Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Day In Paradise!

Yep.. today started with me thumping downstairs and ripping my clothes off again to weigh myself... (with blinds closed again of course!) I am sure when I turned round I saw the scales cowering away... might have been cause it was a little dark or am I really losing the plot? you want to know what it said....yeah of course you do ....00.1lb.2oz.. but how can I tell the scales are not giving the wrong reading just to get me off them? I have been rather manic this week... getting on them everyday.. and here is how it has gone..

Monday...2 lb this is weigh in day.. and last Monday I was 2lb 6 oz.. so lost 6 ounces!! bah

Tuesday...1 lb. 2oz (Mmm am there again)

Wednesday...1 lb 2 oz (No loss here)

Thursday... 1lb 6 oz (Grrrr)

Friday... 2lb 6 oz (The scales are against me.. they hate me I tell you.. hate me!)

Saturday... well this you know... yes 1lb 2 oz...

I have been working so very hard.. except yesterday cause feeling so poorly.. hours on the cross trainer.. mowing that lawn.. (That just keeps growing and growing.. hey takes me about 2 hours to mow it.. so it is a big one!!) Stop that.. why are you shaking your head in disbelief.. the garden is not the size of a postage stamp.. well it is if you are flying in an aeroplane!!

So for those that are not up to date on weights...

14 lb in a stone
16 ounces in a lb

So that equates to a loss of 14 ounces! Ahh alright.. it could all change tomorrow and I could be that dream size 10.. why size 10 I hear you ask.. yes this is so I can eat and not mind if I put on a little weight.

What would I do if I was a size 10? Write to Cadbury's Chocolate Factory and ask them if I could swim in a vat of chocolate ....ok reality...I would probably look in the mirror and still find fault with myself.

So the moral of this tale is... It doesn't matter what size you are.. you should make the most of who you are as you only get one chance in life...

Does that mean I can go eat a large bar of chocolate and not feel guilty... Nah!!

Now... what is going in my life?

Hayfever... maybe it isn't just the scales that is against me.. mother nature too! But have been wondering because every time I take an anti histamine tablet.. I always ache later on in the day like I have a cold... so what is it to be.. running nose.. stinging eyes.. blah de blah or aching muscles... Also looking out of my office window.. and it looks like it is snowing.. there is fluff floating around.. it is like cotton wool.. seem to get it every time this year!

I can hear everyone in the village busy putting up the marque for the village fete tomorrow. My GOS was asked to go and help... but he is still in his own land at the moment... did I tell you he hasn't been sleeping well.. well not at night anyway.. manages it throughout the morning!

Oooo a new craft CD ... yes the saddo who watches create and craft on my pc. It is company anyway, not that I chat to it, ok the odd comment.. like for goodness sake woman will you shut up! You will have no idea what I am talking about unless you have seen it!

Spoke to my lovely daughter last night. Felt rather abandoned when she left home... as she couldn't just leave home she had to move to another country! Oh.. she is a good girl.. I say girl.. she is 20 this year... July! So young lady... where do the years go... I am so very proud of her though. I only have to look at her and think yes I did a wondeful job because she has manners and a heart of gold and so much more besides.

She is coming to visit for her birthday next month and I am so excited. Yep so excited I could be sick! I secretly think GOS is looking forward to her coming home to... he is on about heating the pool for her! I have to go in when it is cold.. brrr.

Oh look at me rambling again... I should have called this the Dieters Rambler... I have some cards to make and send out... so will be back later, that you can be sure of!!

*Closes thinking how nimble she will be when she is slimmer*


Wow.. where has the time gone.. have to go get ready to go out now.. done the card ... so shopssssssss here I come!!!


Back but have colour on my head and rushing around as going out this evening... Been sooooooooooo long since I went out what does one wear!! Think I will go in casual.. jeans and jacket... is that the norm nowadays????

Well you will hear all about it when I get back.

*Terrible thought.. what if all my hair comes away when I shower this colour off!!*


Great news... if you care... the hair is all there... and damn I look good! I threw some clothes on.. yep went for jeans.. flowing black top and pinstripe jacket. Had a quick fight in my mind.. "Does this look okay?" "Does my bum look big in these jeans"? (Always!!) "Do I feel comfortable in this?" Then thought bugger it! Need to put face on and dash out ...

All in car heading off to a couples house we had only met the once and going to their house seems odd.. but hey have to go with the flow. You would think at my time of life I would be used to being in peoples houses.. but always find it a little un-nerving! Reminds me when I always used to visit my good friends house after school, no matter what I did... I always managed to break something or spill something on the carpet or settee!

Nice house... lovely garden.. sat there feeling a frump with my water. Oh your going to ask why water now aren't you.. tut! Ok I avoid caffeine as it sends me loopy and wine upsets my tum so what is left.. and this re-establishing my eating habits.. can't go over have to lose weight this week (Feel some ocd coming in here!) So I opted for water. Did try to see if one of the bars had diet tonic water.. nope! But in the end I managed to get a decaf coffee that was in a cup that was about the size of an egg cup!

We all sat in the square listening to a band after leaving the couples house... was ok.. but darn it got cold.. Thank god I wore my padded bra!! (Not that I need padding, but they do coming in handy I tell you!)

Dropped our friends off on the way back.. I wanted to hit the eject button but GOS didn't respond so they got out like the normal people do!

I am now cooking some SW pot chips as I am hungry.. they all had fried chips from the van in the square... I sat there like a health freak eating a banana!

Anyway... night over and done with and have to get stressed out for tomorrow now... Geesh your nosy.. right I will tell you .. tomorrow is the village broconte (that is fete incase you don't know).

I am going to sell or hope to sell some of my greeting cards... I have so many and I think it is time I got rid. I love making them and do keep just making them.. so time for a room cleanse!

Met a lady in the square tonight who gave me her card.. only turns out that she makes cards too! I smiled and couldn't resist saying I made them and she then started to reel off the type of cards she makes... like I didn't know occasions and it was all new to me... but me being me did my usual Caledonian Air Hostess smile and nodded and looked suprise head. I have been practising and using that for years.. you know the smile with no teeth.. slight head tilt when the change of tone is heard in the voice.. raise of eyebrow and looking interested... you know the one I mean.. I am sure you have done it yourself.

Next time you're on the phone... stand in front of a mirror and see how you do facial expressions to someone that can not even see your face! Bet you do that don't you?

My GOS was lovely to me tonight... I thought my luck might have been in.. but now I am on a point system for being good (News to me?!) .. I have three points and I have no idea how many I have to get before I really start to smile!!

Dreaded thought.. I had better have lost weight on Monday...if not then I don't know what I am going to do. Mmm maybe I should make one of those counter things that the hostesses used to have in cinemas to sell ice-creams etc and put my laptop on it and take it out walking .. that will lose a few pounds or a back ache!

Father's Day tomorrow... I miss my Dad.. and my daughter... not spoken to her on the net today! She is visiting my god-mother.

Well ... going to check my dinner then think I will watch some telly... (Please no discovery!)

"Wanders off thinking ~ I wonder how long my hallway is and how many times up and down would a mile be.. could use it as an indoor running track"

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