Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here Goes Another Week.....

Bah.. still sulking if honest from yesterdays weigh in... yes I can harp on if I want to!

Yes.. I did throw myself on the scales this morning.. and yes I am getting obsessive about it... *Must get a life.. must get a life* Nope still not got one drat!

I ate chocolate and 8 sweets last night.. and that cost me a whopping 22.5 points.. so can't have any today... Bovvered! *Sneers*

Breakfast: 1 pear 1/2 banana 2 Tesco weetabix *Sure they are smaller *snorts* some O% yogurt

An apple *Yes I know how desperate am I.. I don't like apples!* I sat outside with the boys and shared it... *Smiles sweetly*

So that is one HB and of course my milk for my coffee's HA

Not sure what to have for dinner yet... omg am I thinking of dinner already!! I have to say.. who is full up on 2 weetabix?

Oh yeah.. sneak weigh in today.... 00.00.8 oz.. I shouldn't check as I am only setting myself up for a fall AGAIN!

*Breathes in, looks in the mirror and thinks .. where has that 8 oz gone from? Maybe my triple chin... oh that went months ago.. I forgot.. must be the excess skin flapping around there now that makes me think it is still there!*

Would be very hard to find out.. with a large bust and curvaceous body.. who would know! Oh yes I have an hour glass shapped body... *In my dreams.. more like a womble*

Least I still have my looks...I can say that as you can't see me! I am stunning.. no really I am! Why don't you believe me.. I am I am I am...believe me yet? tut!

Well saying that.. with this pollen count being so high.. I do have a lovely swollen eye and it is still itching! Hey.. don't laugh... did you laugh at cossymodo from Frankenstein.. no he scared you! Well beware I could be at a house near you!

GOS and I have been invited out this evening! I know.. shocking isn't it. A couple in the village have been invited out and we were asked to go along to. The woman is going to get me some diet caffiene free coke in to drink...bless her! *What the heck am I going to wear*

It is sooooooooo hot...I will have to have a couple hours dip in the pool to cool down before going out.. or I will be dripping on their floor. Your right, I don't do excessive heat! Hate it!

*Wonders what she has in her wardrobe that will make me look thinner seeing as I did lose 8 oz this week!*

I have just made the hostess and noteset as it is not PC to take wine it is normally flowers or plant or chocolates.. and don't have either in to give away.. so I made something.

Hopefully she will like it.

Had a quick email from daughter... saying Morning Sunshine xxx Thought she would have known my name by now.. Mother ..Mum..Mummy all would have done! There was me telling you she is a bright girl! Nah she is really. Would love to put a picture up of her.. but if I did.. I might have to kill you!

Anyway.. you might have all day to sit and read this.. but I don't.. I have mischief to cause... like extending the boys garden run!! *Prays they don't escape*


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