Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Right scrap yesterday... that sort of went out of the window rather quickly.... *It was that darn quiche and the shortbread biscuits I made*

Why is the food out to get me?  I can't stop thinking of it.. do you think I need help?  Mmm maybe I do.. nah this is normal.. you always want what you can't have.

Spoke to brother today.. he suggested I come over earlier...  but worried about going over if honest.... I don't like the unknown.

Oh guess what... today is the first day in oh 10 days that I am not clutching at my head... I am not going to say that the dreaded headache from hell has left me ... but it has eased.... *Might have something to do with me saying to myself all the time.. I don't give a crap.. just relax*  What do you think?

Job front.... have been looking on line at gumtree and stressing myself out over that.   Does make me wonder what I would be good at.. and yet I know I am very good  *Yes very good* at lots of things and I am an intelligent person.  Would love to think I could walk into a job... but then I think all the others over there think and hope that to!  So under no illusions there... shame as I am worth my weight in gold... *Oooo now think what I could do with all that gold!*

Am still waiting to hear back from online employer who has been poorly bless her... she is going to be sending me another edit this evening.. but it is already 11.15pm here and she isn't well.  So maybe it will be there tomorrow.

Daughter... she should be coming back tonight from my holiday... I do hope she has had a good time.  I know her BF is waiting for her and is going to ask her to give me a quick call to let me know she got home safely..... have really missed chatting with her.

Darn MSN... it has been playing up tonight... how am I to annoy people if I can't get on there!

*Did I mention I am thinking of food all the time..... blow the sexy nighties... feed me*

GOS has been his usual odd self... one minute nice and the next.. well threw the remote sort of at me the other night cause he got stroppy!  Men eh!

Well I am now going to go into the kitchen to see if there is something healthy that I can munch on ... yes I have to walk past the table where GOS has his bowl of sweets.. in lovely flavours.. also his white chocolate and crisps.....

*Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy me.. why was I not born skinny.. ok slim... alright just a little overweight darn it!*

Oh food today...

AM:  Fruit

MDay:  Spag fruit and yog

PM:  Fruit.. pumpkin and cumin soup *Now that was flipping great homemade too.. I am good*  Pork chop with chili pasta ricotta and herbs oh and some onion.


HB  Pork
HA  Milk

Syns  1.5 Parm cheese 1 tbspn

Might go get some bran flakes they are nice to crunch on... night all.. night john boy

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