Sunday, August 23, 2009

Relaxing Sunday!

Ahh right well I am back again!! *Oh nooooooooo I hear you cry.. stop it!!*

This is the first time in .. ooh must be just over a month that we have the house back to ourselves or not going anywhere.

Yesterday was a manic trip to the uk.. we dropped the kids off at the coach station then did some food shopping and then back home on the ferry! Was shattered last night! So today was a day that I could have had a real good lay in.... and why didn't I? Darn mosquito's again!! *Why are they out to ruin my life.. feeling so tired and going to be grumpy all day now!*

But back to the house... nice to hear the peace and quiet...listen.. what do you hear? Well I just hear the clock that my lovely departed sister got me for a wedding gift. It has a wonderful rhythmic sounds *As clocks do!!* Makes me feel to go back to bed.. but will that mossy be there waiting for me!

Tomorrow is D Day again for me... I have had just over a month off from my diet and have to say I am feeling rather ashamed of myself... and I know that I have put on weight.. but what went on can come off...So I am going to start afresh tomorrow and possibly take some time to plan some meals today for the week so I can keep on track.

At least this time I can do some extra exercise with the Wii... I was wondering if you can run with other wii's online... will look into that today. As will then group up with some friends and do a run... makes it more exciting... not that I can run far lol. But was thinking if I can stick to that for a while.. I might eventually go for a jog around the village..... *Might scare the cattle though as I pass them..mmmm!*

GOS is in bed... had terrible bouts last week of really not liking him much... his snapping at me and moaning and constant belittleing in front of his children... I really don't like that. It was getting really childish and one upmanship was really starting to get to me. I know poor GOS gets miserable.. but don't we all!

I got him a lovely pair of designer jeans.. and yes I didn't pay full price for them but I joked that I am not going to buy him anymore and would like to see him burn £50.00 instead *Story is he was doing the pool and putting in the bleach as you do and got it all down these new jeans.. not blue jeans but brownish* He then went on to say that I would only ever pay 4.99 for them or anything and never purchased anything higher.. now this was in front of the kids... *Again* Never mind that I paid over 1500.00 for his Tag watch!! or £15,000.00 for the car... ok not going to go on.. but it is the"Let's make the wife look stupid" that I really hate. But this time I think it sort of bit him on the arse.... as they are older now and could see him in a different light, and one that they are not used to!

Goodness our kids will always love us as we do them for what ever reason.... but why put someone down .. is it to make yourself feel better... or just to make them look bad? I am sure also that I am not the only step mother to go through this... after I think we all end up with a GOS at some point.

I got the blackmail.. and then when I did go out.. it was ok for one of the daughters and her friend to stay behind.... Double standards.. *Right enough said or I am going to burst a blood vessel*

Mmm now eating some warm weetabix and just put in my new jvc earphones on my mp3 player... I like those soft things that mould to your ears.. can't do them disc ones.. they don't stay in my ears as ... believe it or not.. I have little ears... *No don't go there .. I can see you now picturing me as a pixie.. large pixie with small ears... something from Lord of the Rings..!*

Been job hunting for daughter today.. she is very fed up with RAC... the money isn't great and the hours are terrible and the BRISTOL BUS SERVICE *Time to name and shame* don't have a very reliable service! She pays over £70.00 a month to use their buses and they don't turn up a lot of the time... and this isn't good when you are stuck in the middle of no where at 9 pm at night and it is dark! So much for the government saying "Use public transport" WHY?????? She was reduced to tears the other night... *I do worry about her.. so going to help her find another job*

Feeling tired.. might go for a nap....then back to more job applications. Will have to start looking for one for me soon!

BBL................ *Wanders off thinking how much food is she going to cram into today as last day of naughtiness!!*


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