Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Luck Tuesday! 15th September 2009

What have I got to be happy about I hear you cry... I have put on weight.. *Not a lot but still* The nights are drawing in .. *But means wrapping up nice and snug .. and getting the chance to see all the programmes I love on the telly*... well there are lots of things really... shall I list some...

I have my family and friends...
I am alive
I am smaller now than I was this time last year!
My daughter is healthy and happy.. long may that last!
I have a beautiful home...
and I got the job as EDITOR... *Runs around her office like a raving lunatic waving her arms about*

Ok so it is only a part time role... and I am a contracted Editor.. which does mean they don't have to send me work to edit.. but if I am good... and prove that I can do the job.. there is a chance I could go to Senior Editor.. and... as I love crafting.. I could if clever... try and get them to take me on as a designer.. but will see how it goes to start with...

Might start another blogg about card crafts.. *Also crafting stops me eating as I get so engrossed in what I am doing... so not a bad thing eh*

So I am worried to say.. but are things on the up.. I mean I have felt so low and glum since my sister passed away 4.5 years ago... are things going to take a turn for the better for a while.. cause goodness knows we could do with it. I am not complaining.. just there have been so many times I have thought... "Give me a break" and "Why can't something go right for us for a change"

So keep those fingers crossed and lets hope that life is on the up.

The Wii is against me at the moment.... it says I put on two pound over night... grrr... but I again did my 20 min run.. and then my set of exercises with the Wii Active.... if you don't have that.. get it.. it is really good! *But did break my elastic strap today.. so will have to get another one doh*

Anyway... my thought for today is.. to try to remain positive as eventually the goodness has to come round to each and everyone of us....

*Wanders off thinking .. oh am I going to pay for feeling happy about getting a job??!!*

Vikki's Creations.. her blog and the candy she is giving away... worth checking it out!

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