Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Does Today Hold... Less Fat Hopefully!

Had a bizzare dream last night... dreamt the weather was very very cold in fact a blizzard outside.. but I was back at my old comprehensive school. I looked out of the window and could see all the snow on the ground and ice... and see the cold mist in the air.. it was also still dark!

Inside I was with my old tutor from college... she was or is lovely.. anyway... all the students in the class turned out to be ill.. they all had one form of cancer or another.... on said she had mouth cancer and you could see all these tiny white lumps on her tongue.. over 40 in all as she got me to count them.. she was only young... but I didn't know here. Another lady.. elderly.. well late 50s 60s.. she had internal cancer and you could tell by her eyes.

Next thing I remember was that I lived in the high street where I used to live with my departed sister...and there was something going on. I remember going into the launderette that we used to own and there were people milling around in there in the dark...

There are a lot of pubs in that area and lots was going on... *A very odd dream in all.. wonder what it meant... might have to look some of it up*

Not got on the scales yet... have little LM here.. think we will go and have breakfast.

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