Saturday, July 11, 2009

Something Going Wrong!

Well I did throw myself on the scales this morning ... and OMG!! It said...00.13 lb 6 oz *Nothing more disheartening than that now is there to start your day.. or my day*

So last week was some sort of freak incident with me losing weight! And looks like I might put on this week...basically it is saying I have put on 2lb *Flksdnfgosadifgdnhfklgndlakgndfao;gn!!!*

Ok.. right so maybe last week was a combination of the exercise from the week before.. so I should step that up...*Just wish I wasn't feeling so crappy.. tooth still hurting and now ear*

Damn it is raining... was going to strip the beds today and get that sorted....But not going to complain about the weather as rather water the grass.. *That needs mowing too* and hopefully the weather will pick up for daughter when she comes!

I think what it is .. I am staying up later at night again and while sat there I am tending to eat into my syns...and eating late... but they have said it doesn't matter what time of the day you eat! Maybe I need to stuff myself more with free food during the day and go to bed early... After all I have said...sleeping is weight loss for me.

Odd how I have put on .. but was feeling a little slimmer today... *Mind playing tricks on me again... the whole world is against me aaarrgggghh*

I do know that I have not been having food till after 12.. and this is proving not to be a good option... I need to concentrate on myself... and stop worry about things I can not change.

Did only get up twice to go to the loo... normally 4 so could it be fluid retention? *Looks at ankles.. nope they seem smaller if anything else... darn*

I did notice last time my tummy flared... I didn't really lose anything...So back to that thought.. if you take acid suppressants.. does that stop the food breaking down as quick.. so less weight loss?

*Can't think about it.. too upset*


Think I will have breakfast at a normal time today... I could have some weetabix with yog and fruit...

Just swilled my mouth with corsodyl.. that tends to numb it for a bit and have two paracetamol here ready to take.. (9.30pm)

*I don't want another grumpy day :((*

Have the wall to finish today... hopefully get that finished... well as much as I can till I can think of something to get that staining off!

Also have to nip through the village and post some cards... *Should start thinking about making my Christmas cards too*

See a woman's work is never done.. so have to move this butt!

BBL............ *Going to eat first*


1.09 pm

Another coat... *still don't recommend painting all these coats* Will see what this dries like and go from there .. I want to cut in again so will leave that till last... would be red wall meets cream wall wouldn't it!

Trying to eat my breakfast.. I know I was going to have it earlier... but mouth hurts so much... really hard to swallow at the moment.. so taking me ages... *Maybe this is another weight loss tip.. get toothache!*

Forgot it was Saturday today... I just got all the ironing etc done to crack on with and GOS gets up and is now watching the box as car racing is on.. ..*I don't want to do the ironing that much.. it can wait till later!*

Forgot to make some ice-cream yesterday.. so might make some of that in a moment.. at least you don't have to chew ice-cream..*Mmm well I hope I don't or it will be bad!*

Maybe I should just sleep! Can't eat... don't normally feel pain... so could be a plan! *Should clear my desk.. it is driving me mad all this crafting stuff everywhere*

Now this is a little worrying!!

Time for a mouthwash again...
2.47 pm

Just done another mouth wash and it is starting to ease it off again... *It is wearing me out this pain*

Oh.. well I didn't mention... GOS came upstairs last evening and did the washing up!! *Ok which one of you snitched on me!* It must either be.. he wanted to do it????????? *Mmmm as a unspoken sorry.. maybe??* or... he has been reading my blog!!

You may laugh.. but he actually wiped the tray over the sink!! So what does that tell you.. eh eh!

Thought I might have got a "Sorry I snapped at you" yesterday... *Glad I didn't hold my breath though waiting for it*

Oh what shall I have for lunch...

Had an email from Father's lady friend... I said she could sleep in Lady's room... (my niece) if that would make her feel more comfortable... and she replied asking me who that was.. was it a dog? *Would I build a room just for a dog to sleep in... or does she think I am offering her the outhouse or something*

Lunch here I come.. might just do some savoury rice.. as I can just sort of scoop that in and swallow... *Falls to knees and begs for good pain relief*

11.45 pm

Just taken some more pain relief... last lot taken at 5.. trying to stretch it out... *Waaaaaaaaaaaaa* I hope this starts to ease off tomorrow!

Well not sure if GOS is still in a mood... we have said about 10 sentances today! Ahh he seems happy enough in his room... and I rattle around the house.

Red wall... just cut in again... hoping that will be it and then do the final cutting in for the cream tomorrow... still no idea a bout the staining.

Might mow the lawn tomorrow if it is nice... which would be just right as then I can do it on Thursday before they arrive!

Think the pain killer is starting to kick in now.. took about 45 mins.. .so might go get myself off to bed!

What's the betting I will get up and weigh myself and I will be bigger.... I am sure I am not a night kitchen eater!

*No sexy slinky nighty tonight that is for sure!... or any dancing.. face head what ever it is .. is hurting.. anyway.. he hasn't spoken to me enough today anyway!*


Total Syns todate... 59.5 out of 105

B: 2 weetabix.. lemon 0% FF , Sliced pear

L: Savoury rice and 2 sliced eggs ice cream Lemon flavour

Pork chop roasted veg and home grown pots ice cream as above


HA: 1 x Milk
HB: Pork chop weetabix

Syns ............. 6.5 total= 66

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