Monday, July 20, 2009

Are Painkillers Fattening??

Yes I am backkkkkkkk!!

I am not in pain anymore and I have just thrown myself on the scales and lept off in such dissapointment!!

00.3lb.2oz... that means I have had a gain from 00.11 lb . 8 oz!!! Let us say about 5 lb in two weeks... *S**t C***p B******s*

Well now I am feeling better after 12 painkillers a day and 2 anti biotics and 1 stomach tablets... so are they fattening?

I know I wasn't left with a lot that I could eat as I couldn't open my mouth! But for goodness sake ..... well not going to moan.. I did have some birthday cake that I made for my Daughter... who has gone home now :(

Just going to have to get back on the wagon and lose those pounds now along with the extra stones I want to shed!!]

The weekend with my family went farrrrr to quickly... but it did seem that all I was doing was cooking and cleaning! ... Didn't spend half as much time as I wanted to with Daughter, we didn't even get in the pool at the same time. Also never got any photos.. but I will look at the camera as I am sure Daughter took some!

My lovey niece is with us for two weeks now so we are going to be doing different things every day now...

I thought we could kick start today off with doing the March DVD and then a dip in the pool... maybe a walk later... will have to see!


20.50 pm

We did the March Dvd.. LM (Niece) was being lazy and not doing all of it.. but we did have a laugh... then we went swimming for about an hour or so....

Got out to make some lunch.. was really nice...

The day has gone really quickly.. and I am still in shock that I have put on so much weight in such a short time!! *Gutted really...*

LM is allowed on the pc to play Sims 3 *think she is addicted to it already!!* then it is off to bed...

We are reading a goosebumps book... The Egg Monster. She is doing really well... we take it in turns to read a page each. I love reading time with her... we snuggle up and really get into the story. I love to do all the sound effects and make her jump.. she then giggles... *She is so much like my lovely departed sister*

Think I will be in bed early tonight myself! Feel worn out.. think all the lack of sleep while in pain with the face/tooth is starting to catch up with me.

Just heard the news.. what is Alan Sugar doing in the houses of parliament!! *Oh maybe we can all get in!* Well maybe this one won't need to steal from the government for his personal use...

Reading time.. may be back later.....


22.51 pm

Just remembered I haven't put down what I have eaten today... and I do have to start to be strict with myself again don't I!! Tut.. thought you were keeping me on track!!

B: Pineapple, nectarine banana and yogurt

L: Bean and potato soup *Homemade of course!* and ice cream

D: Spag bol... Pork .. HB

Syns..Parm cheese.. 1.5 syns.

HA =
HB = Pork

Workout... Half hour march and swimming!

Total Synergies... 1.5 out of 105

So not bad today eh!! Think I might have some more ice cream as I can dig away at that and it is free!

GOS has taken control of the telly since dinner time and tonight it has been all space things.. over and over again... *Yawn*

Gee I am tired. Then again it is nearly 11.15 pm here!

Oh never told you... my father and GOS looked at the Dishwasher.. and he had not got the right part... so back to washing up in the sink... god help that machine when I do get the right part,.. it is in for a beasting!!

So back tomorrow all... *Must think thin.. think thin woman thin thin thin!*

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