving, kind, generous, sensitive, well balanced with her mother's humour! Sometimes we just know what we are both laughing at without having to say anything!

*Oh my... my head is really hurting!* I have so much to do today... before they arrive and I am shattered.

Had to go in the pool last night at 1.00 am in the morning. GOS on his heater check on the pool had noticed that we had a leak on one of the main outlets of the pool.. so I had to go in.... *I tell you I was brave... stood there took my trousers off..jumper and bra... Noooooooooooooo still had a little vest top on and french style undies...and in I went!* Luckily for the villagers... it was dark.. not even a moo from the cow... but wouldn't be suprised if I don't find my butt on a picture in the local rag!! *Amazing how we think we all look good in the dark!*

Anyway.. hopefully it is now fixed... I haven't been outside to check it.. but I did put my washing out at that time in the morning... *Why do us women do odd things like that!* Only to find that it has rained during the night so have to wash it all over again! *More work*

Oooo.. my father has just popped up on MSN.. he can't sleep... *Wonder if it is excitement like me* Bless he will be tired later so think he is going to try and get some sleep!

Not sure if I should try or just crack on with some housework that I want to get done?

*Bangs head against desk..this pain...then looks at desk and thinks this needs an arm sweep into a black bin bag*

The birds are a tweeting well this morning!

*Wonders if I am a size 10 yet?* Is that my aim.. nah don't be silly... I will never get to that.. I mean it has taken me months to lose half a stone... *Darn body*.. all this dieting being careful and it not wanting to shift...*Might be the greek in me.. not letting anything go for nothing!*

Ok.. think I am going to try to get some sleep... pks taken at 5.30 am so anti tabs at 10.00...sure this isn't going to do my tum much good... oh gee have to take tum tablet.. crap forgot better take it now or I will suffer later and can't take anti tabs with tum tabs...bah! It is remembering which you have to eat with .. ones you don't .. one to not eat for 2 hours..


*Wishes she could teleport up to bed*


10.25 pm

Just a quick one... *Ahh not while the face hurts please!!* Finally dozed off and GOS got up and got the petrol chainsaw thingy out to do the hedges! *Sounds like some boy racers revving up his 50 cc bike, but continuously!*

Well wide awake again and time for more darn tablets .. but not going to stop the as really want this all to stop...

Time for cleaning too....


3.35 pm

Soooooooooo much to do.. *Still in pain*.... not got a lot done yet..

Cake is baked though.. doing her a lemon drizzle cake... Lemon ice cream is done.. and our dinner.

We have been asked to go out for a drink in the village at 7 and to be honest that doesn't leave me much time to get things sorted.

Also had to go in the pool again *Just now.. hair looks like scarecrow hair.. just shocking I tell you!* Hopefully this little leak has been fixed now.... would be the day Daughter is going to arrive... mind you the water was lovely and warm...

We are due for a thunder storm this evening! Not going to moan as the grass really needs it.. looking like straw at the moment.


Chores done and going out for a drink!

Then wait for them to get here....... *Yay.. face still hurting grrrr*

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