Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tense Tuesday!! 25th August 09

Goodness!!! Talk about tense today... my muscles are killing me in my back.. in fact kept me awake most of the night... but on a good note.. it shows that the Wii is working.

Not been on there yet today as GOS has taken over the telly again... Last night I was watching the second part of corrie and he said... "You watching this?" Ermm yeah! He then replied that we have 3 telly's in the house.. so I got up and went to bed! Thought I can't be arsed to say if you were watching something and I wanted the telly do you think you would shift your arse.. nope! And then to top it off.. a few hours later he comes upstairs and turns the bedroom telly on and it was really loud!! Men!!!!!!!!!!

Am I the only one who lives with someone like that.. or are they all like it?

Breakfast: Apple

Lunch: Pasta in sauce.. Tomato and onion with 2 boiled eggs and some sweetcorn

Dinner: Gammon, boiled pots and some salad.. might even do a corn on the cob first. No doubt some frozen muller light.. love them as they take me ages to eat lol Also had half a small tube of virtually fat free quark.. yum!


Syns: 1/2 Pasta tom and Onion Sainsbury's own brand. Extra light Mayo 2 syns

HB Gammon


Syns used this week... 2.5


Now nearly 5 pm... whoooo hooo.. does that mean it is time for dinner soon.. so looking forward to the gammon.

Back is still killing me.. not done the Wii yet.. cause when I make a dash for the lounge.. GOS seems to sense it and comes up!!! Maybe in the middle of the night.

Just been talking to a friend.. well I say friend lightly.. seing as she has just called am a No 1 Bitch!! *At last I am No 1 at something or for something*

I have given her a task of finding me a job for October.. but I know she will be far to busy keeping her eyes closed on the sun beds... she is working her way towards a nice leatherly look for a handbag!! At the rate she goes on the sun beds.. will get the shoes.. matching head band and bangle!!

No she is lovely really... just she couldn't meet me on my last visit!! So going to give her grief now...

Anyone of you interested in the afterlife??? If you live in the Bristol Area.. then it will be worth taking a look at this for sure....

Ghost Hunters.. In Bristol....

Also you could also look at this site....

Spiritual Souls is a warm loving site and we offer FREE information on all spiritual matters. Here you can receive readings from our readers or join in with our classes to open you up to the spiritual world. Everyone has the ability to do this although it does take time and practice. Anyone can read in our chat rooms as long as staff are present during the read unless it is an approved reader. From time to time you may be offerd a read please state if you would not like a read. Please note all the staff and readers on this site work voluntarily and give their time to help make this site run and without their help this wouldn't be possible.Please remember that all reads are for entertainment only. Spiritual Souls can not be held responsable for the content of the read. You MUST BE 18 OR OVER to enter this site.

Spiritual Chat


Drat.. can't stop thinking of food today.. I want my dinner.


Well nearly another day and still only had one HB.. so going to see what else I can rummage through and fancy... Might have some WW bread and cheese triangle light ones... *Why do they say light.. as they do not light up.. less fat or less what ever.. but light*

Been talking to step daughter tonight.. finally she has gone out and got some facial cleanser and a moisturiser but no toner!! But at least she has stopped using the UV lamp on her face. The damage she has caused from that is unbelievable... has more lines than me and I am double her age!!!

Wonder if anyone does read this.. my ramblings lol... *Gee it is hot.. or is that just me!!!*

Night all ........

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