Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Holding Out Much Hope!

Yep another morning has swung around so quick... and yes don't nag it is the Official Weigh In Day... and yes believe it or not.. I do not want to get on the scales as I am not holding out much hope now for weight loss after getting on there yesterday.

I will do it in a moment... I want to get some washing up out the way... I want HA that is a joke.. I have to get it out of the way.

Hey you not wondering why my post yesterday was a light one.. well the guests did arrive.. (So no tankini!) and there was about 8 of them! Luckily they all stayed in the garden in the baking heat and I served lemon squash... Oh again I sound posh.. but was only tesco's own! It turns out that one of the guests wanted a card order of 7 cards, which was great! But they had to be done by this morning!!

So I worked my fingers to the bone making these cards and I am expecting her this morning sometime. Of course I finished them... was about 1 am this morning though! Let's just hope she turns up or I am going to be making little cloth voodoo dollys and believe me I will use them!

Yesterday's Food:

Lunch: Fruit and tin of spaghetti

Dinner: Chilli with rice and added TVP HB x 2 2 frozen 0% yogurts

Anytime.. Fruit

Syns.. 13.5 Chocolate... but still in my syns!!

Total Syns 97.5 out of 105...

I didn't get round to facial exercise yesterday... but might give it a go today. But then it is very warm out there so might go for a dip in the pool...Oh still have to mow the lawn!

*Getting anxious about weigh in... I bet I don't lose weight this week after all that exercising and being so darn good.*

Yeah.. I had some chocolate but that was put in the syn bin so is allowed and what... never allowed to have treats!

Maybe I should have a week with no treats at all... but Slimming World give you synergies to have treats and add to your weekly food so you still lose weight.

*I can hear the dishes calling me.. grrrr* Best go do them while I still have the will to live!



10.07 am

Cards sold... customer pleased.. me too! *Oh no must not get pleased till I have done weigh in*

It is so darn hot.. I am glowing and only sat here.


12.20 pm

Oh I didn't say.. I did the weigh in... GUTTED.. What's the frigging point!!! 1 - 2 lb loss a week they say.. that is better for you.. can't even make it to that!! No.. not telling you I am sulking... can't you see that I am sulking...

*Does hate dance round the office*

Nope I don't want to talk about it...

*Throws herself in a heap on the floor and sobs*

*Having a screaming fit and I am going to carry on till I am sick!*

*Doesn't want to be sick.. so sits in chair sulking*


I have to concentrate on the positive... I lost 1/2 a pound!

Half a darn pound.. is that it... blood, sweat, tears, along with nausea, starvation and muscles spasms and this is all I get for it.

*Why couldn't I have been born with slim genes and maybe large ears or an outty belly button*

Yeah I have to be realistic... no that is crap! I can't even use the "I am near my target weight" sentence... as I am far from it!!

*Goes to sulk again*

*Leave me alone I am sulking*

Right.. in my head I have to say well that is better than a gain... I knew I shouldn't have cut my hair.. I could have blamed that then!

Should I use.. "I am retaining water" and if I say it with a slight lip curl and nod my head enough... people will believe me?

No... oh.. ok.. What about if I ask them if I have lost weight.. and when they go "Yes" I can scream back "What you saying I was fat before!" Do you think will detract from my pathetic 1/2 pound loss?

Maybe if I just say...I didn't get time to do the weigh in this week!

*Stomps up and down shouting "Crap crap crap crap crap", then wonders how many milliounces I just lost then?*

Breakfast: 2 pears and a peach *Even the peach hated me and dripped juice all down my nice white T Shirt*

*Might just go get my tankini and braces on and burn myself to a crisp in the garden and I may even take the braces off to scare the birds away!*


*Walks away still sulking*


9.20 pm

Just had dinner..was rather nice..

Lunch: Tuna salad with sliced new pots and frozen yogurt. 1 x hb

Dinner: Homemade spicy turkey burgers with potato wedges, green beans and mange tout.. and a frozen yogurt. 1 x hb

1 x HA Milk

No syns so far lol...

Not sure if to have a week with as little as possible this week to see if that makes a difference to my weight loss... Or maybe a week with very little exercise and see if that works!

I am open to ideas if you are brimming over with them!

Took hayfever tablet earlier and fighting to stay awake again.

Braved the pool this afternoon.. was going to drown my sorrows...but as soon as I run out of breath.. natural reaction is to aim for the surface!! Also seeing as the pool is only just under boob height for me.... going to be rather hard isn't it. Oh very funny.. you think it is a paddling pool and my boobs are round my ankles!

I can see we are going to fall out here!

Wimbledon is on again...had to sit with it on all through dinner this evening... oooo that just made me yawn.. see it is boring.

Didn't get the lawn done... I am naughty.. but just didn't fancy mowing it when it is nearly 30 out there... I will melt away... *Now there is an idea*

For anyone new to SW.. you can always leave me a message if you need any help.. I am more than will :)

I know that my weight is fighting me all the way .. but nearly 4 stone is an achievement isn't it.. See there I do have a positive thought in one day.. even if it is only one!

Boys all tucked up in their hut with food and goodies and lots of water.

Going to look round the net a bit... bbl

*Keeps telling herself.. be positive!*


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