Monday, June 22, 2009

Weigh In Day!

You are going to ask me arn't you?... Yes, it is weigh in day today...

The prize cow dashed down the stairs and threw off the shorts n top pjs and gracefully placed herself on the scales... I don't know why I did it like that.. maybe thought if I crept up on them ... they would be kind to me! Crap ..crap and more crap.... nope not at all! 8 oz... so I lost only half a pound!

Half a pound I tell you, I want to rant and rave... but I guess you might hear this all the time! So going to think positive on this one...

0.5lb loss over 52 weeks = 26lb and so that would be just under 2 stone a year! *Runs for chair and reaches for a light flex to hang on* Doh that doesn't seem much.. but it is .. it is I tell you!

Well...I will carry on being good... and you never know if this works for the slimming side I may get some points to add to my point system with the GOS!! But I am not going to hold my breath!

Today.. the sun is out.. and I am sat here typing away... doing my twitter and replying to random people that I do know now ... but it is fun!

Filled in some posts on the slimming site.. enjoy that! Oh and I need to clean my desk! Geesh it is a mess... but still feeling so tired. In fact I need to clean my whole office.. it is a little upside down again and gets me a little aggitated!

Just had my lush breakfast... not...


2 x weetabix with 0% natural yog and a pear! = 1 x HB

Not sure how the rest of the day is going to pan out.. to be honest I feel like going back to bed.. or laying in the garden, but I will fall asleep and get burnt!

Planted out some Lemon Balm that my friend from the uk brought over for me.... herb garden is really coming along... looks pretty to! GOS is working on the veg plot.... OMG we are getting old!!

*Me.. thinks if I am asleep I am still burning calories and not eating!! Now that is a plan! Night all....*


Yah.. I am back...

Had a little cat nap.. well us women may need it at our age... I have woken up more refreshed.. only to find that my GOS has gone out!! I have been having jovial banter with him that he is sneaking out at night to liase with another woman! Maybe she has more points that me!!

Rushed around and gathered some washing.. threw that in the laundry room, unloaded and reloaded (with dirty dishes of course) and just made myself my lunch!

"Self thought... Am I feeling slimmer yet?"


Chicken and mushroom pasta with garlic and corriander.. rather nice.. but tipped too much garlic in..

Had a quick twitter.. been out to feed the boys (rabbits, they are such darlings!).

Guess when I have eaten this I should go down to find GOS... I know where he will be.. fitting a cistern and sink basin for some friends of ours down the road. Will be good to watch him work... I could work up my POINTS! by passing him things or annoying him by getting the wrong things...not sure which yet.. will see when I get there!

Nipping back to twitter a bit more while digesting my lunch.. which was no synergies by the way.. wooo hooo!!!

*Wanders off thinking... "Do photographs capture the soul"


I was a good girl.. I went and held some copper piping and asked if there was something I could do a few times... then came home. I did lounge around in the car for a bit while I was there... bored out of my skull... but I showed willing. So do that get me any more points? Yep! 1/2 pfft!

Washing is in..and decided I am going to have a go at making this quiche base with brown rice. Not sure what it is going to turn out like, but what have I got to lose besides lots of weight!

When I got back home I was full of lots of inspiration to get outside and do some gardening... but not so sure now.. keep having waves of tiredness come over me. No ... no I will be good.. I will go into the kitchen now and trash it and call what ever creation comes out of there dinner!

Wish me luck.. or maybe GOS as he has to eat it as well tonight lol....

BBL... "thinking is there anything good on the box tonight as might tackle the ironing before it takes over the house!"


Don't even bother asking me if I am in a good mood... cause I am not! My dearest kitchen friend looks like he has died! How can he leave me like this.. we have been together for many years and I just don't know what I am going to do without him.

Well, I do I will have to do the darn washing up myself... either that or get GOS to do it.. nah that isn't going to work.. maybe he will take a look at it for me. But he has been a busy bee today.. GOS that is.. not the lazy dishwasher! So GOS is on the couch watching one of his discovery programmes.

My darling brother called today to moan at me.. that didn't go down well... and the least said about that the better.. so no don't mention it again ok!

Looks like the lawn needs mowing again.. sometimes I do dream of slabbing it.. but would then look like I live in a concrete jungle and do love it so when I have it done!


113gms Chicken cooked in foil with some lemon and garlic.. joined with some new potatoes and a green tossed salad (oo I sound posh don't I) I also made to go with it as was going to put my chicken in it but couldnt' wait... a vegetable quiche with a rice base.... but I got the first bit out and it fell apart so have left it in the oven to harden off.

Other ha = 28gms cheese

Syns so far...

Highlights chocolate 2 syns
Golden bakes 5 syns

= 7 syns

GOS is on the move...

Pulled up some lettuce from the veg patch for our tossed salad... and a white radish.. but I think it was too far gone.. took a good hard yank to get it out.. don't think it wanted to be served on our plate. As it was.. it wasn't very nice so didn't 'make it that far!

Think I will go and plant some flowers.. have been waiting for GOS to help me move some compost.. but I will just put these little pinks in now... they are wilting and seems a shame not to get some flowers from them. Oh bugger it I will do it in the morning.

Going to make a card... bbl....

"Still wonder if anyone is reading this?"


Think it is time for bed... was going to put on a sexy nighty and see if I could earn some points... oh that reminds me I haven't had another go at that belly dancing lark again... wore me out if honest! Have you tried it? Well it is really hard I tell you it is!!

Tomorrow I will do half hour on the cross trainer then do half hour march out video and see how well I do at that. Maybe if I think I am marching to the shop to replace the lazy flipping dishwasher I might even break out into a sprint!!

Must remind myself to plant flowers out too.

Fancy munching on something now.. ooh yes cheese.. and it yet it is late so really I should venture off to bed in some ugly pjs and lay there with no duvet on, or was that suppose to be sexy nighty.. ahh well.. forget it!

Nighty night

"Note to self: Must get sexy nighty out and dust it off!"

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