Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silly Sunday 13.09.09

Nothing like starting the day off with some darn Wii scary game... "Cursed Mountain" is a good game.. if you have hand and eye coordination.. and that I am not good at! *Well I can't be good at everything* I like the investigational part of the game.. but as for fighting ghouls.. *Gets my heart racing and I can think of better ways to do that!*

Best played in the dark.. *No not me.. well actually that isn't a bad idea...* but the game silly! And once you get past the tuition bit.. it moves on and you have to learn more and more moves... and that is what confuses me.. keep it simple is what I like...

*No this isn't a self portrait or my MIL tut*

Anyway.. today is antoher cool day, but the pollen count must be high as eyes are itching and seem to be sneezing a darn lot today.

Keep thinking about that job I applied for.... the pay isn't much.. and goes by how much you hand in.. but.. well.. it would be nice to get it.. but heyho!

Not much further forward with the MIL *Mother in law of course* plans... but it is still early days. Had suggestions that just have a massive party.. surpise one.. but she will know something is going on as she has to come from Wales to Bristol so sort of gives that away doesn't it.

I wouldn't mind her and I doing something for a day.. or morning.. you know one of those make your own purfume days... but not sure she would be into that as she has dodgy skin.. as in senstive.... well you never know.. I might do it with Daughter or a friend..

Christmas is coming isn't it... must check again at bottom of page how many days.. it says

102 days 9 hours 58 mins and 45 seconds... *whhhooooooohhhhooo, I do like Christmas.. it isn't about the gifts... it is spending time with the ones you love and making memories*

Did I mention Daughter has now been offered a permenant position with RAC.. she is taking it with a good pay rise... so really proud of her there! But then she said she had a boyfriend... *Mmmm why does something good always come with something you worry about?* Well he is the 21, with a child of 2, daughter, and works at the same place she does. I do hope he is nice.. I have been told that I am not allowed to threaten to break his legs or pour burning candle wax in his eyes.. so I suggested concrete boots if he is horrid to her, but she didn't want to go for that either! *She is such a party pooper at times!* I really do hope he treats her well.. as I don't like to think that my 20 year old baby will get hurt.

Ooo the sun is coming out...

Didn't sleep well last night.. in fact the night before either I didn't. I asked GOS if he prodded me in the side at around 2. 30 am ish.. and he said he didn't.. this is a story I will continue on with later... as going to make a Christmas card....

BBL ..............

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