Tuesday, August 18, 2009

True Tuesday!

Is it really only still Tuesday... not that I am wishing my life away.. but geesh.. Tuesday...

Not the start of the week.. not the middle or the end... just limbo... right I have decided I don't like Tuesdays anymore!

Been a busy bee today...All the clan has gone out.. actually felt sorry for GOS today taking the girls out again... they still mention going to Paris and he rolled his eyes and his head dropped... also they want to go to a night club... oh dear the joys of children!

Watched the one girl today after giving her a make-up lesson ... pile on the crap on her face again....ahh well.. they all always know best at that age don't they!

Got a bit cross with her today.. she was prancing around her room in her towel which is fine but to me when you are not family.. you close your door if you are not dressed!! I just walked by the room and shut the door after saying.. your not dressed! Don't think she liked it...

Also they are using a new towel everyday.. what do they think this is ... a laundry!! Might get GOS to do the washing then he might understand how I feel.

Was doing breakfast... on asking one.. she said not hungry.. so made GOS's breakfast then asked the other who said.. do you have bacon (Yes but my father has to bring it from the uk as they dont' do it here!) then I will have bacon and egg on toast.. I looked at her and said what do you think this is a cafe! Then I get informed that the other will have scrambled egg on toast after I had cleaned the kitchen up!!

Mmmm.. I don't think I like sharing my house...

I went looking for my towels.. in my bathroom upstairs I have some baskets that are stacked.. they have towels for show and they have been using them all ...besides the fact that I put them two towels each in their room!

*Stop your moaning woman.. your giving me a headache*

Haven't stopped eating today.. also had large slab of chocolate... *Hangs head in shame again... must be dragging it on the floor by now*

It is nearly 7.30 pm and they are not back yet... I do hope all is well...

I have been looking at ferries.. to take them back as GOS said he would pay..!! it would be cheaper for us to take them in the car and do our shopping over there and his dad take them back to Andoverian land, we come back the same day!

This will happen on Monday... GOS had a temper tantrum today... had to be infront of his daughter... putting me down as usual.. *This is why I have chosen not to go out with them on these trips..plus the thought of 3 girls going on about clothes ... puts head in bucket of water*

He was really nice to me when he got back yesterday.. giving it I know you are miserable and thought I would be nice.. eventually I said.. No it was cause you had no one to pick on and make feel small while you were out! He grinned and then said no... *Well I will take some crap but not all of it ... do men think we are really stupid!*

He will be pleased to be back when he gets back.... and then might even be nice to me or will be snappy cause I didn't go!

Think I might go get a coffee cup ready for him.. and wash the pots for their dinner... I am having what we had last night... don't want to waste anymore food!

BBL.... I think.....


Ahh a comment.. a comment... how lovely!!! Thank you.. sadly these are not students but two of them are GOS's daughters.. and the other is a friend of theirs.

Had hooo hars at dinner.. I cooked the dinner and asked one to lay the table while I finished everything of.. she sat on my laptop.. I waited and hadn't even started my dinner! So I just did it myself.. she then when I had finished said I was going to do that.. I calmly replied.. I did it!

Knowing her dinner was ready she closed the laptop and went to her room! I couldn't believe it.. she was sulking.. at 21 years of age.. she could have said oh sorry shall I go get the others..

*Count to 10.. no maybe 20.. Kids!!*

Eventually she was asked to come to dinner and sniffled at the table for a bit.. then like a wave of sunshine came over her she was fine again and chatting away!

So glad at times that I never had anymore..

Now for the ferry back... GOS has decided that he isn't taking them all the way back and that it is too far for his father to drive so they can catch a train...

*Soon changed his mind when he saw it was going to be about £50.00 per person.. plus our ferry and petrol... then he said the coach... that is £27.00 per person...* So think we will take them to the coach station and then they can catch the coach up... *Just have to book the ferry now.*. that should get us in at 11. am and their coach leaves at 12.15 pm.. and gets them there for 6. pm.... Bet he caves in and pays for that too...

Anyhow.. can't book the ferry without finding out if we have to book or pay for the coach tickets now to ensure they get a seat! *Breaks out into song... I can see troubles aheadddddd*
Enjoyed dinner ... had the same as last night which was spaghetti and chicken with cheese on... yum... might do a BBQ tomorrow...

They are in colouring hair in the bathroom at the moment...

Am I mean by wanting our house back... to be able to come down in my pjs and have a cuppa and know that the kitchen hasn't appeared with hundreds of glasses and everything is where I left it.. *Beside where GOS has left things!!*

Well guess I have to get back out there... sort out the kitchen and make sure all is well and do GOS a coffee.. bless all these woman are too much for him... *He can't handle me let alone 3 others!!*

Wanders of saying I must stop eating this darn chocolate!!!!!!!!!!

If that doesn't make you drool... there is something wrong with you!!

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  1. I'm guessing these are students? We used to have them in when I was a kid and they were a pain in the arse, it was never worth the money!

    They always seemed to be either smelly, completely spoilt or want to stay out all night and oh yes the demands for food. "I like a plate of fresh fruit for breakfast" was one of my Mum's favourites (we were so broke we were strictly limited to one piece of fruit per day!).

    Mel xxx


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