Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where did August Go?

Yikes we are in September already.. and today it is like a cool winter's day..*Not that I mind as I do prefer cooler weathers to the heat.. *

I haven't written for ages as I still seem to be battling with this darn eating thing... die if I don't and can die if I do.. *Over eating that is.. as in too much* Wonder how much you have to eat before your stomach bursts? Anyone know.. might have to look that up!

Well my friend is back from her hols with her bloke... Mmmm no comment on him.. but I think she is wonderful so we can over look some things can't we!

I have been sort of good the last few days..been on the Wii Active.. did 1 hour and 15 mins yesterday and the day before half hour.. and we are going to have a Wii night tonight.. ... *Yes just GOS and me... Mmm will see how that goes... maybe even a drink...* I wonder should I do it in my sexy black nighty... *Nah want to keep everything in its place.. nothing worse that it flopping around your knees lol.. no they don't! Get that out of your head to start with tut!*

I am going to try and organise a bash for the mother in law for her 70th Birthday.. I sent out an email to all her children and their children and think we are going to get the mother in law to come to us.. in the uk that is... as there are far more people to travel to her than take us to her! Will keep you posted on that... the D day for this is 19th December.. which also happens to be my sister's birthday too...

Well can't stop thinking of food... maybe I need to turn my thoughts to something else... Mmm now what is there... food... sex.. food... sex... *OMG I think I am turning into a man.. ahh no missed out .. scratch balls... fart.. drink .. rummage in front of trousers and leave hand there... WHY DO THEY DO THIS? so luckily I have a very long way to go before I turn into one...*

Going to read my book I think..

Oh applied for an online job.. would be nice to get it .. as only part time and doing something I love.. but will have to wait and see.... keep you posted on that too...

Oooooo hope you are all ok out there...


Well I heard back from the job.. they sent more information... so I replied.. of course! Then got another email from them with a sample. So I completed that.. and sent that off and now sat here waiting to hear from them? Never know.. fingers crossed *But hard to type*...

Not sure what to have for dinner so will do something boring as GOS is having corned beef hash *Yuk*

Waiting for GOS to say when we can start our Wii night....

*Taps fingers*

*Taps fingers for longer*

Oooo we are off.. night all!!

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