Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Monday...

Yes... yes... where have I been?  Honestly... I have been stuffing my face rather stupidly....

So today being a Monday I thought I would give it another go... as it is this time last year that I decided I was going to lose weight and did... and how all these months have gone by and I have still be dieting on and off and not lost anymore since Christmas.. shocking isn't it really!!

Not sleeping that well... as I have been nursing a headache for just over a week!  Last Monday I woke only to stretch and pull the muscles in my lower lumber!  *Is this it.. is this what I have to look forward to?*

The little job is going ok, I have done four edits so far.... just hoping that she is going to send me some more.

Spoke to daughters boyfriend last night on the net... think I will keep my judgments to myself for now!  *I know not like me is it!!*

So going to keep this short and sweet....Oh except for a nag to my friend who is going to nag her boss to see if he wants to take me!!  SO NAG NAG NAG!!

Todays food....

AM.  1 apple and 2 bananas

*Would have started it today... I made some really yummy shortbread biscuits yesterday and a fantastic puff pastry chicken and cheese quiche.  Just hope GOS eats it... as don't want it to go to waste!*

You know I think all this crap food has contributed to my headaches... well I know for a few days now I am going to feel pretty shitty as with the change in food... but bring it on... SUPPORT ME!!

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