Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Today Thanks!!

Soooooooooo tired.. been up all night in pain..... and was talking to some friends in a chat room and they suggested cloves.... Well here I sit.. at pc.. with a clove stuck in my mouth in anticipation that the pain will stop.. or ease for a little bit so I can go get an hour or so.. then take myself off to the dr or dentist.

One tip they say is.. don't swallow your syliva while you have the clove in your mouth as it can give you a tummy upset... *Yeah just what I need right now don't you think.. that on top of this!*

My face has been feeling odd so I do know that besides the agonising pain.. I have to get it sorted. They were saying that the taste isn't nice.. *Well after what I have been gargling with the last few days.. it is ok!*

I know it is weigh in day and I got on the scales really early.. so not taking it as a true reading yet.. but was 00.13 lb . 4 oz. *Typical though eh.. let's start the week on a high.. NOT*

Eww glad you can't see me.. tissues everywhere with all this syliva in.. *Making myself feel sick now!*

Watched a lot of telly in bed.. Alan Carr.. The Chatty Man... the film Armagedon.. *Always liked that film* and some Come Dine With Me... but GOS was tired and I think the sound was keeping him up and with this darn face thing I can't hear very well... *Take me round the back and shoot me now!* So lay there for what seemed hours... think I cat napped when body took over then woke in pain and this went on for a few hours.. so just got up in the end!

OMG.. you are never going to believe this.. but the gum pain is easing... wow.. cloves really do work.. I know it is only masking that.. now how do I get rid of the face/ear ache. *Think I will carry cloves with me all the time now.. but must remember the draw back of drooling!*

Waves of tiredness keep coming over me.. you never appreciate not being in pain till you are in pain! Not sure if I should try and get some sleep... think I might go and try I can always get up again can't I..

Night bloggers..................


9.28 am

Think I got about half hour if that... but rang a friend who rang the drs and got me an appointment at 6.30 pm tonight!!!!!!!!! Oh that is ages away... going to have to keep myself occupied till then.. not sure if friend is going to take me as he knows where it is or GOS will drive us. Have to take friend as he speaks the lingo! *Will speak to GOS when he gets up*

Yes.. I haven't forgotten it is OWI day.. but it is the last thing on my mind at the moment!

Have to keep busy to try and take mind off the pain...will see if I can finish the ironing...

BBL................ *If not shot myself from all this!*

4.38 pm

Just a quick update....

Mowed the lawn... had to do something to take my mind off this constant pain! GOS helped me with the grass bucket as it hurts to bend over...

Also he has been harvesting our pots... about 88 kilos he said.. so not bad!

Food today has been terrible.. and no I didn't weigh in... *One day I can.. I really don't feel like it*

Going to grab a shower now to get ready to go to the drs... oh I do hope they can help me... getting desperate now!



Total Syns todate... out of 105

B: Half melon and ice cream

L: Ice cream



HA: 1 x Milk

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