Friday, June 26, 2009

What Day Is It?

Morning sneak wi..
. 00.00. 6 oz..

*Jumps around office.. I know I said I wasn't going to have any more sneak weigh ins.. but I need this one to keep me on track!*

Nooo... just realised that I am only 2 oz lighter since my Monday Official WI!! This can't be right.. I torture myself all week.. and still talking ounces. Think I need to look at this closer. *Gets magnify glass out.... nope still ounces!*

Syns to date: Had a major blow out last night.. and used up a total of 50 syns.. I had some chocolate and crisps.. how naughty and to be honest I didn't enjoy them that much... or did I? No I don't think I did!

GOS and I sat in bed watching "Lie to Me" and I was so tired I just had to sleep! We were watching one of the Terminator films the night before.. and I was wanting to sleep then.. oh I did!! Guess what.. I even had on said sexy pink nighty.. tell you.. did nothing for me!

Dad goes for a scan today... 3.30pm... keeping everything crossed for the test results to come back all ok.

Ah ... yes according to my horrorscope I am going to have some disagreements today... oh no I am not.. Oh yes you are!!


WW Jelly FF and Berries... lush!

The storm has come and gone and been back again.

Oh woke up again 3 times in the night... thank goodness we have an en-suite...

*Deep in thought.. maybe if I used the bathroom downstairs and the end of the house I would burn more calories... ahh no would spend more time out of bed than in it .. and sleep = weight loss!*

GOS is up.. will dash for a while!


12.10 pm

Think I am losing my marbles.. I just re thought about sneak weigh ins.. and it means I am 1lb and 2 oz lighter than last Monday official wi....

*Dances round office*

Going to do my march workout and cross training.. be back if I survive it!

*Strides off feeling thinner*

2.01 pm

Storms are still here and thank goodness it is clearing the air... GOS hates that saying.. along with.. "Light and airy". Estate agents always use it don't they!

I am pleased there are storms as I have just done my 30 min Kathy whatsher name March DVD and 30 mins on the cross trainer... not only do I feel sick.. but hot isn't the word for it... if only GOS could see me now! Mind you he might take credit for it and tell me that I am getting senile and did I enjoy it!

Shower time then must have some lunch... feel the need to eat.. could it be the weather .. winter like so stock up on bread and make lots of stew that no one eats!

Oh I woke in the night and looked in the mirror.. thought I was a teenager again as found a pimple on the end of my nose.. I know a pimple... Young again at last!! Now I just need the slim body to go with it.

Was rummaging earlier through walk in wardrobe and came across a slinky little black nighty... might give that a try tonight!!

*Ponders - or should I get a pole and learn to pole dance? ... Ah maybe lose a few stone first eh.. yeah good idea!*

Right no good sitting here... I need to desquamate and shower.... then eat!

*Looks at self in mirror as walks by thinking.. yeah babe in black nighty.. might be good... shame you don't look like the one you imagine!!*



Blimey.. where has the day gone! As you may see I have been playing on this blog again... well keeps me off the streets from raping and pillaging doesn't it.. so stop your moaning.

GOS has been busy watching telly since coming up from his computer room.. cross between Discovery and Tennis *YAWN*

Cleaned the kitchen.. and my skin is peeling... does that mean I am going to be lighter!! I could start a new trend.. skin shedding.. but think on this one I would need a disclaimer!


Mild Cheese and Broc Pasta wiht 1 tbspn of pama cheese... 2 syns!!... See I am getting good at this using the syns up malarky now aren't I!!

GOS has gone out to check the gates from yesterday.. bless he did ask me if I wanted to go and it isn't that I don't want to spend time with him... just don't like where he is going and I have to be there tomorrow for this 50th Birthday party... whooopie do!

Here are some of the little darlings that keep me awake! OMG have I turned into a bird watcher now too... *Thumps head on table really hard*

Must go look up this Success Express with SW... for Monday...

BBL.....*God woman you still haven't done the ironing!*


7.30 pm

Opps... dinner was to be chilli con carne... oh well can have that another day.. might do pork chop and roasted veg.

Just chilling have a coffee... I have just spent a good 2 hours ironing.. nope not all done yet... but I am sure I will look around and the laundry box will be full again!

Ahh the joys of being a woman... washing up... toilet crap, what is there to look forward to!

Spoke to father.. they said (hospital) all is well.

I see that the telly has lots on about Michael Jackson.. and I agree that it is very sad.. but nothing about F Fawcett..

What about that poor little girl that was murdered by that kid that was looking after her while the mother went to the shops! What was wrong with her.. children are so precious you don't leave them behind!!

Such a sad life for many.

In the ironing pile I found a seductive gold nighty not worn in a while... might have to try that one if the black one doesn't work. Maybe I should get a feather boa... and do some sort of tantilising dance around the bedroom. Oh, I can see his face now.. shock horror! I can also here him saying.. "What do you think your doing..get into bed woman your blocking the telly!" Such joy *sigh*

My Horrorscope for tomorrow...

June 27, 2009
You might want to float along in a current relationship, yet your significant other wants to make a special commitment. He or she may even be talking about it, but discussions of taking a next step will probably scare the heck out of you. Although it makes sense to explore your own resistance, don't just succumb to the needs of anyone else. If you acquiesce, you'll be setting a bad precedent for the days ahead.

What can I say.. I give in, I give in!... *runs upstairs to change into sexy black nighty and waits for the hours to tick by till tomorrow*

My brother rang with news that the bank have given him the money to start building his shop and flats... so that is good news... maybe things are going to take a turn for the better for a change!

*Still keep thinking of an all over body liposcution*

Best go start dinner...

*Leaves deflated as can hear Discovery on the telly.. more murder*



Pork chop and SW Chips 2 frozen yogurts and ermm half a melon.. I was feeling peckish! No it is only a small melon... not a water melon!

GOS was in his chair so I thought I would go over and push it to see how my point system was going? Well I didn't get very far! It was suggest WE wash up!

Oh well must be time for bed.. as bed is slimming after all.

Might pick up some syns on the way as only had two today

Total syns to date 52 out of 105.

Nighty Night!

Found the page to read up on Success Express!! Whooo hooo!

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