Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scorching Hols!

Well ... I don't know where the days are going...the food is being piled in.. *Hangs head in shame*.. and having the usual traumatic times over here!

Yesterday was like a day that you would watch in a film!! Well part of it.. We were in my brother's shop and heard this hissing.. the next thing is I see my brother lunge towards me grab my arm and shout GET OUT NOW and pushed me towards the door.. .as I am running out I look behind and see flames. It turned out that the repair guy had set fire to a fridge freezer and the gas had caught light! It was happening so quick... he stayed in to put it out.. and goodness knows how he managed it as the flames were roaring. He was ok and I am proud that he always manages to remain calm in any situation! *Thought I might look like a bit of streaky bacon if it had blew*

Have to say it did shake me a bit....odd what gets you thinking!!

Had to say goodbye to LM on Monday and that reduced me to tears... hate having to say goodbye to her.. it is like saying bye to my beloved sister over and over again. I did ring yesterday to see if I could speak to my niece.. but she was out!

I have been shopping.. *Last saturday* that was ok... managed to get myself some jeans and a top! Just so wish that it was in a smaller size.. but the way I am eating ... I am surprised if I am in them long... really must take a grip *And not a grip on the chocolate and cheese, it is like I am a woman possessed and eating anything that comes into view!*

Not sleeping well here.. I get up early and tackle a few jobs.. weeding out the front and back.. but have the VAT to do for my brother... that seems to drag!!

With this over eating I dread to get on the scales... but I know when I get back I will have to... Have another 10 days till I get back so if I can be really careful and try really hard I might lose the loads I feel I have put on while being here so far!!

I think if I keep writing it down.. as this seems to keep me more on track.. I am better. Even if I don't stick to the SW regime at the moment .. eating more healthily will be better than nothing.


Cup of tea...

2 pears

Wow they are talking of pressure cookers on the telly... my father got me one when I was about 18.. it was brilliant... always used to make this carribean chicken dish in it.. I wouldn't mind another one.. don't know what they are taking the micky out of.. they are brillant!! *Am I showing my age now??*

Just realised I have missed not writing in here.. it is a good way to release.... so here I am now... everyone is in bed... and I am sat here in sexy black nighty and long black cardi *Sexy look not!* typing away..

Trying to arrange a girly night out or something to eat somewhere *Good food only* with a friend over here... but so far.. they spend far too much time on the phone at work!! Yes... think it is work related .

Oh goodness.. do you ever watch these chat shows on the box...Jeremy Kyle I think... where do they get these people from? The title today... "Your not fit to be my granddaughters dad!" Oh dear... I wonder what that will entail... lots of heartache for the families and amusment for the audience.. is it really the way to air your problems in public like that?

I might start a thought for the day....How many positive thoughts do you have in a day? ... I would like to say that I do try to see the positive side of things throughout the day.

Have to dash .... everyone has just got up!!

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