Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday.. What already!

Sneak WI Today... 00.12 lb 8 oz Eh??

Yesterday.. what a day!! I finally made a little extended square thing for the boys to play in.. then the bigger one was picking on the little on.. He is naughty!

Then I mowed my sister's memorial garden and .. well picture this!... Me with pink shorts on that flap around and they have love written all over them
(Attractive I know!) and a lilac net shirt that has purple flowers on (Matching.. not!) There I am outside..glowing like a pig.. and in walks two men from the village.... OMG I wanted to die.. why is it when you are looking your worst people come in..

I looked around to see if there was somewhere to hide.. nope my arse would have shown the other side of the rose tree... let along the bust and tummy! I was rumbled! I tried to get it in first.. about how come people come round when you look a mess and one said.. oh you always look like that! So after calling him a "Bitch" a few times.. and wanting to say..
"Well I dress like this to make you feel better". Don't know why I worry.. they are a lovely couple! Yes they are a couple.. and they do make me laugh!

Anyway.. got hotter and hotter after they left.. so went for a dip in the pool for a hour or so to cool off and got out just in time to get ready to go out.

More later as have to go shopping!

*Studies mirror to see where the weight has gone from.. maybe my toes!*


4.30 pm

I am back.. did you miss me? Ahh guess not!

Wooo hooo.. got an ice-cream maker while out... now scouring the internet for recipes that are practically syn free!! Like yeah I am going to find any of those. Also got a large umbrella for outside, as it is so darn hot out there!

Daughter will love it when she sees it... so you can then dip in the pool and wait in the shade but still be warm...

Spoke to Daughter on the net today.. P and O Ferries are really messing her around... *Wouldn't recommend them now* Hopefully she will get them to sort their fingers out, before I break them!

Went down to the couples house today as they are both painting the outside of the house! Bless in this heat too... we laughed about how much we would lose, but then looked grim with the prospect of having a glass of water and it is all back on again!

Sat here now with a nice cup of coffee... going to twitter in a mo...

Breakfast today was some fruit.. not had lunch yet.. naughty naughty.. *So excited about the ice-cream maker* Have to cook a roast beef dinner for GOS who is smoking in the lounge while watching... yes you guess it Wimbleyawndon!

Not had anymore syns yet but sure I will use them up with the ice cream maker.... *Drat.. have to wait 18 - 24 hours for the base to freeze... crap crap crap* Well I am going to make loads with yogurt not this whipping cream stuff.. will be far to many syns otherwise... but I will just have to keep practicing till I get it right.. then go onto making Baileys yogurt ice-cream etc.. so expect many recipes from me once I get going!!

Where did I get to with the tales of yesterday.. ah yes the guys coming round.. they invited us out to another woman's house in the village.. I had met her before at the broconte and apparently she liked me and wanted to get to know me better! *Ha ha ha ha fool - laughed like the devil* She has a lovely rustic house in the village and a large natural garden.. was shaded in many parts so that is why I liked it.. *Hates sitting in the sun*. We stayed there till about 10.30 pm.

Dinner yesterday was savoury rice with chilli then later I had some potatoe wedges. 2 frozen yogurts.

So back to today!

GOS has been in a right grumpy mood.. when I was looking at the instructions for the ice-cream maker he said just get it.. as long as it isn't a one time wonder! *Pfft.. who is he calling a one time wonder* I will use it all the time as it is something I can munch away on if I can make them as syn free as possible! But I am grateful... *No point in being too grateful.. over the head!*

I can't believe it is the 1st July already... this time 20 years ago I was still sweating *Darn glowing* in the heat and had my little daughter inside my tummy.. can't believe where the years have gone... *Where have they gone* Aww do miss her so very much!

Have you ever belly laughed.. you know where you laugh so much that it hurts? I was thinking about that this morning as I was wondering round the garden. I remember my sister and I used to belly laugh... miss those days.. will never get that again.... but one good thing is I have my memories of her and Daughter and I have had a few belly laughs in our time.

Laughing is so good for is good to see the funny side of things... well not when your on the end of it .. not for a few years can you look back and laugh at things like that!

Hot flush.. gee.. this darn age thing... you can laugh .. but it will catch you in the end ... *Then who will be laughing*. So much to look forward to ... have you read up on it? Oh the joys.. let me find something to cheer you up!

Hot flushes and night sweats - *Lovely*

Sleep disturbance *Raises eyebrows and thinks ~ what sort of disturbances*

Vaginal symptoms.. I miss read that first and thought it said stimulation... *That gave me a hot flush*

Urinary symptoms *Tenor lady here I come!*

Osteoporosis *Wonderful.. brittle bones!*

How long do menopausal symptoms last?

Without treatment, most menopausal symptoms are self-limiting, which means they gradually stop happening naturally. This usually happens two to five years after the symptoms start, but some women can experience symptoms for many more years.

If you experience vaginal symptoms, such as dryness, itching and discomfort, it is likely that they will persist or worsen over time unless they are treated.

*Not laughing now are you ??!!*

See so much to look forward to...I am suppose to be living my dream... which is what? Be slimmer..and by being slimmer life is going to start! Pfft... now that is a load of crock!

Always waiting around we are for something to start instead of making it happen *Like the cooling disc on the ice-cream maker.. tut*

I have piled the dish washing up on the side hoping GOS will get the hint to do the lazy good for nothing dishwasher... Has it worked... NOPE! I will have to go and do it now as he wants his beef dinner... bah!


*Runs to check if 18-24 hours of freezing cooling disc has compressed to half hour*

8.10 pm

No it still hasn't frozen... awww I am going to sulk... Nah too hot!!

I have been in the kitchen cooking this roast beef dinner for GOS.. it is just so hot it is making me feel sick! Oh geesh.. I have just realised I haven't taken my stomach tablet.. that is why my tummy hurts!

See you have all this to come!!.. *Makes note to buy Tenor Ladies Pads for when needed*

Must go check the yorkshire puds..... brb...


Dinner all done and think television is in order this evening.. to cool off.

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