Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday.. Bahhh! 26th August 09

Yep the scales are against me again... they are raging war with me personally... what did I doooooo *Maybe over eating the last month.. that might have something to do with it...*

Anyway.. yesterday.. they read.. 00.04.8 today is a different story... 00.06.6 ... ok so where did that nearly 2 lb come from.

Spent nearly the whole morning doing Wii fit or some other fitness coach one.. *Nearly killed myself!!.. do you care.. do you.. do you really?*

Have to admit.. I am aching a little... Gave three of them a go this morning and did about 1.30 plus.. just seemed to take all morning as you have to go from one exercise to another... but think.. ouch is now in need.

Just had a call from a friend down the road.. they are madly doing their house up to sell and move to Aus.. and they asked GOS for some help... he has agreed to take me along and I will be the goffer... well this I don't mind.. but he had the cheek.. yes the darn cheek to tell me that I have done NOTHING... *Yes did you hear me.. NOTHING!!* since we got back from the UK...

I take it I didn't cook...clean... entertain as in eyebrows.. facials.. make-up.. eyelash tinting... talking till silly hours in the morning... Oh just cause he is mad with himself.. I am sick of him taking it out on me!

What is the matter with the GOS's of the world. As we were walking to our friends house it started.. so I said give me the key to the house he can go alone... well then he said I will tell them exactly why I didn't come... what that I am a lazy bitch and never do anything for anyone but sit on my arse all day!!

I mean yes he did do the BBQ for one night last week.. but I did not see him saying.. *Darling yeah right!* Would you like a hand with anything.. just sit at table moan about my food to everyone then sit down and play games or watch telly.... Tell me where in that is doing something constructive.

Sadly the girls did tell me things he had said about me behind my back... just a shame it has got to point scoring..

Oddly enough though.. one minute he is shouting and the next he is as lovely as anything...

Best go check GOS's dinner before I burn it and have to smash the plate over his head for moaning about it .. cause he is watching telly again! I wouldn't mind but we have seen this episode of Malcolm in the middle a 100 times!!!


Mmm food for the day...

Breakfast: 2 eggs on three WW malted loaf. Marmite


Dinner: Pork chop... garlic wedges... corn on cob... quark..

Snacks: Apple and banana


HB Gammon Bread.


Syns used this week... 2.5

So far!!

Mmm .. think I am having a blood shunt and want to sleep now... should I nap or should I force myself to stay awake???

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