Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Again!

Oh gee... if you were me you too would be beating yourself up!  I feel the weight clinging to my hips etc again and I so want to say.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... but the will power seems to have just taken a run and jump!

Think we are on Wednesday and every day this week I have got up going... "Today's the day!"  only to find that I eat the wrong things and then feel guilty and then eat more.. and you of course I see I am in that trap again!

I think I need to plan more.  Get myself really sorted.  I know my back pain/strain has been getting me down.  Actually reduced me to tears rather a lot!

There is so much I want to do... not just slimming wise... but to the house.  The shutters are out on the back porch waiting to be sanded down and repainted.  Wanted to do this before we go to the UK.  Also the hardware needs putting back on... but GOS will do that.   Then the one side of the house needs scraping and repainting...  just so scared I am going to hurt my back again.

Hurting it this time caused lots of problems with GOS!  The least said about that the better but it wasn't nice!

My brother keeps calling me asking me when we are going over too?  Doh... talk of the devil.. just called and drafted a letter for him.

Well had brunch of 2 apples a banana and a yogurt.  I am debating to try and mow the lawn.. but worried about my back.... the mower has a pull cord to start it and it would be the same side that I hurt and worried if I pull then it will go again... oh I do hate being like this!

On a better note though.. the sun is shining.. although still a chill in the air.

Drat.. GOS wants a roast this evening... what am I going to eat grrrr!  Why when you know you shouldn't eat .. you want to more and more!


Just been speaking to my friend and her sister has cancer... they thought it would be a while although they knew nothing more could be done to help her.  She has just had the bad news that her lovely sister only has weeks and is going to a hospice next week.  My heart goes out to them all... has really upset me.

Also heard this week a friend son passed away suddenly... just seems so much of it about.. or is it just that they are people I know and it seems more prominent.

Heat pack on back seems to have been working well throughout the day... I have one more left.   Going to be a very cold night tonight.. typical it would be wouldn't it.  *Guess no sexy nighty for me again tonight*

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