Friday, July 24, 2009


Yep you guessed it... I have been awoken with a tingling in my lip.. so toodled off to the bathroom to discover that my lower lip has been bitten!!! *I was blessed with fuller lips.. but this is ridiculous...*

After getting a wet flannel.. tried to get some sleep but the thought of getting bitten again and trying to fight with the paranioa of being bitten on the tongue or something and not being able to breath! *It can happen you know!!* I must have dozed for about half hour and got woken again with my finger throbbing... I decided to get up in the end as my left forearm was throbbing too... only got to the downstairs bathroom and looked in the mirror! Quasimodo was looking back at me *Sigh.. yes on the bridge of my nose.. my lower lip and the right side of my chin....hangs head in shame and thinks of ways to ease it*

So I set on another quest of how to ease prevent and kill mosquitos! *People would pay thousands for a lip like mine at the moment.. no puckering up.. *

First page I came across said to rub banana skin on the area... now at the time the arm was swelling and burning and stinging... so I did this.. and hey presto.. that has eased it for a while.. also on the finger... tried the lip.. but that has just annoyed it even more!

They say not to break the skin with scratching.. cut your nails

*Any slight tingle now on my body I am getting paranoid and I am now feeling very tired, but too scared to go back to bed incase I get bitten again and again and again.. I guess I could always tell people I am really a size 10 and my whole body has been bitten.. what do you think?*

Another site said to use bicarb mixed to a paste.. have used that on sunburns... but doesn't prevent does it!! But does work on sunburns .. so remember that if you are an avid sun worshiper!

Now another said to eat lots of garlic... one said to spray with lavender, lemon oil...that citronella doesn't work..

They say not to wear dark colours.. *Yeah the fat girl loves wearing bright colours to draw attention to herself.. NOT* Also make sure that you are completely covered.. *Like I would go out in a bikini anyway!* No.. no it does say.. all arms and legs covered.. put thick trousers and top on and tuck the trousers in some socks *Ahh see now that sounds really attractive doesn't it*

Believe me I have tried most things as when we lived in Germany.. I was also eaten alive there... like this.. and haven't been bitten like this here before!!

It also says that they like to bite people who are over weight... *Yeah pick on the fat people why don't they... *

GOS sometimes get bitten and there he was last night sprawled out.. really hot.. nearly naked.. but no.. they go for me!!

The sky has gone really dark outside.. I have just had to get the washing in which has had a short sharp shower on it.. *Not turning out to be my day is it* Just loaded other washing I had waiting to dry into the dryer .. so might crack on with some ironing in a while...

*Whispers.. dare not say what next.. as something else bad always happens... * No I don't always look on the dark side of things.. I do try to think of positivity.. but it seems to be one thing after another... why is that? All I want is a happy life... *Don't we all I guess*

Have been chatting away to an old friend just now on MSN.. wow some of the times and laughs we had together. Ahh those were the days... how you had no worries in the world but when was the next night out.. what to wear, who was going out etc.... The 80's music... ahh memories...

Right back to Mossy remedies.. bbl...


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