Saturday, July 4, 2009

Weigh In Day is Looming!!

The sun has come out.. and I have already lunged myself onto the scales twice today. *Not sure what is going to happen..haven't tried slight jumping yet to see if I am lighter.. must try that!*

It does say 00.12 lb 2 oz so going down!! *I know some point over this week I am going to have to rehydrate..or death may occur.... drat!*

Woke up with chronic neck ache today and keep walking around twitching my neck...*Look a right weirdo.. Mmm ... so what's new?*

Had two 18th birthday cards to do and a 60th... one 18th done.. two left...

Think I will go get dressed... then carry on... *Stides across the floor in sexy pink nighty...looking hopeful..*


12.56 pm

*Rushes in all excited* I didn't tell you.. the Dirty Dancing workout dvd will be with me soon... *Dreams of being the slender flexible girl who can jigggy all night long, smooth lunges and elegant lifts.. ahh more like one of the Rollie Poly's!!*

Don't worry you will hear all about my antics and dirty dancing.. I can picture it all now.... *Me.. in satin leggins and sequin vest top.. hair in pony tail don't forget the leg warmers... *

It's here... it's here... by be back later... glistening from my workout.....

*Swoons across the floor so gracefully in anticipation!*



Ok it is official.. I am worn out watching some of it!! *Some how can't see my little feet doing all those steps... grrr they look so toned... skinny bitches!*

Still not dressed.. how bad is that... no going to get dressed now!!

BBL..... *Singing "I'm a luuuuuuuurrrrrrrrveee man....dodododo do dododo do... OOOOOwwww*


Ok.. didn't do the dancing ... but did clean the house... and was cream crackered!! I had enough time to grab a shower before everyone arrived... *Put my jeans on and had to get the smaller belt... check me out.. purrrrrrr or should that be roooooaaaaaaaaarrrr... I dunno*

It was drinks by the pool on the decking then off to the broconte in the town... I managed to pick up some copper pans for my father... and I got a new well old bust for my shabby chic bedroom! *Mmm would love to trade my own bust in for a new one.. maybe something smaller and more pert or should that be perky!!?*

Got back and was feeling rather tired but hadn't eaten... naughty me.. so did some jacket spuds and had some laughing cow light cheese with some branston pickle... *Yum*

Suffering from heart burn now... my own fault with the branston.!

Well off to watch some telly... and maybe slip into my naughty black nighty tonight...

*Tiptoes off in eager anticipation... ........................of watching something good on the telly...ahh that got you didn't it!*



  1. Unfortunately for me, workout dvds and that wonder piece of gym equipment eg the lateral thigh trainer, are soon put under the stairs and become post modern sculptures to my vain attempts to lose weight. In the end I made the decision to get a dog so Rusty joined the family, I now walk up to two hours a day once in the morning and once in the evening.

    I admire your committment to excersise and I will enjoy reading more about it. I have about 1 and a half stone to lose, so maybe I should be more focussed.

    I look forward to more posts

  2. I really enjoy your style of writing on your blog. Best of luck with the weight in. Right now the dial on my scales goes arround approximatly twice, but I can see I have lost weight from my face. I may start putting a weekly video on my blog if I am brave enough as a visual record.


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