Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday New Start - 24th August 2009 Wii Day 1

Ok ok.. so I have just spent basically more than a month pigging out... yesterday was no exception!! I think I must have tried to eat the entire contents of the house... Why.. well in fear that I will go hungry from today onwards!!!

Which I know is completely stupid and now I have all that extra weight that I have put on to lose. I am going to try and aim to do at least and hour to an hour and half a day on the Wii... this will help posture as well as weight loss...... *I hope*

Have to say I am dreading getting on there.. good thing about it though is that it is password protected.. but GOS will still see the slope with the weight gain from the chart.

BUT... hopefully it will go down again.... possibly slowly.. but down it will go.

I have noticed the extra weight.. in my clothes and how I generally feel... also the food intake of junk has made me rather sluggish. And.... I don't like that feeling.

Oh GOS is walking about upstairs and I haven't even got on there yet... will have to wait till he goes now to do it!! Not showing him my password... *That is for sure!!!*

Just go and get his cup ready... bet he is going to be watching the sports on telly.... *Yawn.. bad enough doing it... let alone watching those slim bitches in skimpy shorts run like the wind... I will give them run like the wind with a good fry up.. not that I eat fry ups..doh*


Coffee made and GOS has gone downstairs.... he has his work gear on today..

I am going to start my Wii while he is not in the lounge... wish me luck!! *I might need it for the first week!!*

Oh..drat... he has just come up from his dungeon... will have to wait now! GOS has moved to the lounge and I have just heard the click of the television but no sound yet! Mmmm wonder what he is up to!!

Did I mention a large lump on my right arm.. yes .. itches like mad .. darn mosquitos... also a small lump on my forehead *Yes attractive I know.. thank goodness my hair covers that!* some on my back and some on the top of my arm.... darn things... Did anyone ever get back to me.. what are their purpose?

Let's see if I can turf him out of the house to do his work and I can crack on with the Wii fit!!!

Oh did you like the photos above.. hope they inspire...

What is he up to.. he has gone back down again but have a feeling it won't be for long!



Ok.. I am back.. it is now 2.o2 pm... got to do 52 minutes of the Wii fit before someone came to the door... here picture this....

Me ...*That is bad enough to start with...* wearing dark blue jogging pants rolled up to calf length... light blue spaghetti top and an extra black bra with cream lace on for extra support.... then the dreaded happens. *Yes always does to me doesn't it*

I am jogging around the lounge and dining room... and the door bell rings.. I know.. I know...*I never even thought and opened the door still jogging on the spot with the wii controls in my hand!! *The shame of it*

It was a neighbour who wanted a card...she kindly agreed to come back in just under an hour.. which left me time in the end to do the 52 mins.. and grab a quick shower.. get downstairs to see her coming to the door and me bracing myself to say sorry for my attire!!

I must keep it in my head not to get like homer simpson in the animated gif above!! Or anymore like him!!

Breakfast: 2 apples, half a pear and banana

Lunch: Pasta Chicken and mushroom... added 2 boiled eggs.. chilli garlic .. some yellow pepper rather nice!!



Feeling tired now after dinner!!

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